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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
3 hours ago
Watching 16/25 · Scored 6
Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
Today, 1:13 AM
Watching 3/? · Scored -
Apr 23, 11:16 PM
Watching 15/24 · Scored -
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Übel Blatt
Übel Blatt
Feb 25, 6:47 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Something About Us
Something About Us
Feb 21, 5:57 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Feb 16, 11:37 AM
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R3dShift Apr 21, 12:40 AM
Thank you!!
Jp124 Apr 6, 5:59 PM
Thank u
HereticHunter Mar 22, 6:19 AM
Yeah, I was thinking back as why she stays like that and then realized that Mizukami thinks of everything lol. Yeah, even if the setting is dark, there is plenty of weird moments that adds up to comedy, he is really subtle with this.

Yeah, I realized that as I searched to see if you had watch it only to see that you just barely started it XD.
HereticHunter Mar 21, 7:51 PM
oh boy, Only Mizukami Satoshi would come as close as Togashi in writing and character development. Sengoku Youko as a shounen is so amazing that is criminal that it doesn't have an anime. The character development is so strong it can top the likes of Hunter x Hunter imo. I also love how Mizukami finds a way to redeem their characters.

As for chapter 47, things have gone really good lately. Quality character development and battling inner demons (literally) As for fanservice, there is a loli goddess who doesn't give a fuck and stays naked as she pleases XD, If this were animated I'd spot a lot of SJW whining about it lol. Not that her being naked makes things uncomfortable, it actually feels so natural lol.
Ayato-Hiragi Mar 18, 4:07 AM
Oh cool!
Ayato-Hiragi Mar 13, 12:10 PM
How did you celebrate?
Karhu Mar 10, 1:27 AM
Thanks for liking them~

Here's your meme,
HereticHunter Mar 9, 11:28 AM
well, I'll be sure to tell you if it gets any better. Karakuri Dropped a lot in quality after that hideous Circus arc that lead nowhere.

Yeah, I've got told that the new loli was kind of obnoxious in the source, but it looks like that might not be the case... Hopefully

Yeah, its great that Dororo is Two Cour. And who knows, they may leave the suffering for that second cour ;_;. I kind of Wish Mob was 2 cour too tho.

Kaguya was really cute today, I almost melted lol.
Ayato-Hiragi Mar 9, 11:27 AM
Happy Belated birthday!
HereticHunter Mar 8, 12:22 PM

Karakuri Circus has been improving although I was already sick of the flashbacks lol. I wanted some plot progression and it seems that things are going to move now.

Shield Hero has been kind of disappointing lately as it has been focusing more on SoL moments and rushing through action. I don't like how it turned to be into basically a Loli Waifu Bait.

Dororo is still delivering its awesomeness alongside with Mob Psycho

And there's Neverland, I'm 50/50 on this one due to the way CW is handling the source, there are times it shines and there are times it crumbles.

Its pretty much a solid season for me, with some highs and some lows.

HereticHunter Mar 8, 5:30 AM
Yeah, kinda sad since from 3 of them, SY seemed the one that could get the adaptation the most.

Hopefully you dig in as much as you can. You'll probably finish it faster than me tho xD.
HereticHunter Mar 7, 5:47 PM
This is a story between humans and demons, so it already establishes a dark tone and atmosphere to the story (there are also some Youkai inbetween). It is definitely more edgier than LBH and Spirit Circle. Hell, there is one fight where both sides are laughing like maniacs because they love fighting that much xD. There are some panels that consists purely on screaming something like "Why won't you F* die already?" There was one of the bad guys who was so edgy that he was willing to murder a lot of people because he just feel like it. That and plenty of stuff I won't spoil or that I haven't read yet. The action panels are really good and the art overall is really good.

Yet, among all that dark, there are some lighthearted moments where even the characters acknowledge the good times they had with each other.

This one also has way more nudity than LBH and Spirit Circle. Although it isn't a signature like Samidare's panty shot lol

Also, interest fact I came up to realize, it seems that Sengoku Youko was publishing at 2007 (1 year after LBH) So Mizukami Satoshi was working with 2 manga at the same time :0
HereticHunter Mar 7, 4:31 PM
Mizukami Satoshi is really subtle with his jokes

24 chapters in, this is an amazing experience
HereticHunter Feb 20, 5:26 PM
I won't xP
HereticHunter Feb 20, 5:28 AM
Yeah you're right. Hmmm, from the 8 chapters I've read, I've spotted some real nice dialogue, but I bet better is to come, so I'll update on you xP