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Dec 12, 2019
WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!!! Ok first off this is one of the best hentais I have ever seen! The story was not like any I've ever seen, and the character design is amazing, and the main female character (Himeko) is so cute, and lewd. She is a very big sweetheart, but also lewd at the same time. Thats what made this hentai so good. The art is not like any I have seen. It is good for a hentai. The story was perfect. So yeah the best thing about this hentai was the characters, they are sweet, caring, but lewd at the same read more
Dec 2, 2019
WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!!! Ok first off, I wanna say sorry to the people that I told that I said this movie was bad, and the worse movie ever. I was so wrong, so wrong. This is the best anime movie I have ever seen, probably the best MOVIE I have ever seen. The art is the best. It has the best art I have ever seen. I love it so much. The characters were so caring, and inspiring. Some were pretty bad, but most of the characters were good. The story was so well done. The people who made this movie took read more
Nov 19, 2019
Words can't explain how good, and special this anime was to me. It was so fun to watch, and so inspiring, and it is the most beautiful anime I have ever seen. The scenes in the anime were so pretty, and the art style of the characters were so good. The story was the best. It had to be one of the best storys I have ever seen. The plot was so amazing, and thrilling. I can see why so many people love this anime. I can't comprehend how good the story was. I just loved it so much, and every time an episode ended, read more
Oct 16, 2019
Charlotte was an amazing anime. It was inspiring, and just thrilling. It was beautiful, and the art style was so pretty, and this anime also gets you thinking about life, and the characters were cool. They were caring, funny, and they didnt give up on anything. This anime was one of the best action/drama/comedy/romance animes I've ever seen. Every time an episode ended, I couldn't wait to see the next one, and see what happens next. This was a very wholesome anime, and now its one of my favorites. The powers people had were very cool. This anime wasent like any I've watched before. It read more
Oct 14, 2019
Angel Beats is the best action/romance anime out there. Angel Beats is the saddest, and most beautiful anime ever. The characters were realistic, loving, caring, and they didnt give up. The plot was perfect, and sad. The art was pretty, and the scenes were beautiful, and the whole anime was so inspiring. This anime made me think a lot about my love life, and life in general. This anime really gets you thinking. No wonder its #10 on MAL, because its so inspiring, and it changes you, and makes you think a lot. I cried so much while watching this, because it was sad, and read more
Oct 14, 2019
Black Bullet is an underrated action/drama anime. The people who made this anime did a great job with the art, plot, characters, etc. The characters were strong, caring, realistic, etc. The art was amazing too, and the story line was so sad, and dramatic. This anime made me cry a lot, because of the great story line. The person who got me into anime told me to watch this anime, because it was HIS first anime, and now its one of my favorite animes ever, because of EVERYTHING about it. You guys need to watch this series. I bet 99% of you people will cry!
Oct 14, 2019
No Game No Life: Zero is the best anime movie I've ever seen. The reason why I think its the best anime movie is that MADHOUSE (studio that made this movie) did everything perfect (characters, plot, art, etc). The art style was beautiful, and the characters were awesome, and realistic. No Game No Life: Zero is a action/romance movie. Action/romance is the best type of anime genre. Its one of the most popular anime movies ever, and theres a lot of great reasons why. I think the best thing about it was the story. It was amazing, and sad, but perfect. You guys should totally read more
Oct 14, 2019
Etotama (Anime) add (All reviews)
Etotama is one of the worst animes I've ever seen. I stopped watching it after the first episode, because everything about it was bad. The worst thing about it was the plot. It had NO story line what so ever. Everything happened way too fast with no plot, and with no story telling. The characters were bad too. There were way to many (15+), and they all had no personality, and the anime didnt even interduce them. The art was OK, but everything else about it was hands down terrible. You guys should not watch it. Theres gonna be a season 2 soon aswell, which read more