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Dec 11, 2018
Review on Sailor Moon Season 3

So after reviewing seasons one and two, here is season number three. As always my Review is split into two parts, and is highly subjective. The fist part is about the structure, aesthetic and characters of Sailor Moon S. The second part is the conclusion where I write down what I thought worked or didn’t work and rate the anime. Also I tried to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, so if you for some reason didn’t watch it feel free to read.

The structure is on the first view pretty much the same as the structure of read more
Dec 1, 2018
So after writing a review of the first season it seem reasonable to write one for the second season as well. So here it goes.~~

This review is, like the one of the first season, focused on the structure, aesthetics and characters of the show, if you just want to now how I rate this season jump to the conclusion at the end. (but for real, don´t do that) As always, this review is highly subjective, so feel free to disagree. Also I tried to write as spoiler-free as possible. (for an again nearly thirty years old anime, but whatever)

Structure: Before I go read more
Nov 27, 2018
Review of Sailor Moon Season 1

In this review I will look into this qualities and flaws of the fist season of Sailor Moon. This review is not only highly subjective, but also my first review on this site so feel free to disagree. I also tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but if you want to go into the series completely blind (lol going blind on a nearly thirty years old series) and only care about my opinion feel free to jump right to my conclusion.

I will look into the structure, story, aesthetics and characters of Sailor Moon.

Structure: Sailor Moons read more