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Aug 17, 2019

First Review for a Hentai based Anime...though I will say now that I am proud of the Review I'll write for this series.

You see, after watching a particularly disturbing Hentai...I wanted to find revenge. Or rather not revenge...but the opposite of what is Hatred: Love. We can go everyday forever long hating and cursing one another, maybe even wishing for the death of another person...but loving someone? genuinely and wholeheartedly? now that truly takes guts...and especially means something.

Again I take pride in this Review because the series in question shows that even Hentai can be charming if not including eloquent. Why? because the read more
Oct 7, 2018

Last Review for the night before resting, "yawn"...

...Three different Dueling heroes from three different Dueling eras all fighting for the very same one thing: the survival of their Dueling world.

Yugi Mutou and Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yusei Fudo from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's all team up with one another in a Duel to decide everything-past, present and future alike but before we all get into that, let's take a retrospective look at these three young Duelists.

Yugi Mutou ever since he was young has always liked playing games, in due part thanks to his grandfather owning a games store, after his read more
Oct 7, 2018
...A tainted bloodline...a hateful family...

As with the rest of the Tekken franchise, the film Blood Vengeance focuses on a dark lifestyle full of corruption, deceit and betrayal.

...It is the story of the accursed Mishima clan, namely three members of three different generations respectively-

Heihachi Mishima-son of Jinpachi Mishima, father of Kazuya Mishima and grandfather of Jin Kazama. Succeeding his father, as the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, it is due to Heihachi's influence that the corporation became the highly corrupt and evil mega conglomerate that it is today, Heihachi serves, as the primary antagonist of Tekken 1, 3 and 4 and, as the primary protagonist of read more
Oct 7, 2018
The true successor to the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z legacy, Dragon Ball Super can be considered an Alternate Universe setting of Dragon Ball GT, continuing off from where the Majin Buu Saga of Z had ended.

With the threat of the evil Majin Buu finally erased for good, peace it seems has returned to least for a small while. Until kicking off that is into another grand battle to save the planet, this time around however not against both aliens and androids...but against the gods themselves.

For every god of creation there is, there is also a god of destruction, one god gives life read more
Oct 7, 2018
The Last...i'm not too sure about the naming of the title since it could refer to many things about the film in particular but i won't spoil any of them, instead, i'm just going to get down to business and talk about the film that ranks at the very top of my Romance centered Anime favorites.

I mentioned in a previous Review that Amagami SS is my favorite Romance Anime and whilst that is indeed true series wise, in terms of movies, The Last: Naruto the Movie is most definitely my favorite.

A story about a Romance that is, as old, as time itself, the red binding read more
Oct 7, 2018

A loose adaption of Sonic the Hedgehog CD, this Original Video Animation features Sonic and his best friends, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, as they face off against the evil Doctor Ivo Robotnik and especially even more so, his newest, most dangerous creation ever...the diabolical Hyper Metal Sonic!

The world is divided into two halves-one known, as the Land of the Sky and the other, as the Land of Darkness, from the latter does Robotnik constantly send his mechanical minions to attack the former, only to be foiled time and again by Sonic and friends, however, this time around, things are a little different...having read more
Oct 7, 2018

A CGI advancement and achievement for all fans of both CGI and Anime, Appleseed, created by the Mangaka author of Ghost in the Shell, delivers a unique experience for all viewers from a animation standpoint.

A story full of action and a bit of romance, it is set in our not so far away future when the world had finally entered World War III and suffered the apocalypse, as a result...only the survivors of the now desolate and war torn world remain left standing and even now they still continue to fight with the weapons and vehicles still available to is no longer a fight read more
Oct 6, 2018
Before the Phantom Thieves of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5, there was Magic Kaito Kid of Detective Conan: Case Closed and before Kaito Kid...there was, "the wolf", Arsene Lupin the 3rd.

The Castle of Cagliostro details Lupin's greatest adventure ever and also details one of Hayao Miyazaki's earliest works, a story of thievery, mystery and chivalry, Cagliostro revolves around Lupin and his partners in crime's attempts to outmaneuver and outdo the evil Count Cagliostro before he can attempt himself to obtain a hidden secret treasure but even more so before he can forcibly marry the lovely Clarisse of whom Lupin seems to know somehow...

Full of grown read more
Oct 5, 2018
Great characterization, great humor and great study into all kinds of martial arts, for those who love fighting based Anime, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is for you.

Kenichi Shirahama, a young man who has always had a fascination with the martial arts one day has a fateful encounter with a certain someone that would change his life forevermore...that someone was Miu Furinji, a beautiful and talented martial artist who would introduce Kenichi into the world of true martial arts...

Upon discovering Kenichi's interest into practicing martial arts and because of his strong moral desires to protect those that he cares about, Miu introduces Kenichi to her family read more
Oct 4, 2018
Pokemon (Anime) add (All reviews)
I first got into Pokemon when i was very little thanks to my eldest brother and ever since, i have been keeping tabs more or less on the Anime.

The story of 10 year old Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum and his journey around the world to become the world's greatest Pokemon Master of all time alongside both his very best friend and partner, the electric mouse Pokemon Pikachu.

Pokemon, alongside Dragon Ball Z are one of two alternative routes respectively that serve, as the best way for a person to start an interest into Anime, as they both prepare you for what Anime is and what you read more