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Yami Shibai
Yami Shibai
Jul 11, 4:29 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Jun 18, 3:12 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Jun 17, 12:38 PM
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Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wakenai
Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wakenai
Jun 23, 2:14 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 10
May 19, 8:50 AM
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Hotarubi no Mori e
Hotarubi no Mori e
May 5, 3:31 AM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 10


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YaoiMaster Yesterday, 8:04 AM
Vuli, what happened to your profile?!
TimeToRepent Jul 14, 6:40 AM

Hello :^)

It happens, don't worry. I am flooded with comments, that's why I'll be closing my comments box for some time. You can find me on Discord, of course.

Glat to know. I have been fine. Catching up with house chores and getting ready for a final exam ><
Kalden Jul 8, 6:49 PM
Missed you too <3 <3
YES the second season was full of new surprises and was one heck of a thrill adventure!
As usual eh? XD
XD Indeed true

Yes I will send a message asap to your discord account right now this instant XD
Oh no no its perfectly fine because at the end you opened it up <3 ^o^
Ohh I see why!
<3 Having you = to more than 100 friends! I don't really know if that made sense! Sorry XD
YaoiMaster Jul 7, 12:04 PM
I see. I wonder if I'll ever get something like that. I think I'll leave the house before then. Hm, I'd like to be adopted by different people. I normally get injured twice in the same day, I hate it. I use my wrist. As long as no germs are getting on my hands, it's fine, ha. This keyboard is so nasty and old. I used to have problems with sweating for no reason, and then realized I sweat when I start panicking, so I guess I was always panicking. I shower at night, so that kind of thing's necessary. I only sweat while paranoid, and I don't get paranoid too often anymore, though I did the other day, thanks to a certain someone. I don't put it on after showering, because I shower late as it is. The teachers always washed their hands, so I never paid much attention. I have random times when my nose starts bleeding, though not too frequently. When I went to the water park side of the amusement park, I was getting on a ride and almost on it, and had to lean over the railing, it felt like I'd throw up. I had to get out of the line, because I was convulsing and felt terrible. I didn't end up vomiting (I haven't vomited since 2013....), but later my nose started bleeding out of nowhere, which makes me think that that's the thing that had to come up. You creep me out with that locked jaw thing, I wonder what that looks like. Did you know you can also get foot pain from weather changing, if you're older? It happened to my dad one time. Ah, I only ever tell people I like anime, as well. I feel like the other information is kind of unnecessary, because they won't understand any of it as it is. I mean, people online insult me for my interests all the time, so what's the point in talking about those things offline, too, where I'd get even worse judgment? I don't understand why people are so narrow minded, but oh well, it's not my fault. "Not in the way you do." What does that mean? :Eyes: I don't really think babies are cute. Eh, but little boys are, sometimes. Mm, I don't daydream, I fantasize. And my hallucinations are coming back, as well. Well, there's one thing I only tell certain people online, and I've only ever gone in detail with one user, because he wanted to know more about it. I've always been good at math and such, I've just never enjoyed it. I don't think anyone's ever insulted my stories, but they definitely exaggerate when they call them fascinating. I don't have the "cringy" stories anymore, the website I used to write on was taken down, so all my stories are gone, aside from 3. I just finished writing my story today! All 47 chapters. I can finally start the story I've been wanting to work on. Silverfish are cute! Flies will only ever be disgusting. When I started hallucinating, I saw these black things flying, so maybe I was seeing flies. And then I started seeing maggots, instead. Then I stopped hallucinating in May, and now I'm doing it again, seeing the black dots. A couple days ago my entire computer screen tilted, it was weird. My dreams aren't bad anymore, actually. I dream of DGD, little boys, the amusement park, etc. It's nice to see that those things are even in my dreams. I think the theme of my dreams now are "things I want." For instance, I saw an old DGD member in my dream, because I knew I couldn't meet him offline. And then little boys, and this Jimmy Savile shirt, ha. I also stole stuffed animals from a store in one of my dreams. Vuli, I've been doing illegal things for months, why wouldn't the police randomly come to my house...? At least, I assume they're illegal, because I've looked it up, and nowhere does it say whether they're legal or not.
It's been more than 2 months, you're good.

I've been replying to people on Discord more often than MAL lately, hence why my comments section is kind of dead. I hate a dead comments section, which is why I talk to many people in the first place. It's a sad life.
J_LEE_C Jul 1, 5:19 PM
and one of few others that watch (& love) Super Lovers <3 Ren
J_LEE_C Jul 1, 5:18 PM
your anime favs are super-closely aligned with mine, closest i've ever encountered. nice!!
Quixii Jul 1, 9:24 AM
Hello! ω

Thanks for accepting my friend request! ´ It's nice to meet you! ()

How are you? Anything new? ()/

Natsuuuuu Jun 29, 5:37 PM
Hello! Wow its been a while :0 sorry for the (very) late reply. Once again.... How have you been?

(Some bands that I would recommend are BTS, Bigbang, EXO, and Got7)
thegoldenrose333 Jun 25, 10:08 AM
H i again :)
How have you been? I hope your exams Went well :)
Kalden Jun 24, 2:26 PM
Yay I finally can comment even if you opened it up earlier I just so it now XD
Sadly it ended now but glad to know who and who are titans and also the ending was really good as Eren seems much more powerful!
I haven't been watching much lately but back at it again XP
<3 *My bear hugs*
So much power XD

I still need to know your results that is XD
It's not a bother Senpai .-.
3 weeks (A bit longer) but alright xp
Good to see you again~
fluffyGrassrfle Jun 20, 8:00 PM
TimeToRepent Jun 20, 3:40 PM
How are you, Vuli?
Royal-Guard-Reli Jun 18, 12:24 AM
This is my first official comment to ILuveTheAnime's.... Yay! O_O

Anyway, hello there! Wanted to say I liked your profile picture. ^^
-Kiri- Jun 17, 11:51 PM
I'm happy that you love my longer messages, since I just replied to Joven and Keiski and realized that I seriously type 2-3 times as much as they do, which makes me feel kinda bad for probably stressing them out >.<
Our messages got long pretty fast again, but I think that was bound to happen since you over type just as much as me. It's always nice talking to one of my own kind ❤
Yeah that creepy guy might even be reading this message as I type it, but I don't even care. He was really intrusive like you said and was always bringing up information from my chats with other people, which bothered me >.>
These Japanese emotes are pretty great, and of course you love the one with "big cheeks" lmao (●♡∀♡)
You seriously join voice chats sometimes just because you see that I'm in there? That's so cool to me since you're the only person that really seems to like my voice a lot besides Laia haha. Ody has done voice chats before and I've been in there while he talked before, but it's really rare and I think the last time I saw him in one was in like February ;-;

Well you did great in the voice chat with you, Dory and I so don't worry!!! You honestly have a lot to contribute and I think you just cheer people up with your positive attitude and cute voice in them. I don't blame you for being scared when there's a lot of people around though. I'm probably one of the most comfortable in voice chats and even I get nervous when tons of people are around >///<
I knew that we'd still talk to each other in the server and whatnot, but I was worried that we'd lose our closeness since I really do consider you one of my best friends. I'm really happy that wasn't the case though ^_^
Pfffft I don't blame them for quoting you when you start saying "flip" and "oh my daze" since it's pretty funny to me that someone your age still talks like that, but it's cute xD
I'm not sure if I told you this before, but I was raised Mormon and wasn't allowed to swear or really do much of anything when I was in high school, so when I was at home I'd always have to say stuff like "freaking" and "oh my gosh" since I wasn't allowed to say oh my God :P

Congratulations on getting the High Honors two years in a row!!! We have that over here in the U.S. as well, and even though I wasn't the best student, I know that it's a big deal. You should be proud for working so hard, it'll definitely pay off in the future for you~
Do you get along pretty well with your cousins at least? I'm kinda curious what you do with them for fun, since I have trouble entertaining my cousins since we can't do adult things, or really watch anime together since most of them think it's weird xD
Wow that's kinda funny to me since I'm reading a story called Bakuman about these manga creators and they're always scrapping some of their less great works to start new ones so that they can get a successful series!!! I really recommend reading it sometime :D
Do you like the direction that your new series is going in at least?

Sweet, I can't wait to see what you've written!!! Pffffft so these more random friends also wanted to see your story huh? Well don't worry you can send it to me any time since I'd love to read it, and I promise I won't steal it as my own work. Plus I'm sure that our writing styles are very different anyways, so no one would believe I wrote it even if I did steal it haha.
I've never watched any airing series besides Naruto Shippuden to be honest, but I know that's unpopular. I like to watch lots of episodes all at once, so I really can't stand the airing ones as much :P
You're lucky that your memory with anime isn't so great haha, I remember everything from the previous episode and think about what's gonna happen next ALL THE DAMN TIME. How did Ody realize what was gonna happen next in Attack on Titan all the time? He must be a psychic or something since I swear their cliff hangers were always pretty crazy. Other than Attack on Titan, are you watching any other series that you're liking a lot? ^_^

The forum set you made for me is amazing!!! I might switch it up now that I've had it for a few days, but I'll definitely be using it in the future since it's very cute and colorful. It's exactly what I'd expect from you to be honest ❤
Gees you've made 15 sets now?!?!?! why'd you make so many? xD
Ody's making sets for you huh? Sounds like true love to me oOo
There's no need to feel guilty when friends give you gifts haha. don't worry I'd give you sets and cool stuff all the time too if I had any talent whatsoever, but I guess you'll just have to settle for vocaroos or something instead ;-;
I'm sorry Vuli the Bully, please don't beat me up and steal my lunch money, I'm trying to sleep earlier. Last night I went to bed at around 4 AM which isn't too bad compared to when I normally sleep! :D

My relatives that are coming into town have really done some terrible things to me when I used to live with them, so I'm just really nervous that they're gonna hurt me again, but I won't go any further into that......
Sorry to hear that those kids coming over were being mean about you and even ruined your curtains. Hopefully you realize that they're just being stupid kids and that it has nothing to do with you. Seriously Vuli, I can't even think of anything negative about you, I'm so lucky to have a sweet friend like you in my life. You're always spreading happiness wherever you go ❤
I'm happy that you're feeling happy haha. Don't worry about not replying yesterday, I'm sure that as these get longer my responses will take somewhat longer to, so please don't beat yourself up over it :)

Cutie Kiwi is a great nickname lmao, I'm pretty sure that you're the only one that will ever call me that too, so it's unique xD
I'm still working on nicknames for you, but yeah I suck at them, so we'll just pretend that you're a bully for a while >.>
I slept great and have had a great day today! I'm about to have a voice chat with Dory when he gets home, which should be fun. I hope that when you read this your morning is going great and you have some fun plans for the day. Talk to you soon Vuli ^_^
Jody2339 Jun 17, 7:29 PM
O.O THANKS!!!! <3