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fatboyftw 2 hours ago

Well your plan worked! I never thought someone as nice and sweet as you would be so devious!

It's usually something along the lines of "kys".

I don't think I've ever actually looked at your profile 'till now, it looks nice and like metal?! I...would not have expected that from you.
fatboyftw Yesterday, 6:58 AM
The more you say stuff like that the more you're gonna make me blush!

That's a really great way of looking at things, I feel the same way. It's up to us to make the world a better place!

I love that cheek nuzzle gif, I use it a lot when talking to Graceface.

Thanks! It wasn't that big of a deal though. I had a lot of fun searching through pics, trying to find the perfect one.
-Kiri- Mar 28, 2:25 PM
Awwww well I hope that APC becomes more active once everyone's done with exams and the other stuff that's been keeping them busy ^_^
I'm really glad Gracey talked to me a lot when I first became active too! Because like you said I wouldn't be around if it wasn't for her and I would have never met you and became your friend. We do seem to have quite a bit in common too which is nice, but we're different enough too that you say things that interest me since you do a lot of things that I don't~
Well the owner of Moonlit Clearing would always edit my comments to make it look like I was saying lewd things to people and it happened almost constantly which I really didn't like.... plus he was kinda unfriendly and threatened to kick me a few times when I asked him to stop ^_^'
That's sweet that APC is like a home for you where you feel comfortable. It's nice to have places like that which is why I love the Sunlit Garden server since everyone in there is a friend of mine and I feel happy there. I'm so happy you finally joined it too :')
Awwww well I'll make sure to play forum games more often then! I'm usually there during the late nights for you on Monday and Wednesday so it's not likely that you'll see me there too often though ;-;
Unfortunately my spring break has already come and gone so I probably won't have tons of free time until the summer </3
I feel like Discord becoming popular is a big reason why clubs are so inactive and dead these days. It's just much easier to chat with people on Discord servers, plus you have the option of voice chat and it's all instant chatting which is very nice compared to clubs :>
That's a good idea to reach out to Tenth! Especially since his Birthday was recent so you have more of a reason to talk to him without it being weird or whatever. It's no fun growing distant with people you used to be close with :/
Cutie Kiwi is definitely great so feel free to keep calling me that. Sorry I suck with nicknames so hopefully you don't get sick of me typing Vuli constantly :3
Awwww that makes me kinda sad that nobody can ever hear you because your voice is quiet. Hopefully you realize that your brother is just joking when he teases you about it and you don't get too upset when he does it :'(

The Fate series is kinda about magic users and these historic figures that they bring back from the dead to go to war against each other and try to win the Holy Grail, but yeah Fate/Zero is the part of the Fate series that I love the most so I recommend it sometime <3
Yeah I'm relieved to finally be done with Naruto, but I'm also kinda sad because I know I'm gonna miss it! I'll wait until you finish it before I talk to you about it in depth, but I will say that the ending is a happy one so don't worry you won't have to cry sad tears at least :')
Yeah it kinda sucks to see the better characters from the Chunin exams become less relevant over time like Rock Lee and Gaara since I loved them in the beginning and then they just weren't around too much anymore. Especially Lee :(
Even though I think Sasuke is a pretty poorly written character, and Naruto is written better. I gotta admit that I liked Sasuke's fights more than Naruto because I just love the Sharingan and all of the cool powers that come with it >.<
I'm sure I'll love Durarara when I get around to watching it! Dory also really wants me to see it so I'll check it out sometime soon xD
Baccano is extremely hard to explain so I'll just say to watch it, and watch it dubbed if you can since the dub is amazing and it takes place in early America near New York so they have really cool accents :> It's 13 episodes plus a 3 episode OVA and one of my favorites~
Hmmm yeah I get what you mean about reading the manga before the anime. For me I prefer to watch the anime before reading the manga though since usually the manga is better and doesn't skip stuff so I don't wanna be disappointed watching an anime after reading the manga :D
Pfffft please you're adorable and everybody knows it. Nobody is just as sweet and kindhearted as you are! There's an imaginary list in my head called "5 nicest MAL users I know" and both you and Ody are on it ^_^
I remember Samurai Jack from when I was really young too and didn't know what anime was. I think I loved it a lot though xD
That's a good guess, but there's actually nobody in Love Hina that's actually named Hina even though I thought there would be too :p
Love Hina is basically just a generic harem about this college guy named Kataro who lives with a bunch of ladies and studies for college, but it's kinda just a normal harem that I had fun with. I don't recommend it though, it's pretty bad and most people hate it >///<
Thank you Vuli that's much better! Quincey and I are the manliest men of them all hmph >:(

Awwwww I hope that you're able to get louder for presentations and whatnot, but being quiet with friends or boys can be seen as cute so I wouldn't worry too much as long as you can make it louder when you need it to be :)
Yeah I used to actually be extremely shy and honestly spending time on MAL and Discord, meeting friends, and having them tell me about the good parts of me gave me the confidence to get better at presenting and just being more confident in life ^_^
Don't worry Vuli we all get nervous so just remember that most people watching you know how it feels and probably won't notice too much that you're shaking since they're preoccupied with the nervousness of their upcoming presentations too~
That's so sweet thanks so much Vuli ^_^ I'm glad that you like my voice, and I'll be nicer to myself about it from now on >///<
Well before you told me that you were why I assumed you had tons of friends as well so I can see why they'd say it. You're just so sweet and friendly it's hard to imagine that people wouldn't be dying to get to know you better :D
Being there for each other is what being a friend is all about so I'm really happy that we can be open with each other and rely on each other if we ever need to! No need to thank me Vuli because I know you'd be there for me if I needed help too <3

Wow yeah it sounds like the requirements are gonna be sorta tough, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it! What is CAS? Whatever it is, 150 hours sounds like quite a bit to do. And also an extended essay? Gees that sounds pretty stressful o.0
I guess I am grateful that my teacher being aggressive has led me to doing all of my homework to avoid his lectures at least xD
Yeah at least here in America, if you're in college they can cuss, say things about how religion is stupid and whatever else they wanna say since we're all adults.... but some of them take advantage of that a little bit :/
Of course it's a cute ship name since it involves you and Ody :> I love people that have ships that are widely known like you and Ody~ There's nobody that people consistently ship me with, I'm just shipped with lots of people in those threads xD
I'm sure that the future will be great for both of us even if it seems scary now. Hopefully when we're older and look back on these times we're even happier than we were now which would be great since I'm already enjoying my life quite a bit as it is ^_^
Awwww well I'm glad that the character names from your story came back to you and that you don't think you'll be forgetting them again any time soon! That's really cute that they helped you in your life and it's totally ok to keep their real names secret from the readers, and it's also very considerate. I'm grateful to whoever they are for helping you too :)
Ahhhhhh that little vocaroo was so adorable oh my God Vuli >//////< Thank you so much for sending me one since we aren't really ever on Discord at the same time much anymore, but I really missed hearing you talk <3
I didn't actually hear your brother, but there's a part that I was having trouble understanding.... sorry if I got this wrong, but did you say "I love you dear" towards the end? o.0 I think that's what I heard and I'm pretty sure my heart melted ;-; <3
I just heard that sweet sweet British accent so don't worry you didn't sound nervous at all really! Sorry that you fell asleep waiting for you brother to get out of the bathroom, but hopefully it was a good nap :3
You're definitely Naruto in my eyes with all you've told me about how you relate to him! Also maybe Hinata now that I know you're shy and you're both just so adorable and hugable :D
Fine fine we're both sweet, I'll call it a draw since fighting with you about how you're nicer than I am isn't something I wanna do since you know Taekwondo so getting in a fight with you probably isn't the best idea for me ;3

That's great that we haven't been talking for very long now, but we already consider each other close friends! ^_^
I think the length of these messages definitely made it easier to get close quickly~ Really? Most people think I'm just a ridiculous joker when they first meet me, but I'm happy that you thought I was a lovely person as soon as you met me xD <3
Everything about your personality and voice just screams "tiny person" to me, but I think I remember you telling us that you're actually quite tall one day :>
Your messages are always such a joy to read for me too! You just always seem to positive and excited to chat with me which makes me happy since I don't like talking to neutral people where I can't tell if they're actually enjoying our talks or not ^_^'
Wow that's really early to be waking up even on the weekends! I think Yaoi also gets up around that early on weekends, but she does it on purpose because she likes having a schedule and uses the early morning time to watch anime :3
It's kinda a bummer that I don't talk with her anymore at all actually.... we ended up having a little bit of drama so she didn't wanna be friends anymore and ignored me for a really long time :/
I have about 16 people that I do PMs with in Discord and then 4 people that I have longish comments with on MAL so yeah I talk to quite a few people to be honest xD I'll always make time for you and the sweeter friends I have though <3
I hope you enjoy Naruto: The Last! I personally didn't like it very much since there isn't nearly enough action for my tastes and it focuses heavily on a certain romance. I did also watch Boruto the movie though and even though I wasn't expecting to like it I really really enjoyed myself because you get tons of the characters we know and love in it as well as their children :')
I slept pretty well even though I had to get up early for classes. I think you probably just got to bed around now, so I hope you have sweet dreams and have a great Wednesday when you wake up. Talk to you soon Vuli <3
fatboyftw Mar 28, 12:49 PM
You really think so? *Blushing intensifies*

Well I think you're just as "adowable", it's rare to find people as sweet and kind as you in this day and age.

Yeah, I wanted to make sure the picture looked good and that it fit them. People without a specific character in their set (drea and Melrissa for example) took me longer, because I didn't really have much to go off of.
fatboyftw Mar 28, 11:20 AM
Heh, thanks. Was debating whether I should put you in the Homies or Harem.

I went with Harem because well...yeah if I knew you IRL I'd probably try to date you...*Blush*

Anyway, moving on! Glad you like it! Took me forever to find a high quality picture for everyone.
YaoiMaster Mar 28, 10:12 AM
It doesn't have to do with the wifi.
We have no money, and it isn't as if I want one, therefore no.
YaoiMaster Mar 28, 9:53 AM
Yes, I know why. I have to be home in order to go on forums.
No, I never wanted one.
YaoiMaster Mar 28, 9:49 AM
I don't have a phone.
Forums are blocked on this computer.
YaoiMaster Mar 28, 9:47 AM
Who was I shipped with? Can't view it.
Lacrity Mar 27, 2:47 AM
Well, at least you have a valid reason to reply late. I just get lazy at replying. ._. At least you're way more productive than me. Don't be me. xD

Aww, that sucks. What happened to the grade? And how's school going?
-Kiri- Mar 26, 4:54 PM
Hmmmm I've never actually heard of Anime Paradise Club, but I'm so happy that you found it and met Ody and other great friends there~
Yeah it's pretty crazy to think about how you probably wouldn't have been on MAL anymore if you hadn't met Ody since that's pretty much how it was for me when I met Gracey since she gave me the motivation to keep coming back at first ^_^
I was in Moonlit Clearing for a while, but ended up leaving because it wasn't really my kind of place to be honest. Awwww that's sweet that APC means so much to you though and that you're still there after all this time and the introduction of Discord :')
hahaha is that your sneaky way of saying that you want me to play forum games more often Vuli? xD
I really do miss playing them, but there's just so much stuff that I want to do these days and I feel like I just never have the time to play forum games with all the other stuff that I'm doing ;-;
I'm pretty sure I got invited to Moonlit Clearing after being in forum games for a little while, and then after that I made a few friends there and we made our own club called Squirrels with Donuts, but unfortunately it died after a couple months </3
I've never heard of a user named Tenth, but do the two of you still keep in touch these days?
Noooooo it's alright I think it's adorable! I love getting unique nicknames from people, so feel free to keep saying Cutie Kiwi :>
Don't worry if I was uncomfortable with it I would tell you, but typically I don't get offended or awkward very easily~
Wow this is the most shocking event in all of 2017 o.0
I guess I was sorta right though since you did call him bubbly cheeks even if it wasn't an "official" nickname xD

That's exactly how I feel! I love Fate/Zero, but Fate/Stay Night is kinda the same concept, but with a different generation and I just really don't like it too much since the characters aren't nearly as well written. So I probably won't watch Boruto :/
Kakashi is easily my favorite character like nobody comes close for me. I just finished Naruto: Shippuden last night, so there's stuff I wanna say, but can't because I don't wanna spoil you, so let me know when you finish the series </3
I feel the same way about Choji and TenTen to be honest. Neither of them really helped too much in any fights or were very interesting to me compared to the other members that were in the Chunin exams and neither had really big fights ever~
Sasuke saying he wants to be Hokage really just ended any hope I had of his character arc being a good one. I feel like he was just all over the place in Shippuden with what he wanted to do, and in the end he had cool powers, but wasn't a very interesting person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have Durarara on my plan to watch and think I'll love it since I love Baccano! and I hear they're extremely similar ^_^
I've seen the 5 centimeters per second movie, but maybe I'll have to check the manga out. Is it better than the movie is? :O
hahahaha awwww innocent little Vuli choosing Shounen-Ai over Yaoi. Please never stop being adorable :>
I've never even heard of Koe no Katachi, but if you're adding it to your favorites maybe I'll have to read it sometime :D
Right now I'm reading Rurouni Kenshin which is a samurai manga, and then I'm gonna read Love Hina which is just a generic harem manga that I've seen the anime of and really liked despite it being pretty terrible >.<
Pffffft please Quin and I are not adorable, we're tough manly men who watch Naruto together as bros >:(

That sounds lovely to me, anything to hear more British accents :awoo:
I'm pretty sure if I do watch either though I'll probably go for Doctor Who since I'm just a little too old for kid shows these days ^_^'
Awwwww I'm sure it'll get easier over time Vuli! I've given lots of presentations and used to shake a lot, but confidence just seems to come to you over time without even thinking about it. So I'm sure it'll get easier over time, and we're all nervous even if some are better at hiding it~
Thanks a lot Vuli >///< I'm glad that my voice is calming and not obnoxious since sometimes I don't like hearing myself talk ;-;
Really?!?! I pictured you having tons of real life friends so that's pretty surprising to me to be honest. I'm glad that you have that good friend though and that she's so sweet to you since you definitely deserve to be loved and cared for <3
I know your MAL friends can't be there for you in person, but there are plenty of people including myself who are here for you so please never let yourself feel alone even if your other friend isn't able to be there for you. You can always talk to me ^_^

That's kinda surprising to hear since I had no idea they called it middle school even though it's technically high school. That's pretty neat though that you'll basically be going to college soon :O
Awwww I really hope you're able to get those requirements accomplished and you get to take all of the classes that you want to take!
Man that sounds like a pretty stressful teacher to me if he gives you more work every time that you talk to him >.>
My teacher swears a lot and he's a pretty intimidating guy.... Like he told us half the class will most likely fail and he'll single people out who didn't do the homework and make fun of them in front of everyone. It's really scary so I always do my homework o.0
Swearing is totally allowed for teachers in college though since we're all adults, but some of them take it way too far xD

A 7 year age difference honestly isn't that bad once you turn 18 so I'll continue to ship Vulysseus with all my heart <3
It kinda scares me to think about the future since I've really been enjoying my life lately so I don't really want everything to suddenly change for me and to lose the things that I care about right now >///<
hehehe that's pretty tricky writing a story based on your daydreams, but changing the names and locations of everything. Why not just keep them the way that they were though? Is it just out of consideration for the privacy of the people you daydream about? :>
I really hope you get to someday publish your story though! I'd certainly buy a copy to support you~
Vuliiiiiii it'll be so much cuter if you just send one with whatever you want to say though! I can't write what you should say in a Vocaroo because I don't have the adorable British slang down >.<
I guess we really did just switch with each other on our results for the dere test! That's kinda funny, but tbh I don't trust those things too much. I took a Dragon Ball Z test one time and they gave me Vegeta, but I'm not like him at all xD
Awwww that's so nice of you to say, but you're definitely the sweeter one. Nobody is as friendly and kind as you are Vuli <3

It's been wonderful getting to know you better since we started these chats and I feel like I can definitely call you a close friend at this point which is great since I thought you were a nice person I'd like to get to know as soon as we met on Discord ^_^
I guess I was just surprised because I picture you as this tiny little person that's always smiling so the thought of you jumping around and swinging your fists in the air is quite a sight in my mind xD But it's good to have self defense skills and I want you to stay safe ofc~
Awwwwww I'm happy that I can make you smile with my messages, but you're just so positive that you make it easy for me to write kind things too! Alright it's settled, neither one of us is allowed to change ever :>
Today I only slept in until 2 PM so I guess I'm getting better, but yeah I really sleep in on the weekends more than I should xD What time do you usually wake up on weekends? :O
It was seriously the worst having a 12 hour timezone difference when I was still close with her. We'd always set up dates to watch stuff on Rabbit together, but one of us would have to get up super early and oversleep on accident, so we only ever got to watch together once xP
I love our messages with each other and would be totally fine chatting for the rest of our lives so here's hoping that this continues for a very long time ^_^
Thanks Vuli I slept well the past two days. Today I'm just responding to PMs, and if I have the time I might even watch some of the Naruto movies, but we'll see how long replying to these messages takes~
I hope that when you read this you've slept great and your Monday is staring off peacefully without too much stress Vuli <3
ooji Mar 26, 7:45 AM
aw thank you!

hi hi. i'm pretty good, what about you? ^^
Xeleton Mar 26, 6:21 AM
I respect those kind of people, but I believe people who cant spend time for themselves are bound to lose the only thing they originally have. Character... interacting/helping lotsa people will destory your personal opinions/wishes, and in the end...character. But that is just my opinion. I might be wrong, coz every person is diffrent, you might keep that up until you die.
Anyway, i got your answer, talk to me again if you have any questions about it, or if you have changed your mind about it.

whoa also that was quite late reply. I even forgot we had a chat about this :/
Animelia99 Mar 25, 12:25 AM
I see . I didn't knew about Shonen Ai . I thought everything about Boys Love was Yaoi but now I see that there is a huge difference .
Do you also like Shojo Ai then ?
-Kiri- Mar 24, 6:06 PM
Awwww what clubs did you first join when you made your first friends? I was in The Moonlit Clearing and Squirrels with Donuts for a while, but after Discord came along I just kinda left every club since I'm usually on Discord way more than MAL these days~
Oh wow how did you end up figuring out that forum games existed when you ended up finding out about them? :O
It's crazy how many wonderful people I've met since I got active on MAL. Who was your first MAL friend if you can remember? Gracey was my first MAL friend and the one that convinced me to stick around and keep trying since she was the only one that would talk to me at first <3
I definitely love the nickname cutie kiwi even though it does sort of embarrass me when I type it, but it's adorable coming from you >.<
Oh my I wonder what sort of nicknames you've come up with for Ody. I'm guessing quite a few of them involve the word "cheeks" xD

The last episode of Naruto: Shippuden aired yesterday so yeah it's finally all over, unless you count Boruto which doesn't look too good :/
Kakashi is easily my favorite character! Watching his fight with Obito was my favorite Naruto fight so far even if it only lasted 10 minutes~
Yeah Kabuto was the biggest scumbag in the series, like even worse than Orochimaru to me >:(
Choji is just kinda always eating and his voice sorta annoys me even though I know those are dumb reasons xD
Sasuke is the least consistent anime character I've ever seen! I kinda liked him in the original Naruto, but then he becomes a terrorist and later after 400 episodes just suddenly decides that he wants to become Hokage and I really didn't like that he just did such a crazy 180 so quickly >.>
Catching up on manga and anime doesn't sound bad. What anime and manga are you thinking of catching up with? Besides the obvious Naruto ^_^
I'm just gonna be reading manga, relaxing, and finishing Naruto with Quin most likely. Nothing too exciting, but it all makes me happy :p

To be fair the only British friends that I have and talk to on a frequent basis are you, Ody and Mel. And I've never seen either of them say Innit xD But yes everything British is adorable oh my goodness. Sometimes I just YouTube British shows or other things to hear the accent more >.<
Awwwww I hope that someday you're able to be less shy. That makes me sad that you were shaking because you were so nervous during your presentation ;-;
You have a lovely voice, plus you're one of the sweetest people I've ever talked to so I'm sure someday when you get more confidence you'll make tons of friends easily Vuli ^_^

Whoa I knew you were young, but you're still in middle school? Are you nervous about high school or kinda excited to move on? :D
Yeah I've failed a class or two so I know how much it sucks to fail on big assignments. I'm just happy that you passed at least even if other people didn't :p
Awwwww yeah it really sucks when you get a teacher with a really heavy accent and it's even worse that yours can't spell too well :/
My teacher is.... interesting xD He swears quite a bit and says the N word quite frequently so you'd probably hate that class since you don't like when people curse >///<

Thanks Vuli! Someday I will live in the U.K. no matter what it takes and I'll meet a sweet British girl :awoo:
I'm not sure what the exact age difference is between you and Ody, but who knows maybe when you're an adult and go back to the U.K. anything could happen ;3
Awwww well you just said that if you work hard to achieve your dream you can make it work! I'm sure that you could become a writer or artist and make a living if you get the right kind of education for it and work hard. There's plenty of successful writers and artists out there, so don't give up so early ^_^
Yeah his voice is lovely! Now I just gotta convince you and Melrissa to send me Vocaroos someday, but no pressure :D
I took one of those dere quizzes too and got dandere, but I'm really not all that shy I don't think! Not sure what kind of "dere" I'd be to be honest xP I'd say that Dandere fits you quite well now that I know that you're shy. I already knew you were very kind though <3

Thanks a lot Vuli. I'm glad that we're both here for each other and I've loved getting closer with you and talking more these past few days so I'll definitely come to you if I ever need help with anything ^_^
How is Taekwondo going by the way?! I gotta admit I was pretty surprised to hear that you do it since you seem like such a sweetheart xD
You're just so positive all the time that it's hard not to smile and be happy when I read your messages. You really are special among all of my friends so just keep being yourself Vuli since I'm pretty sure everyone's happy to chat with you when they can~
I slept in until 4PM today though so I may be taking advantage of the weekend just a little bit more than I should be :x
9 hours apart isn't too bad actually! I know that the U.K. is 8 hours ahead of me of course, but wasn't quite sure about where you live. I had a friend in Dubai and she was 12 hours ahead of me all the time so it was hard to be online at the same times ;-;
I hope that you've slept well and you're feeling great when you wake up and read this. Thanks for being so fun to chat with Vuli, I really do love messaging you <3