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Aug 13, 2013
BL author Junko tries out shoujo. As of now only 2 english chapters are out (3rd is in chinese), so there's not much, but I still want to review it.

Story (6) - The story is about an overweight fujoshi (BL lover) who one day loses all her weight by not eating while grieving over her favorite character's death. Not very realistic, but hey it's shoujo. Now that she's pretty every hot boy in school comes out of the woodwork to try and get in her pants; except for one, who is my favorite, and was her friend from the start. Ensue reverse harem with BL read more
Jun 30, 2013
Story (7) - The story is about models and their feelings basically, or more specifically Yui and her feelings about being a model. It's nothing that hasn't been done before and it seems predictable, but it still provokes emotions. I really feel for Yui, she is the shining star of the manga.

Art (7) - Typical shoujo art nothing to write home about. The clothes are insanely cute though.

Characters (7) - I love Yui, ok, she is a really real and really good main character she isn't all "I'll try my hardest even though i'm a fucking idiot teehee". She works hard, and breaks read more
Jun 5, 2013
Story (7) - This story is from the viewpoint of a girl who just died and it is all about her trying to come to terms with the fact that she really is dead, and her trying to get her family to realize that as well. The story has a bittersweet, yet hopeful message. However, I was not all that crazy about the ending I feel like it was kind of a let down. The author could have done the ending better.

Art (8) - Nothing much to say the art was nice I really liked it. Nothing all that original, simple and easy on read more
May 29, 2013
Story (4) - The story is a prime example of what an unhealthy relationship looks like. It Sets itself up with some girl who goes out with a childhood friend who says he hated her for torturing him when they were younger. The story is then all about their relationship with the fact that the main girl is a track superstar effecting their relationship over time, but it's freaky as fuck and totally unrealistic okay. The story is primarily character driven so the main problem is with the characters and how they act rather than the actual plot itself, which is a relatively common shoujo read more
Jan 13, 2013
Story (6): It's pretty run of the mill smartest kid in school ends up being forced to help the delinquent... not be one. Then by being together feelings arise, and then it's happily ever after. Except the ending of this story I liked and didn't like at the same time.

Art (8): The art in this story is really good and quite cute. It's the gem of this story hands down.

Character (6): The characters again are run of the mill, but it's still pretty funny to watch their interactions. Hachiya is wonderful and Haruko isn't annoyingly shoujo about her feelings.

Enjoyment (7): Even if read more
Jan 10, 2013
Story (6): The story is about Saito who gets into a top school in order to be reunited with his childhood friend Subaru, the only problem is she is cold as hell towards him. Later we find our Subaru is simply just a perverted tsundere. The story isn't anything particular special, it has supernatural elements with Ura no Kami granting the two the wish to connect their rooms and leading to the loss of Subaru's self control, but the supernatural elements get lost along the way in place of Saito and Subaru's perverted daily routines. The story feels quite fast paced, as it's only 5 read more
Dec 27, 2012
Ok so I've never written a review before, but I thought this manga deserved one sooo here I go:

Story (9.5 round it up idk) - The story is freakin hilarious ok. The manga has this slice-of-life feel, but it does have some sort of plot where Molester fumbles through his relationships with this group of girls after he gets mistaken for a molester by one of them (Miss Understanding). It's very realistic and down to earth, like I can really relate to Molester and all his awkward, otaku, nerdyness. At the same time though the story still keeps this manga like feeling that is read more