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Mar 3, 2019
The sex was good but I didn't really like the story. I do like sword and sorcery shows typically. But I find anime to be a bit too quick to kill off good characters. As is the case for me I didn't like the story but loved the sex in the hentai. The story could have been better had there been more sex from Hyde and Sakura but they were so busy making Hyde get into every girls' panties which can be rather tiresome and is a big part of so much anime hentai. Sadly too many anime males are perverts...….
Oct 29, 2017
This anime is much better than the original, while I don't like the revenge plot or that Musashi and the princesses had to go through that pain. I do like that the ending was so very satisfying. The fact that Musashi defended his girls warms my heart up and makes me feel good.

The sex scenes at the end were great, the girls were as always really sexy, their nipples were not censored so that was nice, although their genitals were and that bothers me. But aside from those gripes I have no real problem with this. Nami, Suzaku, Miyuki and Anzu were all read more
Oct 29, 2017
Story is really good, I love the happy ending, it gives me good feels. Also I like how the girl defends her cousin and mate.

Art wise its great very detailed and stylish. I like how shapely the girl is, and how big her breasts are.

Sound wise I have no complaints the sex sounds and character voices are good.

Character wise I have no real complaints either, both characters are good.

Enjoyment is great, the happy ending makes me feel good. And the sex scenes are great too.

Overall I'd say this is an excellent anime well worth its content.
Oct 29, 2017
Koihime (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story wise it was pretty good, except for the ending of the second episode and how the parents didn't like Musashi.

Art wise its really good, no censorship and the characters are well designed.

Sound wise it was great as far as the sex sounds and the romance themes.

Character wise it could do better, as Musashi was a bit of an idiot and the parents of the princesses needed more spice and less Musashi hating.

Enjoyment value, it scores highly despite the bittersweet ending, which really ruins it for me.

Overall I give it a 7 on thescore meter.