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If you liked
One Piece
...then you might like
Akame ga Kill!

The main character of both series have a specific goal that couldn't be achieved without the help of their nakama (companion.) The Strawhat Pirates of One piece and the Night Raid of Akame ga Kill are closely similar in the way that they are made of a bunch of interesting character who have to deal together against several common enemies and are founded on a great friendship relationship. Plus, they are all considered criminal by the government. These stories evolve in an action, drama, adventure, comedy and fantasy genre. The devils' fruits of One Piece and the teigus of Akame ga Kill bring to the wielder great and unique superpower. Every character of both series are nicely done. Even the antagonists are very charismatics. Both series present a corrupt society. However, the battles in One Piece are funnier while the battles in Akame ga Kill are more gore.