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May 3, 2010
This is a compilation review from the HTWA!

"whenever i hear sayonara zetsubou sensei i instantly think ZETSUBOU SHITA and randomness! they always present probable ideas which transforms into crazy ideas in the end because of exaggeration. and it's these crazy ideas that makes SZS fun to watch. add to that an overly pessimistic teacher, an overly optimistic student and a bunch of other interesting characters and you got one fun, crazy show!" - icemachine

"he Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series are like marmite. You'll either love it or hate it. I fall under the former category, which is a definitely a good thing lol. Each character is read more
May 1, 2010
A compilation review by the HTWA

"Can't really think too much of anything right now because I'm still reeling from Nujabes news...I'll try though.

Don't bother comparing it to Cowboy Bebop - it's inferior to CB. It's a nice series but nonessential. Fu is not Faye (don't even think about it) - fufufu. The ending was meh. If you try to compare it to CB; I'd say "Bang!"

No problem with beginners taking on this one. It's peopled by colorful characters and even more colorful palette. Being Manglobe, it's an eye candy. Some are saying the dubs are very good but I've only seen the subs." - TsukikageRan

"I read more
Apr 28, 2010
A compilation review from the HTWA!

"With the anime of Baccano! i really liked it because of the characters like issac for stealing really random items which i wont say incase if someone has'nt watched it yet also he is a good character for his randomness same as his partner miria. I'd probly say this anime is for people that have started allready with anime like for moderate watchers cuse its a lil short which is sad because it holds alot of interest by the storyline and another good anime that you could follow this up after watching could be durarara!! which has started a while read more
Apr 26, 2010
A compilation review from the HTWA!

"I love Kanon (2006). It has a nice blend of laughter and tears.
All the girls have their own story to tell and each of their stories have an element of drama in it. Not sure if i can say the same for Kanon (2002) cause i haven't watch it yet." - icemachine

"Wanna ask about the difference between Kanon and Kanon (2006) besides the ratings for the latest one is higher. If anyone has seen both versions, should I just watch the 2006 version because its better or just watch both because they're different stories" - shoxk

"Kanon (2006) remakes, embellishes the read more
Apr 25, 2010
A compilation review of the HTWA! Hope you find it handy!

"I loved Love Hina because it was one of the first anime i watched.
I think that what makes it great is that it doesnt take place at school for once and even if the characters could have been improved (especially Keitaro), it remains awesome.
A special place in my heart for this one :)" - benjee

"Well, Love Hina was pretty unique for it's time.. wasn't it? I'm sure it was many people's first or one of their first Anime. It wasn't my first Anime but it was defiinitely something I watched in my earlier years of read more
Apr 23, 2010
A compilation review of the HTWA! Hope you find it handy!

"To me this was a great anime due to its plotline, its silly remeberable characters like pen pen, its great action scenes and its romance was pretty good" - Redhydoken7

"perfect example of how an ending can completely ruin a series in an instant. Watch RahXephon if you want a similar series but dont want to punch a hole through the wall at the end and regret all the time you just wasted." - shinigamidono

"i love NGE. i don't like mecha too much but i hear positive things about it. so i just have to check read more
Apr 22, 2010
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
A compilation review of the HTWA! Hope you find it handy!

"1) MOE! without ecchi. Cute comedy slice-of-life with music
2) Like them all, but especially Mugi
3) It should be fine for beginners. I wouldn't say it's as essential as others but it is pretty unique." - aoikishu

"1) It's really MOE and cute, and with no ecchi, so it's a great accomplishment.
2) it's really funny, so no episode bores you.
3) It's unique, a different concept in anime
4) The music & songs are specially good. I love K-ON! Songs
5) I like characters because each one is different and it's fun to see those unique and different personalities be read more
Apr 21, 2010
The first compilation review of the HTWA! Hope you find it handy!

"Haha, first to dis this anime :P. It's popular because it has hit US airwaves, other than that I don't know why it's popular. It was mostly boring for me, hated how they had to fight the same guy 4+ times to kill him, and I really hated the Lamda Driver thing, because I don't think something so unrealistic should be in this kind of mecha anime. I did like the characters, animation, and the romance however. Because I know this lamda (whatever) driver is in the next season, I'm not watching any more read more