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Nov 9, 2020
Disclaimer: You’ll have to take my review with a grain of proverbial salt as I dropped the series after reading volume 7 due to a broken heart. However, I will one day pick it back up due to how great this series is...

Firstly, this is a vastly underrated series. This may be a worthless claim, seeing as how commonly tossed around it is, so without further ado, here's why:

The strategies the author writes for the battles that happen are clearly above and beyond. The characters do not win because of incompetent enemies or with simple, dumb strategies. The author clearly has done their research into read more
Nov 4, 2020
Contrary to the title (Familiar Chronicle - Episode Ryu), Danmachi: Familiar Chronicle is actually a new side series by the author to show new side stories from point of view of side characters. Initially, they thought to just write Episode Ryu but then changed it into a series where Episode Ryu is the first volume. As of writing this, Volume 2 - Episode Freya has been released as well.

What I love about the author is his attempt to expand the world of Danmachi past Bell and his familia. In Sword Oratoria, we got the story of Loki familia and the stories of its main cast. read more
May 26, 2020
If you watched the anime series, you MUST watch this movie!

I've been watching anime for years and this convinced me to do my first review because of how much it hit the feels.

If you like the anime series, this movie will not disappoint and will probably leave you in shock. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I've never felt this emotionally involved with anime before! It left me happy, fulfilled and teary-eyed...something few anime has been able to do to me before (been watching anime for over seven years now). This movie, as you'd expect, has twists read more