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Jun 8, 2013
Alright. I loved watching it. It is a one-of-a-kind anime which maybe comes closest qua atmosphere to Steins;Gate

Story: A cute girl want to help a shut-in to get rid of his agoraphobia. Meanwhile, he tries to complete a game with his neighbour.
The shut in slowly progresses with both, sometimes having huge draw-backs.
Still, there is something fishy about that girl.

I figured out what the rest of the story would be at the end of the island arc and I knew exactly every step Misaki (I love that name) would take after that. I didn't expect it to be that predictable. Not only that: her behavior is read more
Jun 4, 2012
Story: [10/10]
The story is amazing. Light and Ryuk both think their world is rotten so they try to make it better. Ryuk escapes his world and looks for entertainment on earth by dropping a notebook. The best entertainment he could wish for, Yagami Light, picks up the book. This is when one of the biggest geniusses on earth starts to make that world a place worth for a god to live in... by killing criminals! Of course that makes him a criminal himself in the eyes of the law and the police and detective L. Light searches for L and L searches for Light, both read more
May 17, 2012
This anime isn't for anybody. The people who enjoy this series most are the people with two or more cats. People with no cats don't understand it while people with cats can easily recognise their own cat in Kuro or Poyo.
Poyo is a cat that is perfectly round. He's a typical caricature of a lazy tomcat. His best friend is Kuro. He is a more active and slightly dumber tomcat from their neighbour.

The strong point of the series is the slight exaggeration of normal cat behavior. Non-cat owners would think:"What is this all about?" while cat-owners think:"My cat does that too! It's so read more
Mar 26, 2012
I love the anime:
At the beginning of every arc, everything seems so peaceful and lovely!
Then, dramatic evenents occur (almost always after the festival) and something goes horribly wrong.
At the climax, it's always bloody and you are enjoying the spiny story as well as the blood and corpses here there and everywhere.

There are a lot of anime's that are about mystery. Some are good, some are less.
There are also anime's just for the gore, most of them don't really have a story
Higurashi combines one of the best mystery's with awesome violence!

Story: 10
It's one hell of a story and you won't get it until read more
Mar 23, 2012
Story: 6
The beginning was great, psychological, solid and little confusing, but still good enough to understand.
Then it went wrong from the moment Yuu made Mato sleep. It was confuzing until the last episode, that's what I liked, but there was too much symbolism. The story started to go about how everybody is that stupid bird and how the whole other world revolves around that f*cking bird!

what a cliché Hollywood ending! Seriously horrible! I still gave it a 6 because I liked the first part very very much. That was deep, touching and insane. In the second part, there were suddenly 4 worlds and only read more
Mar 2, 2012
story: 6
This anime is clearly about the concept, not the story, but it sure isn't bad so far

art: 8
I really like how it's drawn.

sound: 7
The opening is very addictive, but the ending isn't that special. Maybe a nice elevator song

Characters: 9
I think sora is quite annoying: she likes the 'godfather' but because of that, she's scared of him. He has no idea what's going on and that's a little annoying. I love the other characters. Hina is very bright for her age. I like she's not some kind of dumb baby that only cries. Miu is annoying to everybody but that is very funny. She read more
Feb 16, 2012
Story: 9
I really love the story, and -spoiler- the storyline gets exponentially more complicated and I really like that. The mediocre 'me = best ninja and my friend ran away, I must get him back' changed to some masterminds with mindf*ck plans that actually make sense! If you're a kid, you won't get what happened after the first arc with Sai.

Art: 1
It's not exactly the art, it's the animation. It's like they don't care if the animation is any good. They slagged off with the starting of shippuden and I really can't give a higher grade than an 1

Sound: 5
It had some great OP and read more
Jan 17, 2012
Story: 6
most of them are good stories, but they just all go way too fast. It misses the drama.

Art: 4
Very outdated, but it is very old. I just hate how people walk in the beginning of the series. Everything is too cartoony

character: 8
I really like how Ruuichi is almost in every story the main character. You really grow attached to him

Enjoyment: 8
I really enjoyed it. I just think every story should have been a 50 page story instead of 30

Overall: 7
I think this will work better as an anime than as a manga.
I liked the stories Okuchin's unwelcome guest and the crater best. I give read more
Jan 15, 2012
Story: 8
It was a little bit weird, but very enjoying. I didn't really like the middle part with katou, but I'll just forget that. I liked how the start (messing-up first time lover) ended up that psychological and horrific. I would have given the anime a 9 if the "school fair" wasn't included. The final half of the last episode was so sudden. I first thought it was kotonoha who would strike first.

I really liked it. It was amazing! The perfect art for a Seinen series.

If the OP and ED were better, I would have given it a 10, but they just weren't. read more
Nov 15, 2011
Story: [10/10]
Since I would give Death note (my previous favoriet manga) an 9, I would be akumetsu'd if I wouldn't vote a 10 xD It really looks a lot like Death Note in some ways. It's just a bit more mature since it is going deep into the gouvernment of japan and sometimes it's hard to follow, but you would catch it up sooner or later within the manga. Especially the end is surprising. Even with a mayor plot twist far before the ending (2 volumes), It's still not know what would actually happen in the last few chapters. Akumetsu kept surprising me.

Art: [8/10]
Very read more