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Gravity Eyes
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Toiki yori mo Yasashii

Both are about guys who were previously hosts and who fall in love with another dark haired guy. Overcoming the obstacles they become lovers. And cats ~

If you liked
Kodomo no Omocha
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Gakuen Alice

the mangas are just sooo similar..
Sana/Mikan-The cheerfulness, both dont have real parents,both helped a boy,then fall in love in the boy...
Akito/Natsume-both of them were bad in the beginning,because of their pasts,but they were healed from a girls,then fall in love
Luka/Nao-well nao is not akitos best friend like luka and natsume,but they both give up on their love for the other boys and always support the girls
Iinchou/tsuyoshi-err..the glasses xD, i don't know but they are really similar
etc etc all the romance,comedy,drama,tears everything is so similar and awesome I fell inlove in both mangas