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Sep 23, 2017
I was watching One Piece movies one after another and I was bored so I decided that if Movie 6 was boring I will never watch a One Piece movie again so here is how it turned.

First, Story (9/10):
At the first of the movie you will remember the Foxy arc and will start scream "No! not the Foxy thing again!" but if you bear the first 30 minutes or so it will pay off. The story quickly changes and you will find this movie unique, I mean all I had in my mind was "This is not One Piece, This is not One Piece, This read more
Aug 12, 2017
As someone who has the original Ao no Exorcist anime in his favorite list, I find the sequel disappointing.

First, the Story (3/10):
The sequel begins after half of the first season and it's confusing to follow and you wouldn't know what the hell was happening. The sequel's environment is a serious compared to the original. The story failed to grab my attention and I found no reason to continue watching except that I am a fan of the original series. The action scenes were bad and quite few.

Second, Art (9/10):
The art style in this season is a big improvement compared to the original. The backgrounds are read more
Feb 7, 2017
As many people did when I saw this anime I didn't expect much. The show has too much hate towards it and to be honest, it deserves the hate but during this short review I am going to be fair. While over a third of the episodes are boring and meaningless, I fairly enjoyed some of the episodes. The characters seem obviously a ripoff of other animes even a novice could notice that but I couldn't complain, they seem good except for Hanasaki who irritates me constantly. If you need me advice, don't watch this unless you run out of good animes to watch.