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Nov 9, 2019
Nanbaka (Anime) add (All reviews)
Let me start off with this statement: This anime is quite literally one of THE most under-rated ones I've watched, it clearly does not get enough praise as it should have in my opinion.

The plot-line initially starts off as a comedic, non-serious, over-the-top anime series that's lighthearted and is simple overall. But what I didn't expect was how it so easily shifted from a comedic standpoint to a full-on serious, shounen-esk type of genre with actual high stakes without much effort. Not to mention, the serious story plot-points are actually really good in my opinion and it has a rather unique level of backstory for read more
Aug 8, 2019
So far, I feel like this season is being rushed. And when I say that, I mean REALLY rushed. Take the first arc of the series for example: The Apollo/War-Game Arc. The starting episodes were fine and all but it eventually delved down into lazy writing, awkward plotting and everything just being rushed to the point that the whole of the War-Game only took up one episode.

Not to mention, the B.S power boost Bell received within that short amount of time, it's not even funny anymore. You expect us to believe that just within a couple of days. He was already curb-stomping over the read more