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Days: 130.6
Mean Score: 9.12
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Jan 28, 1:35 AM
Watching -/12 · Scored 8
Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu
Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu
Jan 27, 8:12 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 10
Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 1
Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou Part 1
Jan 14, 11:43 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 10
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Days: 9.6
Mean Score: 9.52
  • Total Entries25
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  • Chapters1,476
  • Volumes192
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Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Jan 14, 11:48 PM
Completed 80/80 · Scored 10
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Jan 14, 11:38 PM
Reading - · Scored 10
3-gatsu no Lion
3-gatsu no Lion
Nov 23, 2018 11:12 PM
Reading - · Scored 10


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Julle Yesterday, 10:28 AM
I'm glad to hear that! Yeah, exactly.. I really don't understand why they let him be the director of a series that was so important to them. Violet was still pretty good overall, but it was far from being how good it could have been. It hurts to see lots of potential getting wasted like that..
Karhu Feb 19, 3:50 AM
Resident Evil franchise is amazing. Discovered the games few years ago.
Unknow0059 Feb 16, 9:55 PM
Yeah. I hadn't heard of Yasuhiro and Tatsuya, but i can see they directed some good stuff, like, Kobayashi-san.
SMGJohn Feb 16, 5:36 AM
Yes, I watched all KyoAni shows apart from one series.
Takemoto seem to show much more heart behind his work and passion while Ishidate who also directed Kyoukai no Kanata seem to have more specific genres he is good at or tries to be too experimental in his work, Violet Evergarden is one of the few light novels I bothered to read and surprised to see how KyoAni adapted it, I never seen original work being botched so badly, what a shame there was much potential in it, Violet Evergarden in my opinion was ruined by the episodic nature of it while the light novel is episodic it is only in the experiences of Violet of her internship in her job, the second book actually becomes linear.
Lets hope the movie is good, it will wrap up the end of it all and adapt the second book.

Also Takemoto directed Haruhi, shame KyoAni never wrapped that entire series up with one last 26 episodic series to finish it all off.
Arisukiss Feb 15, 8:55 PM

And yeah, I consider Ishidate's direction to be a little too hyperactive, but I also think Violet was an improvement since Kyoukai no Kanata, that is my least favorite KyoAni show.

But in general, I respect a lot of the people working at KyoAni, I think all they have an special touch that is not that common on most of the other anime. I really hope Ishidate to keep growing as a creator, but as an animator he's very talented tho!
Ocalino Feb 8, 9:06 AM
No problem :) thanks to you for understanding
Ocalino Feb 8, 4:40 AM
Well the problem is not that the anime has 12 episodes, it's the fact that they are removing the mind games so the escape can happen at the end of the season. (We don't even ear characters's thoughts anymore)
And well for me and for a lot of manga readers too, the mind games were the main strenght of the manga.
And with the number of chapters they are adapting in each episode, you don't really get to be attached to the characters (wich is kinda bad for a horror anime), like the first time we really see Ray in action is at the end of episode 2, and well by the end of episode 4 there's already the revelation about him, so far the only reason he was liked by the anime watchers is because it's the same VA as Killua (from what I've seen).

I'll stop here because I'm too lazy to continue, but yeah here's some examples of what I disliked about the show (there's still dumb cliffhangers that can ruin some scenes, like the mole and the fact that Norman is missing a lot of his personnality traits, and so on)
Deminus Feb 8, 3:39 AM
Yea. But while I agree that the 12 episode limit is probably the main issue, I still think that the adaptation itself isn't good and that it could've been handled better from a directing perspective.
Because it's not just the fact that they are skipping things (which I would've been fine with). They are changing the whole tone of the series and making it fall very flat without including the monologues. The monologues and the mindgames were one of the main strenghts of the manga and played a huge part in making so many people fall in love with the manga and thus making the manga so successful.
But in the anime adaption the characters don't seem intelligent and very generic. Instead they shout out their thoughts loud, making them look extremely uncalculated and unintelligent. I don't know why the staff would do that, because it's very disturbing and makes the writing in the anime look pretty bad compared to the manga. There are many other things I'm not happy about, but that'd make the message too long.
Karhu Jul 30, 2018 10:16 AM
I just want Fumoffu S2.
Mugiwara_Necoke Jul 5, 2018 8:17 PM
I'mn watching season 2 of haikyuu as we speak
Dionisio May 8, 2018 2:05 PM
I don’t intend on continuing the manga, but I might follow the anime at the very least, at some point.
Inferno-Blaze Dec 18, 2017 5:44 AM
Oh, hey. Didnt notice some one commented on my profile yesterday. So a whole back on the lostroge wixoss discussion board, I said I never watched the previous, and a guy told me to watch the original, so I watched it later that day. I finished selector spread as well. In fact after finishing those 2, I never went back to Lostroge, as I agree selector is better than Lostorage
MetaThPr4h Nov 28, 2017 1:21 PM
Sorry for the late answer.

The movies are not available for legal streaming, but you can torrent the 3rd movie here

Anyways, all the Washio Sumi trilogy aired this season as Washio Sumi no Shou, episodes 5 and 6 cover that movie, IIRC Amazon Anime Strike has the rights for legal streaming, so if you can't access that I'm sure that the torrent site I linked also has the episodes.

I hope I was helpful!
Aidan Oct 27, 2017 10:41 PM
I've never read the LN nor do I plan to read the LN for No Game No Life: Zero. It's just not my thing. However, I do feel that the movie as a stand alone wasn't all that great. I felt it was riddled with flaws in an attempt to make the dialogue more "NGNL" like while the movie tried to implement conflicting themes that were more serious. I feel that this was a big issue as the two opposing themes clashed with each other through the movie and that's what made me lose a lot of interest. :<
I did say in my review that, compared to other anime, the 3DCG was pretty good. However, I also stated that I don't believe 3DCG is ready to be implemented into anime as a whole unless that anime is, itself almost entirely 3DCG. They just don't mix very well right now. However, as they used 3DCG for things like explosions, I do feel it stood out against a duller background as a whole which made it a lot more noticeable.
Gigamecha12 Jun 11, 2017 8:45 AM
No I havn't read the manga. And as an anime only watcher, I'm judging the anime, not the manga. It's clear by watching the second season that their having production issues. But it's funny you mentionned durarara since its second season was only possible because most of the staff heads of the series decided to create a new studio specifically to continue the story. Which is admirable. My complaints on SNK season 2 is the writing. Not the animation, not the overall production quality. But the fact that knowing they only had the staff and budget to accomplish a 1 cours season, they chose to not take best advantage of the limited amount of time they had. Budget and an oversaturated market is never an excuse for bad pre-production planning, and overall bad writing.