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Jul 13, 2020
Honestly, I forgot almost all the rules to the game even after watching the first two seasons of the original animation many years back. But because of quarantine, I just recently got back to casually watching Cardfight!

And oh boy. I have a lot to say after finally watching the movie for the first time.

Many characters from the original show appeared in the movie: Ren, Leon, the OG Q4 members, the three idols, Emi, Nagisa, Morikawa, and many others. I thought it was sort of cool to see all of them. Sadly, many of them held very little role in this movie. I do think it’s read more
Apr 24, 2019
First thing I gotta say about this anime: wholesome.

There is just something about this anime that is so wholesome, and I don’t think I can quite pinpoint exactly what makes it seem this way to me. I think it has something to do with the fact that most of the characters are not smart. This show definitely pulled off the “dumb, but the kind that’s cute” well, and I can tell that was one of the huge the goals of the story. It’s an over-the-top and innocent comedy.

The opening was also, from my limited anime-watching experience, quite original. You would have to watch the read more
Jul 14, 2017
I... I can't even.

Like, what?

This. Was really... What the heck?

The art is messy, and the characters don't make sense (very 2-D with no interesting personalities, but rather disturbing and unrealistic). This manga is really.. strange. Like there's really no purpose behind the making of this manga other than for some weird moe satisfaction.. I don't even know. It's not very attractive, especially a certain page that I totally did not expect coming (likely, you won't really find it attractive either).

Anyway, read if you're extremely bored; but honestly, the only real good thing about this one-shot is the fact that it's only a read more
Jun 12, 2017
Warning: rants and spoilers... though is there really any plot to spoil?


I confess: I don't really read smut. But..

I have always wanted to at least attempt to read a yaoi manga properly, and I thought when I first saw this on anime-planet, "Might as well read this: it has pretty nice art."

I'm serious, like I will be perfectly honest with you, the lines are pretty clean and the blond guy on the cover I saw specifically saw on anime-planet (and not on myanimelist) was actually pretty good-looking so... why not read this?.. At least, that's what I thought prior to reading a few chapters.

First page read more
Dec 29, 2016
ONCE UPON A TIME… there was this stereotypical shounen protagonist that found himself in a great situation that happens after meeting three witches. What is this “great” situation, you may ask? Well, he has to become this one thing that he absolutely loves.. Every midnight, he’s back to himself from it. But every noon, he becomes the very being he absolutely adores: a WOMAN.

I bet you probably were expecting this manga to be something like this.

Sorry, I told a lie. Here’s the truth:
1) This manga is NOT a romantic comedy. It will always be a psychological.
2) The sypnosis here on myanimelist has a TEENY-tiny mistake in read more
Jul 31, 2016
God Child (9/10)
Oh my gosh. WOAH. This is the manga that had the ending that KEPT ME up for 2 hours last night. I couldn’t help but think over and over in my head: “How did I not see that coming? Did that just happen?”

Trust me. This never happened to me before with other manga.

It was so obvious that the ending would happen this way, yet it wasn’t. There was so much foreshadowing, but for some reason, I didn’t even pay attention to the warning signs. I was basically too emotionally attached to the characters that I didn’t have the courage to think about read more
Jul 28, 2016
Gamerz Heaven (6/10)
In a typical shounen manga, there would be a happy ending for the cast, and the main lead would end up with the female lead. This manga does not do that. This is THE shounen manga where the main male lead has a male love interest and where the female main has a female love interest for her. Yes, we have an LGBTQ+ cast right here. This is the good thing about this series, along with being what is unique about it. Let’s start off with some of the good things about Gamerz Heaven.

We have a third year middle schooler named read more
Jun 5, 2016
If you're a fan of the characters in the original Cardfight Vanguard, and you like comedy, then you might end up enjoying this adorable little series. Each episode is really short, so it's easy to watch the series even when busy.

So, the story is pretty non-existent. But it's understandable because it's supposed to be just the daily lives of the characters. The characters are however all very hilarious and likeable in this one. In fact, I like Toshiki Kai in this particular series more than the original (you get to see Kai sneeze in this one).

You need to be able to have at least read more
Jun 3, 2016
This was simply beautiful and breath-taking (coming from someone who only watched 4 episodes of season 1). My favorite thing about this was that rather than staying serious and boring, it has a mix of emotional scenes that actually made me cry every time (even after watching the same scenes several times) and comedy (I’m a big fan of comedy). The characters are quite memorable. Tomoya’s just the average dude, but even though he’s just the average dude, he has to go through so much (which you pretty much see in the show! I also have a softspot for little children. Geez, Ushio is so read more