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Days: 93.2
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Jan 28, 12:07 PM
Watching 2/22 · Scored 9
Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku
Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku
Jan 16, 10:02 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Devilman: Yochou Sirene-hen
Devilman: Yochou Sirene-hen
Jan 15, 1:18 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
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Days: 9.3
Mean Score: 7.79
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Yesterday wo Utatte
Yesterday wo Utatte
Feb 14, 10:36 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Feb 14, 10:36 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Feb 11, 11:35 AM
Completed 53/53 · Scored 7


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Raging_Berserker Jan 27, 6:42 AM
Whatever you do, don't laugh at what I'm about to tell you. Laugh, and I will kill you.

I just helped that same friend of mine with one of her major courseworks, even to the point I was having problems sleeping late at night for 2 days. I just felt like sharing it to you for some reason. I'm still gonna murder you anyway, whether you laugh or not. Hehehe.
kan_kan_mikan Jan 23, 3:45 PM
Yeah I watched the first Utena episode last night and loved it so I think I'll be watching that next.
Yeah I was planning on it! I was going to try xxxHolic first but if it's really readable without I might just go right for it lol.
Nintendofan204 Jan 23, 8:15 AM
Haha. I remember getting annoyed at the time because of how often I heard about "Operation Rainfall". I use to go on Nintendo Facebook pages all the time back then, and people were spamming it everywhere. I didn't think anything would actually happen so I wanted people to just shut up about it. In hindsight, I'm glad that fans pestered Nintendo about it. If they didn't, future Xenoblade games may not have been released here and Shulk probably wouldn't be in Smash. And of course, I am glad the games that were part of Operation Rainfall were released in America, as I own all three!
Raging_Berserker Jan 23, 5:40 AM
Yeah, like Rainbow, I know the anime. I've seen a few episodes, one of the few animes I need to finish once I get back into anime!!!
kan_kan_mikan Jan 22, 7:24 PM
Oh yeah I mean I'll always love and be into idol anime I'm just finally starting to get a little bored of it. After about a year of more or less nothing but idols I'm ready to get back into anime lol. I'll always follow the projects I'm actually starting to get more into actual idols rather then those who are really just seiyuu in idol roles.
After being away from anime for so long actually getting back into it and finding shows I want to watch is pretty easy for me, but I see what you mean I think CCS absolutely did for me what Devilman did for you... anything I watch now will never bring me the joy it did lol. If anything though I certainly feel inspired to seek out all the other shows I've been meaning to forever in hopes of finding something I might like as much.
Raging_Berserker Jan 22, 2:22 AM
I got different drafts, but the one I guess I've developed most characters on is a war story, built around like 4 or 5 male friends who were like brothers. They are stuck in the war, barely managing to survive. Then I detail their background stories from when they were young. Their relationships with girls and family etc. Then it eventually switches back to the present and the story goes on. I haven't touched any of my drafts in a year!

I'm an Ass man, yes, but I like balance between Ass and tits. I'm just not mesmerized by tits as much as a girls Ass. The lack of balance is a killer for me as well.

Ahh Bastard? The one where the kids father is a murderer and the kid assists him with his murders. That's one of my favorite manhwas as well.
kan_kan_mikan Jan 21, 9:07 PM
Yeah actually! Doing my best to take a step away from idol hell for a bit lol.
I was actually thinking about giving the manga another try, but I'm sure I'll end up finally watching those very soon.

It's good to be so passionate about your favorite things haha
kan_kan_mikan Jan 21, 6:33 PM
I might give it another try actually!
kan_kan_mikan Jan 21, 6:25 PM
The magic of Cardcaptor Sakura has consumed me lol.
kan_kan_mikan Jan 21, 6:24 PM
Yeah haha I've been trying to decide what to watch next so I had MAL open and was looking through some stuff.

I actually just started that after I responded! It's certainly very interesting so far, I look forward to seeing where it goes. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been watching the sub I'll switch over to the dub right now lol thanks for letting me know!
kan_kan_mikan Jan 21, 5:46 PM
Yeah he does lol.
Alright glad I could find something for you!
Nintendofan204 Jan 20, 1:09 PM
Yeah they have accents since the first game wasn't originally released in America. After heavy petitioning, the European version of the game was finally released here. I didn't know the sequel had accents, but I assume it's for continuity's sake.

FE Warriors doesn't represent enough games from the series. Fire Emblem has around 13 or 14 games, and I think only four are represented in Warriors. I haven't encountered any clones so far, but I will see if I do.

And yes, I heard about Hyrule Warriors's rerelease. I won't be getting it since I played the Wii U version a ton. I have no reason to buy it again. I enjoyed that game quite a bit.

Yeah that is kind of dumb lol. It would indeed sound a lot better with a colon or just "Berserk Warriors".
Raging_Berserker Jan 20, 8:14 AM

You're in a better mood today? That's great to hear. Haha well, there's no school or whatnot on a weekend, so that counts. Hmmm Devilman franchise? I've seen posters of it when searching for other stuffs, however, I haven't taken a swipe at it so far. I don't think I'd fancy it to be fair. You got ideas? That's never bad. May be in the future we can work on something together as I'm an aspiring author, so we could collaborate!!!

It's not that I don't got inspiration to code, I'm just not great at advanced JavaScript. I'll always do what I can nonetheless. However, right now, I'm definitely not inspired to study or do any uni related work. I got 2 courseworks due this Wednesday funny enough haha. I've been slacking throughout the week, because uni shut down due to the typhoon down here. Bingeing mangas like nobodies business yo. I downloaded a few novels yesterday that I'd fancy reading too. One of them being: I am Legend by Richard Matheson, I've seen the Will Smith movies ages ago. However, once I discovered it was adapted from a novel, I always wanted to read it hehe.

Yes muh'fucka, she ain't attractive hmph! She ain't fit body-wise too. I like my bitches butts big bruh!!
Me: You can never go wrong with a fine girl that got a fat ass!
Inner me 1: Yeah bruh, that's right, that's right, that's right!!!
Inner me 2: Preach brutha!!!!
Inner me 3: She gotta have a good mouth too!!!
Inner me 4: What that mouth do though?!!!!
Me: Ayyyyy, that's what's up!!!!

Pfft, it's alright if you ain't heard of Mauritius. Not a lot of Nigerians know of the country as well. We learn new things every day, no?

Devilman Crybaby? I definitely haven't seen it. If it were a manga, I'd be more willing to engage it, but anime? *sigh* How many episodes of it are out? I have a manhwa recommendation for you, Subtle Disaster (assuming you haven't read it).
kan_kan_mikan Jan 19, 7:24 PM
Actually scratch Macross last night I watched the first episode of the currently airing A Place Further Than The Universe and absolutely adored it, it's a slice of life cute girls show but a really really good one. Specifically theres a scene about halfway through the episode that I personally found just beautiful.
kan_kan_mikan Jan 19, 7:19 PM
I will!
Actually I take that back if you want to watch an idol anime that's the best choice for you lol. I'm rewatching it with Brooklyn right now and she really likes it. It's a much more realistic idol show with a lot of in your face stuff about what the idol industry is actually like, especially about AKB48 specifically.

Thats true but still lol. Hmmm Macross maybe? I've only seen four episodes so far and honestly it's nothing super special at least to me so far but I think Hikaru and Lynn's relationship is really nice.