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Aug 11, 2019
Ambivalent feelings about this manga here... This review will look into this manga as 2 separate arcs. The first being, chapters 1 till the point where kuroneko loses her memory. The second being the loss of memory till the end of the manga.

The plot was a really solid one, or at least I thought for the first arc. The story was really well planned, and one could see a good pace of flow. Most of the reasoning behind all these 'Aliens' were subsequently explained in the second arc. The main problem I had with this manga would be the rushed ending that it had. read more
Aug 8, 2019
A Manga that evokes a deeper thought about the existence and meaning of 'God'. The initial story portrays 'God' as a being who grants wishes to make people 'happy'. By endlessly giving in to their greed, creatures known as 'Star eaters' starts to appear and attack those that are consumed by their hunger for their 'wants'. The three main characters are designed in such a way that they needed 'God' to make up for their flaw.

The story ends with how they realize that the meaning of 'God' was for them to realize their flaws and accept them. To embrace their weakness and find a read more
Aug 4, 2019
Good and strong story plot. A decent pace for the manga, expect for the rushed ending towards chapter 83. Else, the overall enjoyment is there.

The art is not as modern compared to the other manga we have today, but the details and graphics depicted were decent.

A character driven plot, with anti-hero and hero clashing together to protect the earth towards the end of the manga. The story resembles Bleach in a way...

Though the story was rushed through, there was a good conclusion - The male MC was dragged into a life of a warrior by a girl. Ended with the male MC bringing the girl read more
Nov 29, 2018
Ratman (Manga) add (All reviews)
Story: 9
A decent plot where the male lead wants to be a hero because of his childhood. He grows up to finally become a 'hero', just that he is viewed by many as a 'villain' in the initial chapters of the manga. The story is well developed such that readers would not find their selves lost in the back story of the characters, and the plot unfolds nicely without jumps or time skips. Not much unsatisfaction with plot, however I personally feel that the story lacks emotions. Some of the chapters can make you feel that the story is bland, but the ending makes read more
Nov 29, 2018
Story: 8
A generally good plot till the last 10 chapters of the manga. The development of the story and flow is well paced, not too slow such that it gets boring. The only draw back in my opinion was the rush to finish the manga, which left quite a few things unexplained. I did not really enjoy the 2 plot twist at the ending and the expected girl to win at the end of the manga, but it was generally a good read.

Art: 10
Great art with nice illustrations. I like how the emotions of the characters are displayed through multiple expressions which is not often read more
Aug 25, 2018
Overall this was one the the few anime that actually made me take a step back from my busy schedule to reflect upon my life. Let me start the review by going through the minute details and move on to the picture, i will also try my best not to spoil the anime in this review, but just a heads up that there would be some spoilers.

9/10 for the Art work. I really felt that the art done by the studios was really good. The small details such as the sakura and the environment was very nice. Each character also had a unique art for read more