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Jul 17, 2016
This anime is romance between 12 year olds, it follows two couples Hanabi x Yuuto and Yui x Kazuma. Aside of the romance it's also has their school life but also I think friendship is also a major part in this series. I would describe this anime as quite cheesy, cliche, cute, charming, immature and silly.

As a romance fan, I enjoyed this show. The greatest thing was, although these characters are much younger then most animes, they had more progress and development with there relationship than current shoujo anime out there. We have the couples get together from the first episodes, it's quite sudden read more
Jul 7, 2016
Simply put, this show is short but sweet. There's not much story as it's just short clips from different couples lives.

They can be cute, sweet, sad or touching with a different feel to each one. Although they're less than 2mins, it'll probably manage to leave you feeling something. What I love is the characters feel very realistic to real people, rather than your typical anime character. The situations are something's that can happen in real life and I felt like I was watching behind the scenes of real life Japanese relationships at some of the best of moments. This makes it relatable for some.. or read more
May 13, 2016
So I was watching Kodocha up to about halfway and I had a blast!! it's one of those anime's that just keeps you wondering what happens next, I was thinking about the show as I slept at night. At this time I would've gave it it a 10. But upon completing it I was rather disappointed so I had to lower it a bit.

First things first, I went into this anime expecting some real deal romance, thinking 102 episodes should be enough to bring on some real development. So if you're going into this anime for that, I don't recommend it, it's as slow paced read more
Mar 28, 2016
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is another RPG themed anime. But not just any other, it manages to differentiate it's self from the others in many ways, what I could appreciate most was how real it felt and the struggles to survive.

I really enjoyed this anime, it was so touching and full of emotions! from adrenaline rush.. seriousness, to depressing moments... It was actually quite touching and inspiring at times! It was a real journey. I can say I even cried in this anime.
Don't be put off by the slow pace, they start out killing goblins for alot of the series, but it reminded read more
Nov 22, 2014
This is now one of my favourite animes, this is my first review so bare with me, I've never felt like writing one til i watched this anime. As a fan of yaoi/shounen ai this was a breath of fresh air as it's so hard to find decent animes in this genre because there are little to choose from and they're lacking in every department.

This is a -absolute must- watch for fans of the yaoi and shounen-ai, but also i would highly recommend it for those new to it and want to check it out, it would make a good starter into these genres read more