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ShinjiXV 5 hours ago
ايه يا مرة مالك
tami1_1 10 hours ago
The Red Spiders Arc was very enjoyable! You were right lol. I highkey ship Gintoki with Tsukuyo XDDD
Rip Gintoki having to deal with drunk Tsukuyo. He got lots of puff puff action tho hahahahhah

Tbh Gintoki is a blessing, he is without a doubt my fav Gintama character.... at least with what I've seen so far. Gintoki's past with his teacher seems very foreshadowed here like when Zenzou said something along the lines of 'I wasn't able to carry my father' (when he was talking about how admirable Tsukuyo was for being able to carry her teacher) Gintoki said 'Me as well' Bro what do you mean by that???? He wasn't able to carry his teacher's burdens?? Whatttt? He also said "A coward is enough to deal with another coward". Why is he calling himself a coward??? And he got really angry at Danzo/Jiraia when he called himself Tsukuyo's teacher. "You don't deserve to call yourself her teacher" and then it cuts to a scene of young Gintoki and his teacher. He seemed very defensive on the topic. Hmmmmmmmm. It's not humanly possible for me to wait so long to see his backstory :((( Please tell me which episode it's around because I might cave and spoil it for myself even tho I'll try my absolute hardest to stay spoiler-free for the rest of the show. Oh man I feel like they're tantalizing me here I reaally really want more backstory. I've noticed that almost every OP has glimpses of Gintoki's past which fades into him in the present which leads me to believe that there are lots of things haunting him. BOY HE'S SO INTERESTING AND I WANT MORE.

shadysamishere Yesterday, 9:21 PM
oh alright thanks lol some are rather odd challenges xD

haha I usually like blonde female characters as well and usually think the pink haired ones are annoying xD yeah lol they are always bad ass.
yeah people have been censored too much lol I'd understand it more in a normal movie but it is an animation how can you get offended over rape in an animation? yeah haha we should start a war to toughen people up xD (not too serious of a war though)
13? you got all of the long ones out of the way or not?

yeah that is when anime got huge in NA I think (don't know if you live in europe, asia or any other continents)
yeah lol that is why I'm not going to re watch I'll let it stay good in my memory.
lol ofc it is all the dude says is noot noot lmao. they give features I'm talking about the thing on my main profile it would be dope if they do give rewards.

not the exact number lol ( I think I could be close lmao)

Oh A LOT happened on it most didn't have much to do with the actual main issue me and my friend were high when we made it lol (it wasn't worth much though so I don't have to worry about my grades dropping low) but our presentation is now the class joke and our teacher makes fun of it xD
tami1_1 Yesterday, 9:18 PM
I just got back home sorry!

Damn what a coincidence. It seems we have a kind of similar taste in music then.

I think I'll finish the red spider arc today so I'll let you know when I'm done!

Omg ep 23 made me cry. I feel so bad for Ash because he tortures himself internally so much. Ash and Eiji's interactions this episode literally killed me. We get more back-story on Yut-Lung. He had a pretty shitty life so no wonder he turned out the way he is. Still don't particularly like him tho lol. There's some action towards the end and Blanca being the best bro.

Also what do you mean you need to wait a day for the subs to come out in your language? Is English your second language?

I'm currently watching Monster with a reaction channel but I'm not planning to add it to MAL just yet because I want to rewatch it by myself when they finish.

Drinzen Yesterday, 10:57 AM
Haha thanks again. Kinda has to be expected when it comes to shitposting and trolling though, can't be avoided on any site XD
Drinzen Yesterday, 10:33 AM
Awwe thank you, people are so nice here :D
wakame-sama Yesterday, 8:56 AM
Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed Made in Abyss, now let's wait for S2 :D It looks promising :3 I've even considered to continue with the manga but I've a strong will, I won't kill the excitement xD

P.S.: Wall of text is under process, but the builder aka me has been restricted from her duty during the last days...
Explanation: Dude, during the last three days my parents have left me taking care of the house and my grandma. My energies are drained lol Idk if I've mentioned it to you but I'm not a talkative person in my daily life, and my dear grandma DOESN'T STOP TALKING ABOOUT PPL WHO DIED DECADES AGO LMAO I admire those who take care of elders as a job, it requires extra patience. The only thing I'm enjoying is cooking xD cause I love it and it kinda serves as a therapy. Being an adult is hard, I understand your struggles xD Ok I'm done lol
sepid_96 Dec 12, 5:14 PM
I'M FUCKING DONE WITH SHIT TOO -_- I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE PAIN...ITS TOO MUCH (╯•﹏•╰) well after watching that fucking episode i was so depressed that i shouted at everyone who bothered me...even in little things...i think i need to take a step back (I FUCKING CAN'T) every week i'm telling banana fish this week for are gonna break things BUT EVERY TIME I SEE A POST ABOUT THE NEW EPISODE AND I JUST CAN'T...☁ 。७﹏७ 。☁
YES..40 MINUTES OF CRYING AND BANGING YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL -_- i guess the 40 minutes is gonna cover the after story part...i have no faith in the happy ending...everyone is trying to comfort me and telling me this but NO..its gonna be exactly like the manga and i am gonna watch my ash die before my eyes :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( btw i'm thinking of put banana fish in my favorites and something needs to get dumped if i do that -_- but maybe i didn't..we'll see :||

oh yeah? our #2 is the same tho lol :D and believe me I LOVE DEKU...if they were real characters in real world deku is my first choice of a guy :)
no girls like that much crazy with bakugo or that much drama and indifference with shouto...all of them run to deku for sure...girls can say no no this is my guy for real BUT 1% of them are maybe true :D

so there are alot of people that i keep track of their new covers everywhere...Jonathan Young,Lizz Robinett,Studio Yuraki,LeeandLie,...

weirdos are everywhere hon :D :D i knew someone who was obsessed with girls hands and nails(wtf was wrong with him idk) lol :D

me too i wanna see the new season as soon as possible...but here one thing that bothers me alot is that WHY THE FUCK BAKUGO KEEPS DEKU LIKE AN ENEMY SINCE HE WAS A KID...i mean kid deku was so pure and he just loved to be like bakugo...strong and fearless...what hell is the problem here? sometimes dramas just can't fill me up completely :| i wish the was an explanation for this much hate before...i know that he is angry now because all might chose deku over him to be his successor and things like that but back then they were only kids :)

so we can talk about mha with details now...i can't remember them all but one thing that i remember that i felt deku's pain of not having any power... i can't erase his face while he was crying with that intense depressed face :'( i cried even...i couldn't believe myself crying over something like that but tears just came out*cry baby all the time :D*
the only fight that i remember fully is deku vs shouto fight..i remember i was so nervous for that fight that i even broke my pen that i had in my hand lol :D
the sleepy head teacher of all times...i get scared everytime he gets mad lol :D i love him also :D
i kinda wanted to write a review on s3 but i gave up...there are so much things to explain and i just explode if i do that lol :D but i have my headband and glasses for writing a review on s4 :))) i will do that in the beginning of the show :D

so there TONS OF GROWN UP SHOUTO PHOTOS all over the internet that i personally have about 2000 pictures of him only...i wanna draw him but i just hesitate so much...i need to pull myself together and draw him :D OMG OMG I AGREE...*just imagined him in a nice clean suit turning back and look down* and i am fucking *dead* lol :D

oh well i will watch it someday hopefully :))))
yes IT IS ENOUGH FOR ANOTHER 2 SEASON...wth are they doing idk...the anime is already popular enough to get another season :|| i heard of a 3th season tho...hopefully we get another season soon...btw tell me your favs in owri no seraph? :)) mine are #1 Shinya #2 guren #3 Crowley ( he is gonna be a major character later) #4 mika & yu :))

OMG ARE U NOW?GOOD I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO READ IT!! i feel you..its hard..i am thinking about rewriting mine :)))

thank you so much :D i'm glad you enjoyed it lol :))) so i write this review just after i finished watching so i was in a rush to explain everything glad it turned out to be good :))
so you watched it was it?i guess you didn't like it that much lol :)

so a cute sis :D my sister is cute for me only because i practically raised her lol :D i'm the older one so i look after her in anyway i can since we were little...but she is quit taller than me and her looks is like a grown up girl...but she is cute all the way for me lol :D
you know...girls are not all the same just like guys...i can tell that you had some problems with girls before yes? you just need to find the right one BUT THATS SO FUCKING HARD...i couldn't...i can't tbh...i don't have the time or courage or patient to search or big fact here is that all of my friends already have one and i am the only single started to bother me since this summer but i'm not in the good situation to find one....i have a few suggestions but i just can't do that :/ but just let the time passes...everything will be okay if the time passes in my opinion...don't overthink things so much...its not good for your brain LOL :D

yes this game of thrones opened up new windows in everyone minds lol :D i grew up with my pervy friends so my eyes were opened as a little kid lol :D :D
but these days kids are really something...i can't compete with them :| they are gonna eat us alive as grown ups i can feel it -_-

so i get what you're saying BUT you start to notice whats happening while the story moves forward....i really agree with you on that..chinese language is really unbearable :||| but some of their dramas and movies that i've watched before were perfect...i wish they could have done something about their language >< but i think i get use to it finally animation is actually really beautiful i agree...soundtracks were beautiful too(ignore the lyrics) korean animation lacks some serious things but its bearable lol :D

so i haven't watched it in total how was it?? o.O i remember people were talking about it alot back then when it was still a running show

oh yes she actually told me about that...she told me to check the comments and i was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK LOL...i was gonna read them but i gave up :|

so here is my list....first WHY DIDN'T YOU LIKE VIOLET EVERGARDEN REALLY??? WHY????????

top10:1.banana fish 2.AOT3 3.MHA3 4.Violet Evergarden deadly sins2 6.running with the wind 7.Mo Dao Zu Shi 8.tsurune 9.sao3 10.Sirius( i might change some of them in a week or so lol )

worst:DARLING IN THE FRANXX(U know how much i hate it lol) and Satsuriku no Tenshi :D

another stein gate 0 that bad??and violet :||||| ( i don't get you on violet...not at all lol)

fav characters and fav op/ed have to be written carefully :D ok i will :)))) tell me yours too ~~~

i'm super curious now :D :D what what what what what is it???????????????????????????????

yes she is so kind and adorable ~~ *~* why not? you have your way of talking and i find that kinda interesting XD OMG NO..i hope that everything would be fine by now for you...everything will be okay hon...don't push yourself too hard...its not worth it...believe me..*sigh* if i can do anything to help or make you feel better let me know for sure okay?

so we are gonna make this comment section a wall of texts and its gonna get longer and longer :D :D :D *cough* i would like that *cough cough*

OMG OMG I AM EXACTLY LIKE THAT TOO.....i gave alot of scores like that tbh :D :D

NO I DIDN'T :|||||| so i get like rem too lol :D :D i don't know her i just saw her and drew her face once for one of my friends for fun lol :D :D idk why she didn't like it...she dropped it tho..she only watched 7 episodes or so and dropped it lol :D :D
so i will watch it soon...I REALLY WISH THAT I'D LIKE IT FOR REAL :)))
i heard something about the one who created rezero...he(or she?) told that he(or she)enjoys torturing the mcs to the point which they go insane and wish for death :|||| WTF??? ANOTHER PSYCHO? -_-

yes i watched it long time ago actually...i watched it in 2016 actually...i don't remember all the details but I LOVED IT SO was a life savior back then...i told you i had a long break from anime for almost 2 years...since 2014 to 2016....after bungou stray dogs....this show and owari no seraph actually made me to come back to this world of madness...all i can remember is that i really liked the so called teacher or Jin Ootomo....i fucking loved that guy *~* and now you made me wanna go re watch it again LoL :D :D

btw...i'm watching durarara(wtf lol :D)...and surprisingly i'm enjoying it :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) have you watched it?

shadysamishere Dec 12, 3:01 PM
Yeah hopefully I enjoy it, I usually like adventure type anime's.
alright thanks!! probably will be the same I would think so at least would make sense to do it like that at least.
Are they 40 specific anime's or 40 different types of anime?

just google SnO season 3 release date it should pop up with a lot of pages with more information (hardly it was pretty broad)Yeah I loved that part too idk why but blonde characters like Mika and Eugeo are always my favorites they have this cool vibe to them I can't explain what it is yet they are two totally different characters. SAO took a page out of Goblin Slayers book xD. haha you will have quite a lot to catch up on then. damn good luck finishing those challenges lol. I believe in you!

Haha! alrightt look forward to reading it! since 6 wow lucky lol i started watching since I was 8 so for about 7 to 8 years but I didn't get huge into anime until I turned like 13 or so. It is a challenge getting better at noticing stuff (which is why I am scared to re-watch Fairy Tail it proably will be a big let down compared to 8 years ago) xD

I watch those type of animes but not a huge fan of them I just watch them to watch them. I'll most likely enjoy it.

Currently trying to get my MAL badge up idk why but i just am lol. never knew pingu was an anime I used to love that show when I was younger

I know right I see them every where like bots on instagram there are like 50 hack seasons probably mass produced like mc donalds chicken nuggets xD.
haha lol I usually edit my comments a lot this one might get edited as well lol

I presented the worlds worst presentation today xD oh man it sucked lol
tami1_1 Dec 12, 11:13 AM
I'm up to the Tama virus arc so not yet.
But according to your arc tracking link you sent me, the spider one is next.
Excited for some Gintoki x Tsukuyo XD

My fav OP so far would be OP 5 because it just sticks in my head and I quite like it.
My fav ED so far is ED 5 hahhaha I didn't know they would both be 5 but I like them both a lottttt
I also really like ED 11 bc I've been listening to it recently and it's really growing on me.
arderine Dec 12, 9:04 AM
lool yeah that's true. awww i'm glad i could help, so don't mention it xd woah really? D: that'd be upsetting, but please don't give
up yet, and good luck!! try to select anime that're small, and binge them. alright! i'll help you out^^ but also you should really look
into the providing-extra-info thingy, bc it's important. i was contacted and i think i've passed but they haven't confirmed it yet. had
to make a few changes in the details i provided, but otherwise everything was valid so i'm happy about it :D oh right :sweat: i just
checked and i did forget to really to it, sorry :( i'll reply when i can^^

ah if you watched the top recommendation, then you have to watch the 2nd top recommendation, and you have to mention it in your
form why you skipped the first [bc you already watched it obviously]. make sure to take a screenshot and mark it, that way it's kind
of easier imo.
shadysamishere Dec 11, 4:21 PM
I guess I'll check it out later then! it looks like a good anime from what you have described and what the description says. actually I'll start it now xD it sounds too good to let pass

Oh okay yeah I'm waiting until the 2019 one then I thought it just started lol! if you figure out how to enter please tell me I'm super clueless and not the brightest xD

they are making a third season somewhere in 2019 (hopefully soon i loved OnS) I read don't know if it is true though it better be true I really enjoyed it I preferred season 2 over season 1 though.

I thought the new episode of SAO was better than the other ones. I do not know what to think of the Goblin Slayer episode though I did like it but am having mixed feelings about it. you seen them yet? tell me your thoughts if you have or when you do watch it.

Haha I really liked all those reviews I thought they were quite accurate and good I found yo u off of the BnHA review. I think you are great at writing lol I have struggles trying to write a paragraph about a show xD tell me when you make it i would love to read it!! (maybe I can learn some stuff from your reviews lol) still new when it comes to critiquing anime so most of my ratings are based off of enjoyment and not actual quality I'm still working on that part.

would you recommend bunny girl or not? it looks good but I said that about loveless to my self as well lol and look what happened to that

oh and have you seen any of the hack animes? I see them every where and am now wondering if they are actually good or not. I will still probably never watch them though lol (unless they are really good which I doubt they are)

fun fact I edited this many times
tami1_1 Dec 11, 11:10 AM
Hahahha yeah it is a weird combo but you know it strangely works for me lol.

Yeah the Shinsengumi crisis arc was good too but I gotta say I think yoshiwara in flames is my fav so far!
I haven't see much of tsukuyo and Gin together so I don't ship them just yet. I hear the next time I see her will be the spider arc?

Yayyyyyy I'm so happy that's it's 40 minutes!! I was worried how they would manage to resolve everything in 2 episodes but now we have an hour left!!
shadysamishere Dec 10, 11:37 PM
oh and are there any reviews of your that are NOT in the top 5 lmao I see your reviews always on the homepage of animes just saw yours on Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny girl senpai no yume minai lol good job on your reviews and always getting them to the main page of the anime!!!
tami1_1 Dec 10, 5:34 PM
I have!!! It's so goooddd.
The Yoshiwara in Flames arc just cemented it for me aw man I just really appreciate it.
I'm in the Otsu arc rn and lmao Taka-tin for the win XD

I did!! :(((( Never before has my emotions been so toyed with damn you MAPPA that was so uncalled for.
I've been watching Gintama to cope with the events of ep 22 T_T