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Jun 20, 2018
**Disclaimer: This is a Rant**

After the second episode of this anime I was expecting this anime to be better than that atrocious first episode. What I got in exchange was a shitty romcom with misleading topics and very infuriating characters... Can't believe that this is getting a second season when a lot of good shows out there are left without a sequel. So lets get into details. (There might be spoilers)

The "story" centers around Tsutsui who is an Otaku who only has one friend (A very shitty friend I must say). well, at least that's what this anime tries to portray on him. He has read more
Apr 23, 2018
Welcome to Kanon, a place where miracles happen, a wintry town where time has stopped, a town where the lost memories of a child will unfold magical stories. A town that needs to move again.

The amount of symbolism this anime uses might be the reason why I feel this anime is magical, yet, the meaning behind it is realistic, heartwarming and bittersweet.

The story follows up Yuuichi as he is returning to the wintry town where he used to spent his childhood. He is waiting for Nayuki, his cousin: a purple (or violet?) haired girl. While Yuuichi has his memories screwed he still manages to remember read more
Mar 30, 2018
On each season we are gifted with great anime, there are some anime that are okay, there are bad ones and there's Märchen Mädchen, a masterpiece found in the bottom of a trashcan. Märchen Mädchen has to be one of the most absurd generic anime I've ever seen, not because its bad, but of how ludicrous it is to the point of being insanely funny.

The Opening practically reveals what will happen in the first episodes (The very first one, later in the anime they add a visually different opening) But to sum it up, here's the introduction (Cringe warning):

PD: H= Hazuki and W= Witch (Applies read more
Mar 26, 2018
From all genres of anime, comedy is one of the hardest in quality terms. There are very few comedy anime out there that doesn't get old and always come with something new with very effective jokes, then there are those that gets old pretty fast. Osomatsu-San First season were crazy, stupid and very colorful. It had an unique essence on them while being a fun ride from start to finish. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for this second season.

Act 1: You tell a great joke, people laugh, profit
Act 2: You tell the same joke, some people laugh, some people don't, profit
Act 3: You tell read more
Mar 25, 2018
Kokkoku (Anime) add (All reviews)
Back in time, when I was wandering around at the anime list of what were about to air in Winter Season, there were an specific anime I got attracted to: Kokkoku, the PV, the art and the synopsis looked great and quite different from what we normaly watch. But is it being different what makes an anime good? Not in this case. This review might be heavy on spoilers.

From my life time, I always wanted to stop time and do whatever I want, be it kissing girls, trying to finish my homework, trying to have more time at certain stuff, things like that. And when read more
Mar 24, 2018
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ah Citrus, how a disappointment you were. Some of my friends got me hyped up into Citrus after how shitty that NTR Yuri anime were (Netsuzou Trap). I don't know if this anime adaptation just sucks compared to the manga, because my friends kept telling me that it was very good. But after finishing this anime, I'm really doubting it. I'll try not to write spoilers, but you are warned.

Let's start with the introduction: Aihara Yuzu is a "rebel" girl that always lied to her friends telling them that she has a boyfriend and that everything is going so great between them, after moving to read more
Dec 30, 2017
So I'm making this review mostly for future watchers of the Fate/Series, mostly those that are entering on the Fate universe. Before going ahead with Apocrypha's Review I have a Question for you readers

1- Is this your first Fate? if the answer is Yes, I'd recommend you to go watch Stay Night and Zero first, then you'll have an Idea of how Fate works.

Also for those that are already into fate, I'd recommend you to do a certain investigation to Fate's deep lore. Remember Dark Souls? that game were you are given specific orders and there is almost no story telling? Dark Souls have an read more
Dec 21, 2017
Ah, Inuyashiki, a series that had the potential to be a hit, turned into a forgettable experience. I really tried to like this anime but seems like MAPPA didn't want me to. You see, Inuyashiki is an anime full of plot conveniences, asspulls and bullshit. Why? I have several reasons why, as the same way people would have their reasons to say this anime is good, so let's get started. There might be spoilers on this review, so be warned

TL;DR: Overall Section

There is absolutely no story on this anime, nothing meaningful actually happens, there is the concept of "Good and Evil" but there isn't anything read more
Dec 19, 2017
Ah Juuni Taisen, Incredibly a Nishio Ishin work, but I rather not enter in that area because, between all his works, this Anime lacks plenty of the twists he does on his stories, and I don't mean head tilts entirely. So what exactly is Juuni Taisen? I'll try not to write any Spoilers on this review, but you are warned.

The story of this anime goes around 12 War Assassins that are gathered to participate on a "Battle Royale" fest, the last man standing will have the power to have a wish. But Juuni Taisen is not exactly what you think it might be, take it read more
Nov 1, 2017
There is a real problem when it comes to comedy anime, some of them doesn't fucking know how to maintain its cool without overusing the same joke more than 4 times in a row every 2 or 3 minutes of an episode, this is seen in many anime like "Sakamoto desu ga?", "One Punch Man"or even "Aho-Girl" it gets old pretty fast, and this anime is no different... well, to be honest, it is worse.

TL;DR: Overall Section

There is no story, the only concept we have is that the MC confessed to a girl he liked and that girl accepts him while they try to do read more