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Mar 22, 2021
This along with Redo a Healer a tied for worst anime this season !!!

This whole anime has been the mc trying to sex basically and it's disgusting.

The MC is nothing short of garbage and the author shoot himself in the foot when he wrote him like this.
Imagine writing a character that is a 10 year old boy and wants to have sexual intercourse every 10 minutes (kinda cringe if you ask me)

Story is almost none existent as expected for an isekai all of them are just pointless adventures , you're like a worm who lost his head and now adventures around for nothing.

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Mar 22, 2021
SAO also known as Sword Art Online is a flawless masterpiece and i may even say a work of art . :O

I have never watched such grace in Anime form with the complex and deep story line , amazing characters such as Asuna and Kirito !!!

The Romance in this is the best in the idustry i see people who say Horimiya is the peak of Romcoms but they probably never watched Sword Art Online , the romance is very wholesome and cute.

The combat is just phenomenal by watching it you might think Ufotable made this smooth and buttery smooth combat sequences.

The World is vast and read more
Oct 18, 2020
I like Episode 1 and that's it...the rest is just too "in your face" with the Loli stuff and makes me feel awkward.

Story 3
Nothing special really

Art 9
Art looks Amazing even better than some newer Animes i watched

Sound 9
It's Great

Character 3
Just as i said don't like Lolis in Hentai and the male character i thought was horrible a younger character would fit this Hentai much better instead of this jacked guy

Enjoyment 3
Didn't enjoy it much past Episode 1 i felt the need to delete my History so the FBI can't arrest me