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Mar 29, 2018
Hey kiddies you like Rape? Elite here, talking about some rape this time.

How much rape? Well a lot, but some ends up being consensual so I guess they don't count. I really enjoyed the first episode I had a lot of fun. There's a bit of everything in that one. We get to episode too on the other hand, which wasn't too fun. But thankfully episode 3 comes around and it got fun again.

What's this one about? rape obviously. It's just rape after rape after rape after rape after rape. It's fucking crazy. But it does get a bit repetitive by the second episode read more
Mar 29, 2018
Elite Here, this time with one for all you elf boys (and girls) out there

What we have here is a beautiful tale of sacrifice and betrayal. We open up with an elf princess saying that she'll become our red boy's sex slave if that means her sister will be safe, so noble don't you think? He accepts then that bitch gets raped. Then she all tied up and shit, red boy brings in the elf princess' sister who is naked and in a garter belt! Red boy pulls out throb boy and fucks onee chan in front of naked tied up elf lady. Oh yeah read more
Mar 29, 2018
Elite here,

This episode certainly had my attention. There was numerous things going on. A bunch of random characters are stuck in this spooky mansion. Our main character seems to be a victim of some classic sexual harassment back in the day which now makes her a total cunt to any guy that exists. Luckily for her she gets to go through it all over again when she meets our nice guy, he follows her around for a bit and they get stuck in a room or something. Anyway they end up fucking a few times and he cums in her ass and tells her that read more
Mar 3, 2018
Hentai Elite here, this time talking about whatever this was.

I'm a man who can appreciate a variety of fetishes, therefore I don't frown too hard at a little NTR.
If it's done well.

This falls to do so and is rather lackluster as a whole. There's not a lot to work with here and I'm not just talking about the story. The sex scenes themselves are overall an utter disappointment. The amount of content in them is unacceptable.

The StOrY, if you even care enough is basically; Man has to work away, distanced from his girlfriend and comes home on weekends. The girlfriend hangs out with her friends read more