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Oct 2, 2013
When I first heard that there would be a new Pokemon anime released, and furthermore that it was based upon the Fire Red/Leaf Green games, I was rather excited. As a fan of the games and manga I've waited a long time hoping for something other than the disappointing anime where the writers so shamelessly retcon the story and frequently bend and defy the Pokemon world's logic whenever convenient to showcase merchandise. I guess I should have checked my enthusiasm however, as all I got for watching this was more disappointment.

Pokemon: The Origin offers nothing interesting to the fans, new or old, that hasn't been read more
Dec 2, 2012
One Off (Anime) add (All reviews)
Watched because i have interest in motorcycles but despite the official Honda guidance and all the motorcycle imagery there's very little detail or actual discussion about the bikes other than just a few casual rides and the art, so it probably gives a mixed message to the crowd of people that wanted to see this. It's mostly a slice of life. Feels like K-On with scooters.

Watch if you're bored and need an hour to kill but don't want to get into a longer anime because you may have to do stuff later and don't want to leave off the story.