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Mar 8, 2013
I'm not a big fan of shoujo manga but this one has a good plot.
When I readed the review It didn't seem interesting to me but I started reading it and I discovered a cool story behind the main cliche.

This is a story of a totally dull, naive and 'pure' teen girl that is involved in a fantasy story with demons and clans of warriors, because is a shoujo manga so there's not epic fighting scenes with the demons (what let me down a little bit) because it seems more important for the author to show awesome hyper handsome male characters looking rude and sexy read more
Sep 9, 2010
This is simple a piece of art.
Is amazing how a very shot 4 pages story can touch your heart such a warm way. In ony 4 pages you can figure out the personality of the both characters, you can figure out his relationship and lots of things between them.

I don't want to explain the story because is just 4 pages so I don't wanna a make spoilers, but I'll highly recommend this cute manga for all yaoi-lovers!
May 31, 2010
Nee Sensei is a very stereotyped yaoi manga. a relationship between a teacher and a student, nothing new. but not because that isn't good enought to read.

The story is simple and predictable but have some details that make it cute and interesting in some points.

The art is very well done and the author cared a lot about the details of the enviroment and the chracters in general.

In general is very cute and all yaoi-fans will enjoy it to the end.
May 31, 2010
I like this manga becuase it was unexpected until the end.

When I started to read it, it begans as typical yaoi mangas, with two friends from childhood that fall in love... very predictable.

BUT, you start to read and you discover that there's a lot of background and the characters aren't just the tipical stereotypes in yaoi. I like the fact that the Uke of the relationship isn't common the over-girly weak uke. He is a strong boy even when his appereance is so delicate, he is a real 'man'.

Another interesting point is that the couple face familiar problems and wonders about read more
May 22, 2010
I'm used to read yaoi so I'm kind of tired of the same stereotypes but I liked this manga because even using the same stereotypes, the characters personalities were interesting.

Both stories are typical but are fun to read and the second one is so touching and cute at the end.
The first story goes so fast for my taste.
The second one was perfect.

ART: 5
I think... isn't very good. But is a subjetive thing, perhaps you like that style.

In the first story I like the fact that the main character acted exacly as a main character in a SHONEN manga, the guy is, rude, burly read more
Apr 25, 2010
Not/Love is very interesting yaoi manga. Personaly I like it a lot because it wasn't like most of the yaoi mangas where the couple fall in love and live happily ever after or where they easily accept their feelings. Not/Love is very realistic in some kind of way, the main characters have problems that really can happen to somebody in the real world.

Daisuke is a young detective who is trying to find a guy as a part of his job, on his way he will meet Bun, who will help him to find the guy in exchange of stay at his house for a couple read more
Apr 21, 2010
Escaflowne made me cry like little baby at the end, but not because the last episode were quite sad, because the fact that the serie ends. So you can imagine how much I like the whole series.

For me this series was the perect balance of action, drama, angst and humor. The story is so unique and well structured and all the characters are so well developed. the action sequences are just magnificent and the sound tracks are so awesome.

I really like the main female character, Hitomi. Because she isn't weak, she is a teenager that worries about the things teenagers worries about (like love and read more
Feb 7, 2010
I'm just in the second chapter but the story really got me! I think this story is quite different from the normal yaoi stories. I'm left-handed person and I feel quite like the main character sometimes. I like the style in general is funny and easy to follow but the story is quite confusing, but it's what I like!
Feb 7, 2010
This is so far the most awesome manga I have ever read in my life. There is a lot of good mangas that I really enjoy but this one is just epic.

I like almost everything, from the story to the art concept.

There's a lot of things I LOVE from this manga, the most important is that really makes me feel excited! the whole week I went to sleep thinking in "What the hell is going to happen next..." during the day, at my work I continuosly stopped thinking in who to resolve the puzzle... so I think the whole plot is awesome, both writer and read more
Feb 7, 2010
I didn't finish the whole manga because is really long, but I'm nearly at the end. In my opinion is a kidn of manga that you really don't take seriously. I just a funny (really funny sometimes) manga that make you relax after a busy day. I like the art even if isn't my type and in general the characters are so funny and adorable.

If you want something funny and a little illogic and easy to understand and enjoy... this is your manga :)