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Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Apr 12, 3:34 AM
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Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers
Apr 11, 4:33 AM
Watching 1/? · Scored -
Apr 11, 2:24 AM
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Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk
Oct 26, 2020 11:02 PM
Completed 276/276 · Scored 10
Aug 17, 2020 8:28 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Apr 5, 2020 8:22 PM
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Luminisce Apr 19, 8:54 PM
S tier blood for the mosquitoes, huh. Wish it could be F tier... or P as in poison to finally scare them away XD

Ooh I’ve seen some people hyping up Odd Taxi. Must be a good one. Hmm. The way you hyped it up makes me a bit more curious about it! As for Mars Red, the rating seems pretty low, but I wonder why. The premise doesn’t seem to be bad, but I’m guessing it must have something to do with the art or animation. Maybe story and depth-wise too? Who knows. I’m in the last week of my uni semester, so I’ve been behind on new eps of seasonals I started, but the only one I’ve been keeping up to date with loyally is Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, hehe. Loving it so much at the moment >.<

Ah OMG so you did start it in the end! Too bad you’ll be inactive for a month, though. Just when I’m close to finishing my semester at that 😔 haha. Do hit me up if you keep watching Vivy! Anyway, take lots of care as well, Hekshi. Sending you all the good luck, strength, and motivation with uni/work your way! <3
Lopika Apr 13, 4:07 AM
Yep, that was the one I had. I didn't watch much DB so I didn't know the character, but recognized your little cat avatar instantly haha. It was a fun little prank from the devs :D
Luminisce Apr 11, 12:42 PM
Hahah glad we share that in common, sometimes I feel like some type of rare species that draws mosquitoes everywhere XD

Fun story for you: One of my sisters’ husband is also a mosquito magnet like me, but whenever I see him and my sisters, if there are any mosquitoes around, he loves telling me how much he appreciates me being there. Well that’s because amongst the 2 of us, the mosquitoes will suck the blood out of me instead of him 🤠

Ayee so you checked out the 1st ed! It’s so pleasing to the ears and quite unique in sound I’d say. Loveliest coincidence is that I’m actually listening to it while I’m replying to you, lmaoo.

Yeah poor Falco, can’t believe he

You’re right. Pieck is a very interesting character and a total badass one at that. She beautiful too ✨

Exactlyy! We got more answers but lots of newer doubts and questions. The perfect way to keep one intrigued and impatient af for pt. 2, lol. And I think I preferred watching it much more weekly. It hyped me up more, and I could discuss about it with others and with you especially right now XD Btw, out of all the seasonals right now, man Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song is coming for me. Sound, animation, depth, character, atmosphere, basically everything. I really need them to release the official soundtrack title and release of the last OST played from the recent ep. 3 at the end. Shit seems about to get serious. Hbu? Which seasonals have caught your attention lately? Yuukoku no Moriarty s2 and Shadows House were pretty good too! And I’m planning on starting 86 probably some time tomorrow. Heard great things about it :D
Krain Apr 10, 1:36 PM
Your welcome <3

Thank you :))
I hope so too and I will make sure to share my thoughts with you ^^
Luminisce Apr 4, 12:58 AM
Yeah, unpredictable weather reaaaally sucks. Speaking of rainy days, I used to say that I love them just like you, but the fact that my blood is a real mosquito magnet prevents me from sharing such thing in common now, hahaha. I mean, I do like rainy days sometimes, but I’d say it comes with bigger inconveniences for me, especially when I need to take my doggos out for a walk >.<

Bruh a Spy x Family anime adaptation announcement would be a dream come true.

It is, but what makes Shinsekai yori so fascinating to me is its oustanding worldbuilding. Even the pace of this anime is so carefully structured to effectively highlight the characters’ development and story events + philosophical aspects, which is something that I felt not many people appreciated while reading some comments. It’s just such a unique anime to me, and I love how much mystery and creativity is in it as well. The 1st ending ost is a whole banger, and the art’s pretty slick as well. But yeah, I do think that this anime’s either a hit or a miss, especially if we’re talking about certain scenes/moments from the earlier episodes. Anyway, do let me know if you ever start it.

Btw Hekshi, I forgot to ask earlier what were your final thoughts on this SnK Final Season Pt. 1 👀
Krain Apr 3, 12:04 PM
Alright I am looking forward to it when you start watching it <3
Til then I hope everything goes well for you and wont be so busy :))

So JJK everything is good except the plot? :o
Alright thanks for your thoughts on it. I will also come back to you when I start it!
Lopika Apr 3, 11:03 AM
Happy holiday to you and your loved ones too! My April Fool's pic was the turtle from Dragon Ball hahaha
Lopika Apr 1, 2:36 AM
Haha, I just love your April Fool's profile pic XD
I hope the link will still work after the event in case you miss it.
Luminisce Mar 31, 8:18 PM
Oh wow, really? Damnn, I guess the first time you do experience one (which I hope doesn’t happen), will be terrifying 😥

Yeah, it rains pretty often here, but we do normally have nice weather. However, it’s quite unpredictable. At one point it could be sunny af and a few mins or hours later, it can rain very hard, lol. How about yours?

Nah, I’ll keep tempting you. Based on your taste (which I’d like to believe I get the gist of it) XD, you will definitely enjoy reading Spy x Family. Whenever the OVA is finally released and I watch it, expect my comment from it, hahaha.

Btw, I recently finished watching Shinsekai Yori, and oh my. It legit became one of my favorite anime. Bet you already did haha, but have you watched this one?
Krain Mar 29, 4:19 PM
Hey thank you so much <3 Now I feel the motivation burst xD

No probs! I would be very happy to hear your thoughts on it when you start it. I just really love to talk about that anime bc there is so much juice in that anime to gossip about hahahahha xDD

Yeah for real I think thats also the best tactic :'))

Btw would you say the whole hype about JJK is justified? I plan on starting it soon thats why I am curious :oo

Krain Mar 28, 2:47 PM
I'm doing fine besides having lots of assignments to do bc of uni. Thanks for asking <3

Well Maison Ikkoku does not really have a love triangle but rather the side characters are rather trying to get in between the two main character if you understand what I mean. Nevertheless its the best rom-com I've ever seen.

I think I will also check those out you mentioned :DD In general I like to check almost everything out xDDD
Krain Mar 27, 1:58 PM
How are you doing? :))

Thank you so much I love your favs too like Ping Pong, Monster and Baccano all are so excellent.

Maison Ikkoku is top-notch I really recommend it to you! It might be the best romance, coming of age anime I've ever watched so far.

Do you have your eye on something this upcoming season? :'))
Luminisce Mar 22, 10:28 PM
Ah no worries. When there is an earthquake here, I’m usually pretty chill about it even when it’s of a high magnitude. I’m not really scared of earthquakes. Though what I’m an actual scaredy-cat at, it’s with thunder, lmao. I hate it so much you have no idea, hahaha. Is it the same for you or you aren’t really scared of thunders?

Yooo you should definitively read Spy x Family! I may not be that far ahead in the manga, but it has the perfect balance of basically everything, haha. Such a cute, funny, and exciting manga :’) As for the Totsukuni no Shoujo OVA, I did see it here on MAL before, but it hasn’t aired yet. It says that it will be airing until 2022, so guess we’ll have to wait, lol. Can’t wait for it, and when I finish reading this manga, I hope the OVA ends up getting enough praise and attention. If it does, I really really hope that it gets an anime adaptation <3

I haven’t watched Mahoutsukai no Yome, but it does seem like some people have compared them both. Can’t remember which one exactly, but if you check out one of the non-spoiler reviews on MAL, it tackles down all of the differences between them. Since you brought the question, I’m guessing you’ve watched this anime? A friend once told me that it is one of her favorites, but I remember that the first time I read its synopsis, I wasn’t convinced to watch it for some reason, haha. Maybe I should give it a try someday.
Krain Mar 22, 11:39 AM
Thank you for accepting!

Nice to meet you :))
Luminisce Mar 20, 6:17 PM
Bruh speaking of SnK, yesterday I watched ep. 14, and I was shocked af by the sudden news intervention. I legit thought I was watching the wrong show at first XD But ah I hope it didn’t affect the people there that much :( Earthquakes here where I live are pretty common as well.

And yayy, I’m one step closer to making you watch it, lmao. I actuallu haven’t progressed from where I left off a few days ago, but hopefully I can catch up soon with the last Mushishi ep I watched. As for Gintama, that first OP is quite catchy. The first time I heard it, I automatically loved it, hahah.

Same as you, but if I could tell you anything aside from anime, let me just say that I’ve been enjoying reading Spy x Family and another amazing manga called Totsukuni no Shoujo! These are also some works that I’m ezcited to finish soon at some point >.<

Dude Megumi was such a badass in this ep. Gojou and his duality is no surprise at this point (but it still amazes me in some way) XD, and this ep’s Juju Scroll was so damn funny, HAHAHA.