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Oct 8, 2011
Assuming you have watched SNS S1 and S2 and you know the characters well, you may be shocked when you watch the first episode of SNS s3. SNS s3 was somewhat confusing at first impression (one minutes into the show), but the unexpected opening quickly piqued my imagination. It appears that the protagonist had reversed and became antagonist. With the briefly explained background information of the first episode, the viewer may have difficulties understanding the reasons behind protagonist's faction change. Although I had hoped for more details in the first episode, I think that it may be best the way it is, that is lack read more
Feb 27, 2011
I find this anime decent to kill time got a reasonable storyline with some fighting scenes i would give it a 7/10. btw holy molly 7.77 rating as its 2/27/11 atm lol so pro.
Feb 20, 2011
Well it was a good anime, but the story killed it, the story was a fail, which made the anime look crappy and not so enjoyably at the end. I was waiting for some better ending, maybe this explains why the ranking and the score for this anime is so low. but the movie was good, people should still check it out even you might be discouraged from this review.I'd say the movie had a powerful ending compared to this series. Lastly, this anime is a good watch if your into bloody action and twisted characters and gotno other anime to watch.
Sep 7, 2010
This is my first anime review so spare me the trolling and the complainants. First of all, 6.66 rating for a horror and mystery genre anime, that is just creepy. Second, this anime lacks a strong story line. Third, after watching the firth episode I thought gosh this anime is a fiasco and its a waste of time on less you got no any other animes to watch.