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Days: 173.0
Mean Score: 4.68
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Fune wo Amu
Fune wo Amu
11 hours ago
Watching 3/11 · Scored -
Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
11 hours ago
Watching 5/12 · Scored -
Soukou Kihei Votoms: Big Battle
Soukou Kihei Votoms: Big Battle
11 hours ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Days: 40.4
Mean Score: 5.36
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Kishibe Rohan Louvre e Iku
Kishibe Rohan Louvre e Iku
May 13, 5:22 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jolyne, Gucci de Tobu
Jolyne, Gucci de Tobu
May 13, 5:22 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Baoh Raihousha
Baoh Raihousha
May 13, 5:22 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Kokonoe_Shu 3 hours ago
Hi Horseman, I finally finished Cowboy bepop and I think it's very nice until the end,I was a little sad for him (you know who I mean) but I knew it before I even started watching Cowboy Bepop btw there are some things without a conclusion so I want see the movie, do you recommend it?

You’ll carry that weight Cowboy..
Alcoa Yesterday, 2:21 PM
Now it's time for you to watch 3-gatsu :) Or you might wanna ascend to another dimension by giving up on the dull anime medium and getting into this work of art, which I think you'd extremely like btw.

-Daisetsu- May 18, 8:44 PM
Thanks Headless! :)

Alcoa May 18, 12:41 PM
Mahou Shoujo Site is obviously better cuz it's darker and edgy. Why don't people get that? I mean, we don't see an epic scene like this one every day. Very very woke.

On the contrary, Tutu is about a girl dancing over classical music. Honestly, how dumb is that show? This kinda reminds me of the great review I'd written on Mahou Shoujo Site, which was one of the top reviews btw, but I just thought to myself that I'm still not qualified to review such a show, so ended up deleting it.
It was basically me ranting about how edgy that show was and almost repeated the word edgy 30 times.
AlucardNoYuuutsu May 17, 8:50 AM
I want to read Prism, how is it?
-Daisetsu- May 16, 8:00 PM
Hey man it's been quite a while lol how've you been as of late?

Finished quite a handful of titles and I should say, I'm impressed as how Yuu Yuu Hakusho turned out to be, it's pretty good although it starts of kinda cheesy and average, everything else compensated for it as it reached the Dark Tournament arc (imo the peak of YYH) and the Chapter Black arc is pretty good too to be completely honest. The Three Kings Saga though however, while I do find it to be one of the weaker arcs it did serve well as for concluding the series.

Also man, have fun whenever you do get to see more cgdct anime and in my opinion K-On is a pretty good start for the genre, let me know your thoughts about it when you finish :)
DiscoMilf May 16, 1:02 PM
Huh. Maybe I'll watch it soon. Gotta long backlog ahead of it though lol :v

Btw, got any more garbage to reccomend? SAO Alicization has me longing for entertaining garbage
Alcoa May 16, 12:24 PM
Oh, finally watching one of the best magical girl shows in the medium? Very nice :)

The first half had some issues, but it picks up after that. Most people consider Madoka as the deconstruction of the magical girl genre, but I think Tutu fits better in that description tbh.
Assthete May 16, 11:12 AM
Your reviews are delicious. Blue Gender's should be on the front page tbh. From the moment dear mr. whiner began shifting into someone else in a matter of an episode I realized there was no way the series could end well.
Skittles May 16, 8:36 AM
Ohh grats! So Origin is that good, huh? I haven't watched anything Gundam-related for a while now, so I feel like revisiting the original UC saga. Plus I just want more Char in my life :^)

How do you feel about Princess Tutu so far? I love it, but I'd place it below Aria and Kaleido Star in terms of Junichi's work. I'm kind of the odd one since most people would put Kaleido Star at the bottom lol.

Sorry for the really late reply! Swamped with work recently so I've been slacking on responding to all my profile comments lol.
AlucardNoYuuutsu May 16, 8:00 AM
How's Princess Tutu so far? I want to watch it.
Zahyo May 16, 12:36 AM
Thanks Headlesss :)
stumonster May 14, 11:31 AM
Okay so from I've gathered the first season of fafner (dead aggresor), right or left, heaven and earth, and then exodus is the correct watch order for this correct?

I did actually watch it sub. I don't remember her exactly how much she said ra ra but I do think she said it a bit. Not sure if she said it more noticeably more in the dub in comparison to the sub. You've also inadvertently continued my suspicion that the dub for Rah is the definitive way to go as everyone I know that's really liked it has watched it dubbed.
Zahyo May 13, 8:54 PM
I have made my return :-D
Alcoa May 13, 4:41 PM
Ah, it's always described as an Eva, but Misato wins in this one lol. I kinda feel bad for making you write this wall-of-text, so I guess it's my turn now.

There are tons of under-appreciated shows out there that aired just after NGE, and unfortunately, never been recognized even till this day. It was the same for Boogiepop (The old one ofc, there is no new adaptation), being aired right after SEL; the anime that made a huge impact on the medium, it was automatically labeled as a clone and an anime that tries to mimic its predecessor. In fact, I don't blame them since the anime was so drastically different than what the novels were. Getting back in line, Argento Soma is definitely one of those series that got masked under NGE popularity. It was released at the worst time ever due to the fact that when an anime features mecha with teenagers, it gets ultimately ignored at that time. Actually, I think that Argento Soma is probably the closest anime to Texh from what I'd watched. I also had posted a recommendation here for people who like Texh to check out Soma. Unlike Texh which was consistent throughout the entire anime, Soma fails badly at some points. As an overall experience tho, I think it's a must-watch anime at any cost. It's an anime that builds itself very slowly, takes out the very same structure of Eva, and then derivates from what NGE was, to form its own color brilliantly. I still have to admit the awful art-style used there, but it's downright one of the most well-directed shows I'd seen.

The best I can afford since I'm extremely lazy.