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Mar 26, 2020
Kaiji is an amazing show and i would reccomend it to any one who loves a good thriller.

But season 2 is lackluster in my opinion. It's a step down from the first season and by a step down i mean like 10 steps down.

Im kind of spoiling the next few lines so read at your own precaution

In the beggining kaiji meets endou again and hoping to get another shot for a big win but he doesent know that endou doesen't arrange those kinds of things anymore since the guy who worked for Hyoudou got fired( i dont remember his name). He gets send to read more
Aug 2, 2018
So i like overlord a lot. The character development in these 4 episodes have been great. I feel like that's what lacked in season 2, The first few episodes were about new ''characters'' that were lizard men. We didnt really get any interactins with the supreme being i feel like.

If your looking for an isekai anime i would reccomend overlord most of the time because it's way better then most isekai anime's i have seen.

What i didnt really like about season 3 is that it's kind of getting repetitive. Ainz is trying to bullshit his way out of the questions of the supreme read more