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Dec 26, 2015
Note: Don't read review if you haven't watched previous seasons of Working!! due this containing info on the latest season!

This concludes the Working!! series and I've gotta say, this episode ended the whole series so well and was able to leave everything on a surprisingly good note. As soon as you finish this episode, I can guarantee that you will be very reminiscent of all 3 seasons of Working!! and be glad you watched it.

Throughout this one episode, it helps reflect and showcase what the Working!! cast has accomplished in season 3 such as: (SPOILER)
- Aoi Yamada reconciling with her mother and brother, thus being read more
Oct 8, 2014
Nisekoi is a romantic comedy/harem that came out Winter 2014 and I sure miss that series. The Nisekoi OVA, I can say for sure, was a blast to watch and is enjoyable just like the show itself. But even as good as it was, it still has flaws.

There are 3 episodes of the OVA, so let me talk about each one individually.

Nisekoi OVA #1:
The main focus of this OVA is the slight development to Onodera and Raku's love. (And since I am a big shipper of the OnoderaxRaku thing I really felt that the OVA was adorable) But don't worry read more
Sep 27, 2014
The summer 2014 anime "Barakamon" has stood out to me as one of the "best slice of life" for this season. Why you may ask? Well, watch it if haven't already and those who have watched it will hopefully understand/agree to what I have to say. Let's begin! :3

Barakamon is about a guy named Handa Seishuu, who is a calligrapher that is sent to the calm location "Goto Island". This was due to his actions of punching an elderly curator that criticized his artwork during a Calligraphy Exhibition. From here on, Handa meets many wonderful villagers and befriends a little girl named Naru and read more