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Jan 11, 2019
I have a strange relationship with "edgy" anime. By edgy I mean, anime full of gore, violence and mature themes like rape, death and abuse. And by "strange relationship" I mean, I don't really like watching them, but I do have a morbid curiosity for it. Anime for me is a form of escapism, I watch it to forget about my shitty life and problems, so I like to watch lighthearted, fun shows, but I can't deny that anime and manga like Mahou Shoujo Site pick my interest by their premise alone.

Still, I rarely watch them to completion, finding their content too much for my read more
Jul 18, 2017
Watching Kobayashi-san's Dragon Maid reminded me a lot of Manabi Straight!. They are both "moe anime" who try to do something different. Manabi Straight tried really hard to shoe-in some sort of environmental drama which just made the "cute girls doing cute things" not that fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Dragon Maid tries a lot of different things. At it's core its a slice-of-life, but it tries to do romance, ecchi, comedy and even some drama. At least for me, it was too much. This is not really a objective look into the series, more of my personal feelings about it.

So, you have this dragon who becomes read more