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Apr 1, 2016
When a studio as great as Kyoani has to resort to fan-service in the first episode in order to hook the viewer, you know that this show is going downhill pretty quickly.

This show begins like countless other LN adaptations, with some info-dumping expository dialogue (“it’s common knowledge, but I’ll tell you anyway!” quips the main character) telling us that there has been some major “incident” that has fundamentally changed the inner workings of the human brain, and now everyone can see possibly real, possibly imaginary “Phantoms” which provide much of the story complications throughout. I like the idea that there might be strange entities all ...
Mar 27, 2016
Gamble Fish (Manga) add
A bit about me. I am a fan of mind-games, gambling strategies and trickery. Knowing this, you can probably see why this unusually titled manga piqued my curiosity. I began racing through the series, bubbling with excitement and anticipation. However, after reading it, I must make a modification to those criteria. I am now a fan of mind-games, gambling strategies and trickery that make sense.

Yes, Gamble Fish is a very flawed attempt at creating a high octane manga centred around gambling, steadily getting more and more ridiculous until it begins to feel like a bizarre parody of the genre. It had potential until it became ...
Jan 21, 2016
NOTE: This review only covers Part I of the Zero saga.

Tobaku Haouden Zero is Fukumoto's attempt at bringing a more shonenized, fast-paced gauntlet of deadly gambling games to life in his distinctive style, and it results in a quite enjoyable; though somewhat bumpy ride throughout.

In terms of characters, the poster-boy and titular protagonist Zero warrants a full paragraph written about him. While he is definitely not the most "memorable" of characters crafted by Fukumoto, he is still an interesting character to observe and root for. Zero is a genius, but he is not a cold, unfeeling machine like we are used to. Zero, fitting the ...
Jan 12, 2016
Despite a deliciously devious death-trap being the focus of this entire arc, I can't help but feel that this was the weakest arc in the Kaiji series so far. It is still a good, fairly suspenseful read, but this arc displays some rather uncharacteristic shortcomings which are disappointing to see in a series as excellent as Kaiji.

Kazuya, whom you will remember as a spectator in the Minefield Mahjong game, now invites Kaiji as a spectator for a new, three-player death-trap; the Salvation Game. More on the game later. This entire arc is built around a central theme, which is the nature of friendships. Kazuya believes ...
Jan 4, 2016
Plastic Memories is an anime that quickly works itself into a bit of a kerfuffle. It is an anime that, after finishing the first episode, you will know exactly where it is headed and how it will end. Now some might be turned off by a story with such a predictable and inevitable conclusion, but I think this kind of set-up is not always a bad thing; because sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. The question that now arises, is the journey worth it?

It could be worth it if the elements that this show comprises of weren’t so mediocre or sub-par. One ...
Nov 1, 2014
Gantz (Manga) add
What can I say about Gantz? This dark seinen has been hailed a masterpiece by some, and utter trash by others. I would say that it is a bit of both, having some extremely good qualities and some glaring flaws which is enough to warrant the hate that it gets. However, it is not a bad manga at all, and I'll do my best to point out its pros and cons.

The thing that really stands out for me in this manga is the level of creativity on display. Seriously. It's goddamned glorious, from monster designs to all the crazy situations our characters find themselves in. ...