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Lethargic Apr 12, 2018 10:00 AM
Despite having only read the Omoide Emanon, I agree. His art has a very naturalistic and listless quality to it. Koten-bu is translated mostly as far as I'm aware (I read the first novel and stopped some time ago). But I know there are some dedicated translators working on the new volumes as the author continued work on the series after a lengthy and indefinite hiatus. So that's how I've read it.

Having a proficient understanding of Japanese would be desirable though, as there are many obscure un-subtitled Japanese films and untranslated books I'd like to read. However, I prioritize learning French through autodidacticism at some point before any other language as there is even more French media I wish to consume than Japanese (it's also my favourite language aurally). Although, it sounds like you didn't get far with Japanese, when did you attempt to learn it and how much, if any, do you retain?

I've only read a dirty one-shot of his which wasn't particularly good, but I'm familiar with his style and have wanted to read him for a while. Hopefully all of Nejishiki has been translated by now. I can see the resemblance of his panels to some of Daido Moriyama's photographs, though less intense and unsettling than most of his work. The girl from the panel on your profile reminds me of the women in Hayashi Seiichi's art.
Lethargic Apr 11, 2018 9:01 AM
Various things: the Kenji Tsuruta avatar, the Yoshiharu Tsuge panel and the link to one of Liszt's best pieces. To be honest, I was doubtful you'd even accept the request considering your minimal friends list, but I was pleasantly surprised when you did.
Yaboku Apr 3, 2018 10:51 AM
It makes me really happy to hear that! Of course, it's not for everyone, but I have you find something to enjoy in the anime.
BlokeTokes Mar 8, 2018 12:44 AM
Cool, thanks for lettin me know! Been ages since I watched that but surprisingly still remember the episode
RabbytX Jan 7, 2018 8:41 AM
I would probably change Mattoti, Schuiten, Druillet, and Bernie; although I am not sure. The reason is not particularly because of their artistic abilities but rather because they don't speak that much currently to me. Alternative artists I have an abundance of, but than again I am not really sure who I would add, either. For example Alex Meleeve, Ashley Wood, Dave McKean, Duncan Fegredo, Frank Frazetta, George Pratt, Jeff Catherine Jones, José Muñoz, and many, many more.
I am not not an artists myself; my abilities are just so microscopic that I wonder why I even call it an ability.
RabbytX Jan 5, 2018 1:14 PM
No problem, although I think I would change some of the artists on the list: I am just too lazy 😐.
lady_freyja Jun 17, 2017 10:19 AM
My answer is also late, but if we continue with such walls of text, I guess it can't be helped. へへ

Well, I guess that Kyōto has this "country city" charm to it, despite its size. Especially in comparison to Tōkyō or Ōsaka. But I definitely prefer the "intermediate cities" like Hiroshima, big enough and pretty dynamic, but with a lot of grand spaces and greeneries. The advantages of the big cities without that impression of suffocation.

Kyōto in the other hand didn't looked very "green" to me, it was just grey, a lot of greyness everywhere, oh, and some rust too. More like a decrepit big city.
It's only advantage is that it's surrounded by "nature", mountains notably. And that there is a tons of old beautiful buildings here and there. There river of the city is also pleasant.

But when you go outside of the touristic and business area in the ultra-center of the city, you find stuffs like that :
This was the view from our room. This picture sums up my feeling of the city : narrow, grey, sad and old (not in the good meaning of that word)

But I guess for each their own. Some people might like that atmosphere, but not me. へへ

Did you visit an onsen? I'd like to try bathing in one someday.

Huh… yeah, no.
Dullboy wanted, but not me.
I'm a transgender, not op. So I'm basically a "girl with a penis"… and it's not really a good thing for an onsen I guess. へへ’

I once saw a video about how some japanese districts have communities that band together to pick up trash on the ground in order to keep their streets clean. There are also some companies that will go outside and do a scheduled clean up around their area. Keeping their surroundings tidy is a value that's taught to them from a very young age. Some elementary schools don't even have janitors because the children are given cleaning duties. That's an idea I think all schools adopt. It will make more people value their environment.

We saw people cleaning around their store, indeed.

But that cleanness thing had an effect on me. Now I can't help but to feel that the city where I live is dirty. My attention is focused on those detritus everywhere. >.>

By "under blister" do you mean they are wrapped up in that thin plastic or something? Hmmhm~ That's how they get you. I've been learning some cool terms thanks to you lately.

Ah ah ah. That's what I meant yup.
I didn't know that this word has a different meaning in English. That's funny how we take words from different language for changing their meaning.

"My last ero-guro read (published in French) was really interesting and cool."
What's the name of it? I'll add it to my plan-to-read and hope for a miracle. I'd like to keep it under my radar.

Oh, yes : Or "La demeure de la chair" in French.

And when you mentioned Mushishi and "spiritual slice of life", it made me though about the manhua Zi Bu Yu :
I'm glad to have it in French, it's a story where you follow a little girl who interacts with the Chinese folklore. A pleasant and peaceful read. Only the first chapter is scanlated in English. :(

Sometimes a manga-ka will reference a work of literature or an event in japanese history and it'd be nice to already know of these things.

That's partially how I work.
When I learn that this work or mangaka was inspired by this movie or else, I try to watch it. Well, when the said manga or mangaka interest me of course. へへ

That's also why I did read Yellow Rose from Yoshiya. Even if here, we can consider it's already part of the "shōjo history" and not an inspiration.
Another Japanese writer that I would want to read is Mari Mori. She's important in the BL history.

And a "recent discovery"… well, not really, I already heard of him year ago (he is mentioned in the article I mentioned about the shōjo art), is Katsuji Matsumoto. But I didn't know that he was this much documentated with this big wikipedia article.
Right now I consider him as the first major shōjo mangaka, who debuted decades before Tezuka and his so-called "first shōjo manga" with Ribbon no Kishi.

It's Matt Thorn who recalled him to me, with her blog :
For some reasons, she's pretty active right now, it's too cool!

I don't have much to say about the animation and super robot genre. it really doesn't speak to me. Like I don't see at all what you see it the video you linked. Sorry. :(
moeai Jun 9, 2017 3:38 PM
feminine***** omg sorry for my english
moeai Jun 6, 2017 8:02 AM
Same here! I like reading manga like Aria or Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou too slowly, maybe one chapter per day and ghibli music box playing in the background~

To be honest, I've never been a cynical person but there were times that I underestimated people's problems. Maybe it was because I was younger then. Now, I try not to do that, things that I don't mind may upset some people and I try to pay attention the every word comes from my mouth. I believe that every person is sensitive but about different things. So what I've to do is, simply, being kind.

I adore Tina Yu's works, she is really talented. Ikr, those cute tiny hands look adorable!

I actually want to make art dolls mostly because of creating their clothing and doing their makeup. I'm interested in those kind of things but that doesn't mean I've too many outfits or beauty products, I like buying a few with good quality. I like soft and simple colors in clothing. It has to be feminen and simple, that's all I need. I adore lolita fashion but it's too fancy for me, I'd say I may wear a top from lolita fashion but with jean, maybe. I mean I like mix lolita with casual. So I obtain a feminen and simple outfit!

Haha, my mum is really scared of them. On the other hand I have a friend who likes them so he's totally fine with it, but my other friend is like 'oh whatever, it's you so i'm used to it and not even gonna talk about it'.

I've two important friends and I'm so thankful for finding them. There are things that we like in common but there are also too many different things. For example it's just because I like anime I never try to find a friend who likes it. I like colorful people. What I mean from that is, I've never been a person who limit myself. I like so many things and that feels so free and colorful!
lady_freyja Jun 4, 2017 8:54 AM
In the end, about Yoshiya, I found this earlier today ; Yellow Rose.

Even if I can't grasp everything because English isn't my native language, it was an interesting read, especially since there is a lengthly introduction by the translator —longer than the actual novel.

In the end, this novel is reminiscent to what I remember of reading in Sakura Namiki or maybe even in Ryuujin Numa. Everything seems to be so superficial and shallow.
But in fact, it is just that there is subtexts everywhere and call for an extremely romantic and sensible imagination. Although it's more obvious with the novel than with the two manga that I mentioned, thank to the ellipsis and the way Yoshiya write her descriptions.
lady_freyja May 30, 2017 5:22 AM
I'm back home!

So… Japan!
Well, unlike your friend, I'm certainly not enamoured with the place.

I mean, it is an excellent place for a travel, it is interesting, fun and intriguing, but living here is a big no-no for me as of now. Just seeing the streets filled with far too much people at every hour of the day and the metro full of sleeping salarymen and officeladies at every hour too is far too depressing.
I was also shocked to not seeing any male with long hairs except 4 adult men if I remember well (they're so rare that you can count them and you remark them). While in France, long hairs is fairly common among adolescent boys and male students, and not unheard of among adult men from time to time either… but then I remember all those school regulations on the appearance in Japan… that do also apply in the working world too.
Everyone looking the same because of some societal rules… err…

I will quickly depress in a place like that, I'm sure of it.

Ironically, I really enjoyed the fact that everything is so clean, neat and ordered, to the point it is sometime absurd (like nobody crossing the road even when there is no car at all in the streets because the traffic light is red for the pedestrians). There is no detritus on the street, everyone respect the waiting lines and the circulation of the vehicles and pedestrians is so smooth… the West seems to be a dirty anarchy in comparison.

And something very strange: there is no detritus on the streets, yet there is next to no trash bin in the street. Seeing a cigarette-end lying on the floor is already exceptional.

We stayed one week at Tōkyō and another one at Kyōto. Beside the cities themselves, from Tōkyō we visited the city of Nikkō, and from Kyōto we visited Hiroshima, Kanazawa, Ōsaka and Nara.
Both Nikkō and Nara were a waste of time because their main point of interest is their temples… that all of them cost a lot of money for visiting them. Like for example, the main temple of Nikkō cost "only" ¥2100 for the entry + ¥500 for the audioguide + ¥300 for a little additional wing.
In the end we managed to find a major shrine at Kyōto for free and we were content with it.

Speaking about Kyōto, the city is really depressive, I dunno, everyone here seem to be depressed and gloomy. Not a city I recommend at all as a "base". Also in that city, everything closes at 4/5 pm except in the train station, it's ridiculous, especially when coming from Tōkyō where everything is open until late in the night.
In the other hand, Tōkyō, Hiroshima, Kanazawa and Ōsaka are more than great. Especially Hiroshima which gave me the same feeling than my native city, Nantes.

But in the end, between the two days "lost" at Nara and Nikkō and the fact that the first week we were very tired (and my backbone hurt a lot during all the travel), we didn't have time/energy to visit everything all we wanted.
At Kyōto, the Museum of the manga, the Fushimi Inari shrine and the Nijō-jō castle were really great and interesting. At Tōkyō the Shibuya district was really fun to visit while Akihabara is overrated, especially for someone like us, and the Kabuki-cho of Shinjuku was the only place were I felt insecure in all Japan, the other districts were of variable interest but still interesting.
While Hiroshima, Kanazawa and Ōsaka are interesting just by walking at random in the streets. And like I said there is the manga library of Hiroshima which is cool and Ōsaka seems to be really cool for doing some shopping. There is also all the memorial stuffs of Hiroshima, I won't say that they are bad, not at all, but I was always weak to those memorial stuffs, both the Shoah and the nuclear catastrophes really take a toll on my morale. I felt like crying and throwing up at the same time while visiting all the memorial area of Hiroshima, not a great experience.

My 3 main deceptions were not doing the Yayoi Museum, the Takarazuka Revue, and we didn't find any bamboo forest. :(
There is also the Ni-Chōme (gay quarter) of Shinjuku that we didn't do because I really wanted to quit the district after visiting the Kabuki-cho.

If someday I'll come back to Japan, in addition of making up for those 3 deceptions, and revisiting/completing some stuffs that I really enjoyed, I'm intrigued by going into Hokkaidō, for comparing the real country of Japan to the cities that I already know.

How was/is your japan trip? What'd you score?

By "score", you mean what we found as manga?
Me, I brough all of this. All old shōjo and one "josei" ranging from 1965 to 1995, except the one at the bottom right that is a really recent shōjo, 2015. And I hesitated to buy even more.
All of those manga are from major authors, and yet only 3 of them (manga) are on MAL.
Except the "josei" that I brought by accident because they're all under blister and thus we can't skim them before buying, they removed the furigana in two shōjo which will make their reading far more difficult than planed. But anyway, it will definetly motivate me for learning Japanese, I didn't buy that much manga for nothing.

Beside the 7-volumes manga that I agonized to read since ages because I heard it is such a masterpiece of the shōjo and the bottom-left one that is from Moto Hagio, the manga which entice me the most is definitely the pink one at the bottom, with the blond little girl and the teddy-bear. Because unlike what the cover makes you think, it is a really creepy and gory horror manga (slasher-like) all with the cute shōjo artwork from the 60s decade. Despite the blister, there was that page as a preview available in the store, I couldn't help but to have a sour laughing and instantly buying it, discovering the instant later that it was written by one of the pioneer of the shōjo manga, Masako Watanabe.

As for Dullboy, he mostly tried to buy some gekiga and avant-garde manga. Because all the manga are under blister, some of them were an utter failure, while others seem to be really great/interesting. He also brought an unpublished (in France) Kamimura.
He also brought two manga from Taku Tsumugi for a more shōjo perspective, his favorite shōjo mangaka. I definitely plan to read them later.
And I would recommend you to read Hot Road someday, if the only scanlation available wasn't borderline awful in my eyes.

What are the "plastic" arts?

Oh, that's the name for the traditional "visual" arts, painting and sculpture mostly. We use often that expression in French, I guess it's less common in English.

Ero-guro? You're a brave soul.

Well, honestly, only the "refined" ones. Stuffs from Suehiro Maoru, Kazuichi Hanawa, Usamaru Furuya or even… Kazuo Kamimura, the next one from him that will be published in French should be an ero-guro one if I understood well.

Because yup, the one that are here only for the gore… aren't interesting, what fascinate me is the contrast between the refined and beautiful drawing and the horrible things that happens to the characters. And it is best when you had a little touch of absurdity in it.
My last ero-guro read (published in French) was really interesting and cool. There is an high dose of absurdity in it, and the book is mostly visual. The little plots are too absurd for being consistent, but it's really "pretty" to look at the pictures.
Dullboy brought another ero-guro from the same author in Japan, I definitely plan to read it.

About Japanese.
I also mostly memorized the Hiragana and most of the Katakana, plus some Kanji here and there. And some random vocabulary of course.

But with all those manga, I really plan to accelerate. First learn all the basic forms of the verbs, and all the particles. After than I plan to read little by little those manga, helped with a dictionary of course.

Without being able to recognized all the particles and the verbs, I search in the dictionary for words that don't exist. It happened to me while trying to read one the manga I brought. That's why I need to learn how to detect them all.

You know of Nakahara and Yoshiya? That's cool! It's so rare to find someone who at least heard of them on MAL.

But those two are good examples of where I hit some walls; Yoshiya isn't published in French so I can't properly read her, and for all the jojō-ga painters (like Nakahara), I don't really know where to start… that's notably why I wanted to see the Yayoi Museum, which seems to expose a lot of jojō-ga painters, notably Kashō Takabatake who is credited for creating the first bishōnen characters.
But despite not being able to visit Yayoi, I managed to get some new references about some painters of that time in another museum. Some of them seems to have influenced Kamimura BTW. At least that was both my impression and Dullboy's after seeing that painting from Shinsui Itō.

And I have a whole ~40 pages article in French (!!!) about the history of aesthetic of the shōjo, starting from the jojō-ga to modern shōjo works… the issue is that the article is too complex for me. -_-'
At least, the last time I tried to read it, I was half-lost.

But anyway, even if I know some stuffs about the early paintings, I didn't know the shadow girls you spoke of for example! I still have so much to learn. >.>

For now I've been focused on old school mecha to better acquaint myself with the early history of the anime industry.

You're interested into animation? I don't feel an ounce of interest into the history of that medium, same for the mecha. :(

That's curious how linked it is to manga.
But I guess you have (or plan to) dig Go Nagai's works?
He's an author I'll try to explore one day, I think. As a mangaka obviously. But he seems to have contributed as much in the anime medium from what I heard.
lady_freyja May 26, 2017 3:42 PM
Nice to see you again. :)

I'm still in the middle of the trip. So I'll write a proper answer to your message next week back home when I'll have enough time with a proper keyboard on a proper computer, tuesday, or something like that.

But yesterday we were at the Hiroshima manga library and we found this, we though about you. We also found the whole serie at Mandarake. へへ

(we=Dullboy and me)

See you later!
moeai May 26, 2017 5:20 AM
i told you not to leave mal and after that you just disappeared omg
i'm relieved now~

ah, please, show me. i also can only imagine wonderful things by you.

same! i actually impress by little things in anime/manga and everything in life. a simple sentence or a movement can impress me quickly and i never forget it. if i've to give an example from manga, just a single sentence in it can have a place in my mind and that manga can become one of my favourites.

reality sure isn't as peaceful as fiction stories but it's still all in our head. lol i mean it's just like in that barbie song i sent you.. "only means you should change your point of view." it's all about our view, isn't it?

here's a video of making an art doll
it's too professional though and i can't make something like that without taking classes about it.
so, here's a video of something that i can actually try making it!
and here's my favourite doll artists 1 2

i'm all lost in creepy cuteness again<3
lady_freyja May 12, 2017 12:41 PM
Ah ah! You're like me!

I'm also slacking at learning Japanese by myself, also for reading manga. Next Monday I'll travel into Japan for 2 weeks, and of course I plan to buy a lot of unavailable manga and maybe… maybe it will motivate me enough, or not. We'll see.

And like you, I started reading manga with the yuri genre. But it didn't took me years for broadening my horizon, I quickly started to read all kind of « LGBT » manga and then some time later I got myself lost at trying manga at random before falling in love with the old shōjo, making shōjo my new « home genre ».
It is probable that after a while, I'll try to dig seriously the gekiga and ero-guro genres (the two seems to be directly linked to each other) since my few reads in that direction intrigued me. But right now I'm fine with my shōjo.

and I enjoy tracing back the influences of creators.

I'm sure we'll be friend. :)
I'm also kind of like that. It's why I tend to get an « historical » approach of the medium. Although the manga is my very first serious approach to an artistic domain. And thus depending the type of inspiration, I'm usually more or less blocked; only the movies are somewhat relatable to me… literature too theoretically, but since they're in Japanese… my main issue is more the plastic arts that doesn't speak to me. But I guess that I'll try one day to learn about the Art Nouveau which is somewhat influential in shōjo.
moeai May 11, 2017 9:54 AM
the topic of the competition was 'i love cheese'. i draw a girl who was trying to reach out the cheese at the top of shelf.
thank you! i don't draw these days but our conversation made me miss myself. when i draw again you'll be the first person to see it, i promise. just please don't leave mal and wait for it!

ah, i'm also kinda interested to write something of the sol genre. i really like reading slice of life manga, they are easy to read and i usually don't like stories with too many events.

i definitely express myself better with writing. if my english was better, i'd write you paragraphs everyday. lol.

i'm also interested in art dolls by the way. do you know them? i can show you some of my favourite doll artists if you want. i'm actually planning make art dolls in the future or maybe even this summer. i like the creepy cuteness of art dolls :p