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traed May 2, 2:40 PM
Never really hurt much to begin with it was just mild and more an annoyance.
traed May 2, 1:52 AM
Actually it's been only 4 or 5 days and I think i am a bit better but it's so hard to tell from it being subtle.
traed May 1, 1:59 PM
Well I've had tea so that's warm water
Ginger is related to turmeric
I don't feel sick so I don't need extra rest. I think it may be going away but it's slow going. I made some turmeric tea but decided I prefer it as cold milk and put it to cool in the fridge. I drink it with a straw to avoid staining my teeth. I also am ice brewing some green tea in seltzer water.
Yeah my tonsils are there. You only remove those with people who get persistent infections. You actually need them.
traed Apr 30, 8:11 PM
Know any good cures for an unknown ailment? I can't tell if I have strep throat or an infection. My throat feels swollen and my ear cannal feels swollen. I have a few sore spots in my throat. I tried drinking coconut water, a tea with marshmallow root and licorice and lemon and echinacea, also tried drinking turmeric milk and 20 kinds of mushrooms. I have tried rubbing lavender oil on my throat even gargling with water that had it in it once and also gargled with Himalayan salt water and took high doses of vitamin C and have drank mead and ate honey.

Cant affors going to a doctor atm so I'm trying to avoid it
foscor70 Feb 4, 11:35 PM
nice work on current events forum ;p keep it up!
Aman_Bhaskar Jan 31, 2:08 AM
Wow that's quite same as me, even i watched stuff like detective conan and dbz during childhood...And then came the internet..and rest is history from there
Aman_Bhaskar Jan 31, 1:44 AM
so, for how long have you been watching anime...I dont remember exactly tho, but started being a more serious one since 2012 or 13...But i kinda joined mal late
Aman_Bhaskar Jan 30, 9:34 PM
HA for better or worse ( i believe worse) I have started reading a lot more manga since the past moth...And anime atleast you know how much time you dumped in the episode, or how episode have past....But here you like start ch1 at 7 am and when you look at the clock again you are at like ch 40 and ts 7 pm...damn I need to do something bout it
Aman_Bhaskar Jan 30, 11:53 AM
Oh that's really great...I am just a mere High school student.. I well...Am kinda suffer from the board exam pressure... Anyway Civil exams are sure really tough...or so have I heard. So i believe the preps might be hard too.. how much time you give to watch anime ?...I myself am preparing from exam,and I try to stay away, but damn this addiction is hard to get rid off..
Aman_Bhaskar Jan 30, 11:25 AM
Hey there! Thanx for accepting the request. Anyway from your thread, You sure have quite some knowledge and a lot of interest of Indian economics That's quite amazing, Because I also really enjoy knowing more it.
traed Jan 29, 12:32 PM
Straw is better so I don't have to worry it staining my teeth

Kefir is kefir
traed Jan 29, 5:33 AM
I've never seen it before so I couldn't tell you. I just mix turmeric and milk myself if I feel like I need turmeric which I probably should more often. Still too unusual of a taste to me and never fully disolves so I have to suck it down with a straw far back in my mouth. I drink kefir a lot though.
traed Jan 9, 2:57 AM
I meant it's unlikely their claw was bleeding. The quick of cats claws are inside the claw.
traed Jan 9, 1:56 AM
Oh and blood too can transfer rabies I think but unless they bled into you..
traed Jan 8, 6:57 PM
Idk what CSD is. Rabies comes from saliva so you won't get that.