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traed Sep 14, 11:09 PM
That would make chocolate icecream but I havent made chocolate icecream yet. You would be better to use a recipe for that to figure it out. The chocolate in this recipe I alreadly listed would overpower the other flavours although I suppose the rose syrup might show through but Im not totally sure chocolate would go with jaggery or not if that's what you want to use instead of standard sugar. Unless you look up a recipe you wont know how much to add because if you use too much it will make it too icy or clumpy. If you do want to use jaggery or some other special sweetener you need unsweetened baking chocolate or cocoa powder and then ad the jaggery or whatever sweetener you want to use. I tried using agave nectar as a sweetener and it didnt turn out well. I think honey wont work well either because it crystallizes.
Almonds are nuts :P Im not sure id call it a fruit.
Why is that? It's a tiny amount. You cant even get drunk off it.

This is just to give you an idea im not sayig add everything here
Things like milk, cream, granulated sugar and rose syrup (im not sure though for that one) and if required almond or orange or coconut or whatever extract go first then the egg yolks or whole eggs and you can stir or whisk that up good before you put it on the stove but just try not to get it too foamy. The jaggery looks pretty solid so I think you might have to start heating the milk and cream before you can slowly ad it in to disolve unless it comes in some granulated form too then it might blend okay before then. You should heat it up on medium heat not to a boil and it should be slowly heated not rapidly heated. As you heat it then you would ad chocolate or cocoa or spices or cream cheese or powdered nuts or whatever as you heat it. Once you have it in the coolling down time from refrigeration or just sitting out is when you would add fruit and purée it in a blender or at least mash it and mix it up good to make your icecream mix and pour it out to the bowl if it's cool enough and just start churning it You can either pour it straight in or use a stainer to remove chunks. I dont like adding the fruit when it's too hot because I think it would effect it's flavour it should be at least close to room temp but thats just what I do. Solids like crushed or whole nuts or chocolate chunks or coconut shavings or fruit chunks or whatever you dont add till the icecream starts getting thicker during churning or else it will just fall to the bottom and not mix evenly. Someting like a fudge or caramel swirl mixed in i dont think is added till it's almost done quite solid.
traed Sep 14, 11:55 AM
I heard peanutbutter is even rare in the UK. It's more popular in specific countries like the US so it's not just eastern countries it's rare.
It would do fine without the vanilla. You also could substitute it with almond extract if you use half the quantity it calls for. You also could use a dark rum or a brandy with the same amount it calls for the vanilla, i bet rum would work. Alcohol is sometimes added to icecream to change the freezing point just add it after it's heated and starting to cool off not during heating or it will evaporate off. I would say coconut extract but I dont think it would pair quite right with a molasses taste.

I had to look up what jaggery is. It seems different but pretty similar when it's the kind made of cane sugar so it could work. It wil also pair well with the rum because rum is made of cane sugar.
I never had rose syrup. I just looked at a list of indian deserts and looked at their ingredients to find what might work. Im not sure the flavour will mix with the jaggery, you or your mom would know more than me since i dont know what either is like. It's possible to make icecream from spices and herbs too but I havent made any that use a powder yet so i dont know how much to use atm.

If you think this is too experimental I could give you a different recipe but doing something experimental can be fun since you wont be able to buy that kind of icecream in the store. Just do half the quantity it calls for in the recipe if you worry it wont taste right so you dont waste money from a failed attempt.

Oops I just realized two messages ago i called half and half 50-50 for some reason. If you dont have half and half you just use equal parts milk and cream it's the same thing and unless you drink coffee you wont much use for the half and half anyway so milk and cream might be easier to come by and more useful. So with that recipe as it is on the lik just replace half and half with milk then when you mix it with the cream you will get the same milkfat content as the icecream I made. If you want I could write out the modified recipe and if I could I would change the units of measure because that recipe i linked used american version of those units but I dont know what units are used there. I did a little research the reason to avoid the whites of the eggs is because it's mostly water and risks making the icecream more icy but some say the flavour is still good with whole eggs so it's up to you.
traed Sep 14, 9:27 AM
It's easy to do. I just made up the bit about making an ice bowl because it wont melt as fast as just putting ice in a bowl to surround the bowl you churn it in. It just sounds complicated because it takes preparation to set up.

It has to be real maple syrup though not the artificial kind made of corn syrup or sugar syrup. It's probably pricey if it's rare. You could use rose syrup instead or something if you want but just the brown sugar and vanilla alone is flavourful enough and it might overpower the rose syrup.
traed Sep 13, 11:00 PM
Hmm maybe.
Well I havent tried the tea with water. I heat milk and mix it in that. It tastes almost like chocolate milk once I ad the stevia to sweeten it but it's a blend of 20 types of mushrooms including cordyceps.
How creamy or icy it is depends on fat and sugar content and if you use eggs or not.

This is one I made except I used all 50-50 since I didnt have heavy cream and if I used cream in this case like it asks I think it would be way too much fat content which would make it melt too fast from what I read about icecream making. It tells you to use all the egg but I only used the yolk which is standard in most recipes but using the white probably doesnt hurt but I didnt try it. I just separated the yolk and put the white to the side to fry up later.. I made mine without the chocolate too. Im not sure if you can get ahold of maple syrup over there but it still would taste good I think without it. Most icecream uses ordinary sugar just so you know but brown sugar ads a light molasses taste. Instead of the extract you probably could use straight vanilla beans if you want not the whole beans of course you just scrape the stuff out of them if i recall right, i forgot how they are used and I used extract myself but just letting you know your options. I also made half that quantity since it seemed like a bit much. When you experiment you should make small quantities till you know whaat you're doing. With you not having an icecream mixer I suggest taking two bowls that are quite a bit different in size with the smallest good enough size to mix the icecream in just keep in minnd it will almost double in size as it freezes. The outer bowl you fill with ice ahead of time but I bet what would work betterr is filling it with water and putting the small bowl on top weighed down flat then freeze it so you basically produce an ice bowl surrounding the center bowl. Then as you mix in the ingredients after you prepared them on heat you can then take it out of the freezer and start using a big wooden spoon or something like that to stir it for about 15 minutes then take the middle bowl out and put it inn the freezer to solidify the icecream more which should only take a couple hours but it's actually ready to eat before then. If i didnt start freezing before you put it in you will have to take it out ever so often to churn it then put it back to freeze more which is just to fluff it up but it's okay if you dont do that

There are other recipes that you dont use eggs which means you dont have to heat it first unless you have trouble dissolving the sugar and some you use way more eggs and some use water instead of milk and cream (sorbet) and some use water and cream (sherbet). It all depends on what type of icecream you want to make. Basically anyting can be made into an icecream if it can be puréed or chopped into small pieces or if it is water soluble. If your fat and sugar content is too low it gets all icy but too much and it gets runny or might not even freeze . If you use fruit the sweeter the fruit the less sugar you need since fruit already has sugars in it. So there is sort of an art to it.
traed Sep 13, 10:04 PM
I havent even had boiled eggs before so that's why im hesitant. 🍳 I usually eat eggs fried or scrambled or as an omelette.

That's how I cook when I cook. I do it lazy ways using least amount of ingredients I can. Making icecream is pretty fun. I want to eat more mushrooms. I currently make a mushroom tea latte out of powdered mushroom blend.
traed Sep 13, 2:55 PM
lol i figured it was in a lot of stuff but everything?

Not sure how I feel about the egg curry but the other two might be good although I lack too many ingredients and cheese cloth. I dont have much money lately. I will keep it in mind for later
traed Sep 12, 9:26 PM
Do you know any good dishes that use turmeric? Trying to figure how to use it up. So far I only mix it with milk and drink it.
traed Sep 2, 12:58 PM
Dont know but if it's a back paw it's good sign but front it says nothing. It might be broken. I have no clue
traed Sep 2, 10:25 AM
It might just be a sprain unless it landed on something llie a big rock. I have a cat that jumps from 6 feet regularly without proble. Youd have to have them go to a vet if it's broken. I doubt you couldd do anyting yourself.
Frostbytes Aug 26, 1:51 AM
Maybe not you specifically but it will affect many people for sure, for policies linking with mobile numbers, etc
Frostbytes Aug 25, 10:50 PM
I don't know whether it will really affect beef ban(the case is still pending afaik) but it will affect many things, Section 377, abortion, Aadhar, Euthanasia, fb linking whatsapp number etc etc. Abortion and Euthanasia are still debatable as how much it will be affected but others will have a major impact for sure. If you are disclosing information on your own discretion, like as you said, fb, etc then no problem, it's the compulsory ones which draws controversy like Aadhar.

Anyway these two threads will help you, not the memes but the discussions https://www.reddit.com/r/india/comments/6vor32/right_to_privacy_is_fundamental_right/?utm_content=comments&utm_medium=front&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=india

Frostbytes Aug 25, 12:50 PM
I am surprised you didn't make a thread for that Right to privacy verdict yesterday.
Surfaceofthesun Aug 5, 7:16 PM
More than often anime tends to be way better than webcomic, look at Onepunch Man, the real webcomic looks like it can give any one pneumonia if they read it for twelve hour straight, but the anime on the other hand was a huge success, I mean seriously lol.
Surfaceofthesun Aug 3, 9:19 PM
Glad to know, any favorite Webtoon?
Surfaceofthesun Aug 2, 9:03 AM
Oh, you happen to be the one, who loves to read Korean Webtoon, yes?