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Nov 14, 2021
Preliminary (12/? chp)
Story: A fluffy romance story with honest characters which deals with recovery from domestic violence. I like how the main couple is honest and understand each-other with supportive side-characters. Age-gap romance stories usually use the tag to lure people and when they finally become a couple, the whole premise is thrown away in favour of a more generic romance drama/comedy. However, this is different, the story has remained nuanced on the age-gap thing so far and seeing how the story is being followed up, I hope for it to remain so.

Art: Generic. Good. But, generic. The emotions are portrayed well but the panels are discontinuous ...
Mar 28, 2021
This was a good story destroyed by the author's personal feelings about his manga getting cancelled and the later chapters were spent venting about his personal issues through the characters of this manga rather than following the original storyline and doing the things natural for the characters he had built.

The female lead was, from the beginning, a little easygoing and misunderstanding certain things; but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I had hopes for the male lead but these were shattered when his innocent persona led to downright annoying misunderstandings and spoiler alert, there is no feeling of resolve at the end of ...
Mar 28, 2021
This is a surprisingly wholesome story of two college students getting drunk and ending up in a situation which leads to their subsequent marriage. Spoiler: It is not pregnancy.

There are misunderstandings but nothing in the level that would make the story a annoying or a pain to read. The misunderstandings are innocent and the kindness of both the male and female protagonists make it such that there is no escalation and that those are resolved peacefully. In short, the characters don't disappoint.

The only minor nitpick would be an accidental grope in a later chapter but it is nothing major and is played as a joke. ...
Mar 28, 2021
This may drive people away due to the incestuous title. Trust me it is anything but. This is the story of the girl and the boy from different families bonded by the marriage of their parents.

Unfortunately, both of their parents die shortly after. The rest of the story is about how the two kids support each-other through the years. Revealing any more about the story might be spoiling it so I'll end here with some vague words.

The plot has the pacing of a coming-of-age story but surprisingly has the thrill level of a slice-of-life. Give it a shot and it might just captivate you.
May 30, 2019
"Heartbreaking, captivating, bittersweet..."

To put into words, the manga depicts the bittersweet story of families, told through the younglings, their romance and relationships. At times, things turn really sad but it is so much contrasted by the characters' resolve that you are captivated to keep on reading for their sake, to find out how they deal with it.

The story tackles the psychological topics of mental illness, volatile relationships, sisterly relations, family and student life. The reactions of the characters to the situations are intriguing to follow while also preserving reality as much as possible.

The manga goes through the lengths of love to heartbreak, the happiness of ...
May 28, 2019
Preliminary (3/148 chp)
Brother tries to bring back his non-blood-related sister with him so that he can support her, but she does not want to be a burden on him so she repeatedly goes back to the uncle's house who is a drunkard (the aunt is a good person though) drowned in debt for his drinking habits and tries to sell the sister to clear his debts.

This is my impression from the scanlated chapters (3, in English).

The story could make for a very intriguing one where siblings defy odds and surpass all the barriers that people around them pose, but no, the author had to make it into ...
Apr 29, 2019
Mixed Feelings
I don't know what the author was thinking after the outrage that led to the prequel being axed (or that he stopped it himself, who knows), he tried to introduce another character into this sequel and steered clear of adults and controversial plotlines.

As a reader of the prequel, I'd be thrilled to read this if not for the dampening chemistry between the main protagonists of the previous story. As a matter of fact, what actually made Koneko Hiroimashita unique was the chemistry between the male protagonist and the elementary (?) kid, which became more of a symbiotic relationship than just being a babysitting one. This ...
Mar 25, 2019
It'd have been better as an NTR hentai and I could fap and easily get it over with. The story and characters which started with such a decent and wholesome premise took little time to go downhill further and further. The only thing that improved was the art and the coloured panels. Around chapter 136, it made me so restless that I stopped waiting for the translations and read the raws directly. And here's my short comment on everything that happened:

It is cheating and NTR, fully, no excuses, no over-estimation. With a premise where characters are in a relationship and things go awry, it's okay ...
Mar 8, 2019
The characters are pretty shoujo-esque but deviate enough from the norm to not be forgettable. The male characters are mysterious and are mostly tsundere-like. The female characters are shown to be pure maidens freely pursuing love. Pretty much every story has the same formula: Female dumped by ex > New guy enters > Female's reaction > New guy expresses his feelings > Happy ending (preferably with a sex scene) > Conclusion (Confrontation with ex, new guy solving problems, etc.)

The first stories are pretty wholesome but the stories afterwards delve into more dark topics which are subtly highlighted but not expressively depicted (rape, domestic violence, infidelity ...