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Feb 14, 2020
As someone who has been a huge fan of the railgun/index series since the anime debuted a decade ago (yeah, I’m old as balls), you can bet that I was ecstatic at the news of both getting a continuation after so many years. However, after the shit show that was Index III, I was scared for the future of Railgun T dreading that it would receive the same horrible treatment from JC staff. Thankfully this fear was short lived when Tatsuyuki Nagai was announced to be continuing his duties as director of the Railgun series. So far, Railgun T has been living up to and read more
Feb 1, 2020
When I saw that In/Spectre was getting an anime adaptation, I knew that I needed to watch it. As a huge fan of Blast of Tempest (same author and creator) I was extremely excited to get to watch this anime. And boy am I glad that I am watching it and I hope that you will be too.

Story: 8/10
The premise of this show is quite entertaining and interesting, following Kotoko Iwanaga as she solves various supernatural problems with the help of Kurou Sakuragawa, while simultaneously and humorously pushing her affection onto him. It presents itself very well within the mystery genre. Unlike lots of read more
Nov 20, 2019
If you're someone who is new or returning to this wonderful series and is glancing at the scores for this season in comparison to the two previous seasons, it is pretty obvious there is quite a difference. Simply put, this is due to a few "trolls" who lead sorry lives and have nothing better to do than ruin the score and reputation of a niche and amazing anime. As stated by others, it is honestly disturbing, and frankly repulsive, that a few individuals are able to manipulate the score of an anime as much as seen with this particular anime (going from a score of read more