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Sep 12, 2021
*I just whana play Volleybal , nether Im to smal fore this Sport I dont whana give up*

Long time ago, I watche this Series because I like Sports Anime. I think this one is a lot overratet. It exist so much more Sport Anime that the Storry are better. Im ok whit it, its about Volleyball. But the plot could be better. A smal guy whant play Volleyball. He is to smal fore the Sport but he gives not up. Im sad that it dosent have Romance ore enithing. It just has Sport, Im ok whit it. But you whil see just Volleyball, not more read more
Sep 11, 2021
Comedy: 10
Backstorry: 10+10 MAX
Side Character Personality: 10+10 MAX
enjoyment: 10+10 MAX
Musik: 10+10 MAX
Cycling: 10+10 MAX

Im learning how to make good Reviews, pls be nice. This Show has a very special place in my heart, it changes my life. I bought actually a real Roadbike after this and ride very often! But in real Cycling is really hard, if you whant to be a pro, than you should make early races to make fast procress. Put as a hobby I liked it really!
The Music is very nice to!! And every charcter is nice to shater there feelings whit you. Its like a big treshure under read more
Sep 11, 2021
Music: 7
Comedy: 10+10 MAX
Romance: 8
Character Personality: 10+10 MAX
Plot: 9
enjoyment: 10+10 MAX

Hello and whelcome, above you see my ratings! 10+10 max means is the best than 1 to 10 like normal rating. I hope I can hel you thit this.
This Anime is very Good, I feel in love whit the Characteers and there personality. I whil overwrite all my Revieuws, I whill leearn how to write good Raitings. So yea, enjoy!

This Show is poor Romance and Comedy of a good level. I liked it.

I whill watch it till the end.

Sep 8, 2021
The art, the storry, the music, while watching it, it was great. I still remember back wehn I watch it first time. it was a amazing feeling. I feel in love whit the Main Girl Mitsuaha Miamizu. Your Name is good to be so famus. It deserve it. I find the location in Tokyo very nice! While watching, I became in tears but fore good, and that one scene whit the inpact, it was so nice whit the Music there.
So this is definitly a "must watch Anime Hystory". hm so what should I say? Its just a good Anime. The Autor has it really to read more
Aug 3, 2021
Yowamushi Pedal, follow Onoda Sackamichi how is a real Otaku. He is now in new Highschool and whant remake the Anime Club there. But he meets Imaizumi while riding up the hill to the school 25 % on a "mommy Bike"know as City bike. Imaizumi saw a secret talent Onoda has, he ride it while singing the song he likes most, HIme Hime! Onoda ride sight 4 grade every time on weekend from Chiba to Akiba, nearly a 2 hours ride. Imaizumi forzed Onoda to a race and Onoda aceptet it. So began a very facinating, warming and greatnes Storry telling that make me up read more
Apr 2, 2021
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
In Citrus, follow a Girl how saw a other girl kiss a guy and then the gearl how kissed kiss the new girl to show, how the kiss was. Then, yea it begins a love storry, lesbian one. The music is ok, the Art is good. Its echi, nice colluers and the Storry is very good fore a romance show. I think its a bit underrated, I enjoy watching this show to the end. I hope I can help you fore surching Infos.
So Enjoy watching this great romance Anime! They will live togheter later as room mates! So it will have bath sences and read more
Mar 31, 2021
Golden Boy is about a 25 Year old guy how whant to now more from the World AAAAAND GIIIRLS yes. Its really nice and I like that he ride always whit his mountain bike XD so yea and there really cute girls there whit clothes and whit out one time. Soooooooooo yea I bought the DVD because its a great show for young and old. Its about friendship, girls, cycling. I like this. But the sound and music can be better. The Main charakter is lidle pervert, but I like him XD.
I like this Anime, its underrated. The storry can be longer, but it is read more
Mar 31, 2021
Amanee. My first Hentai Review. The "Art" is really nice and I like the conzept, that a older girl whant to have Sex whit a younger boy. But the other guy is destroing it because the atmosphere is not the same. There are two boys and one girl in the start scene. The other boy goes shopping, and that use the Girl, to have sex whit the other guy, oh my gosh this is strange but I love it.
I saw it on free So yea, if you like Hentais, than this is really good. Love it.
Its good yes, but a lidle bit read more
Mar 31, 2021
Baby stebs, follow a boy how play Tennis because a nice Girl told to him. Its a sport, romance show!
Im happy, that i saw this Anime because its actually really good, the best Tennis anime How I watched jet. So if you are a fan of Sport ore romance, than its good fore you.
So yea, the Opening is REALLY good!!!!!
So motivating.
It alos has a second season, but I dont now there is a third season ore will came. There also a Manga from this Anime.
One thing is the hearcut from the protagonist, the Hearcut. It looks like a chicken. I dont like read more
Mar 31, 2021
Ah really nice romance anime have whe here. There are many love storris whit different cute girls.
The Soundtrack is really good. I follow a boy, how had a date on crismass but the girl dosent came. So he was depressed and so begins the storry. Interisting, isnt? I like really romance Anime, because the art, the music, its so much better than fantasy or like that. Slice of Life show is it to, I like it.
I dont read the Manga, if the Manga exist. But I see there are games from this anime, it cant be this bad fore anime lovers.