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Momo e no Tegami
Momo e no Tegami
May 23, 7:33 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
May 23, 5:40 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored 2
Aura: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai
Aura: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai
May 23, 5:39 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored 1
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Saguri-chan Tankentai
Saguri-chan Tankentai
May 23, 12:58 PM
Dropped 1/? · Scored 5
Shuumatsu no Tenki
Shuumatsu no Tenki
May 22, 2:14 PM
Plan to Read · Scored 1
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
May 21, 10:44 AM
Reading 87/? · Scored 10


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sunako199 May 16, 6:55 AM
i cant blame you, the anime has different setting each episode xD
sunako199 May 15, 5:06 PM
its from violet evergarden :) the girl there is named charlotte btw (shes just a side character though)
Ryusenkei Apr 24, 2:30 PM
Happy Birthday!
RAI_KE1 Apr 22, 5:06 PM
Thanks man.You seem to be a really nice guy.
Ryusenkei Apr 16, 7:41 AM
No problem :)
Ryusenkei Apr 15, 4:38 PM
Yeah, that's exactly it.

I've seen a lot of really good anime/read a lot of really good manga, even some I consider masterpieces, but my favourites list represent the anime/manga that really had a lasting impact on me.
OhTaKuSo Jan 26, 6:01 AM
The book only costed me $8 from Japan
OhTaKuSo Jan 26, 5:49 AM
I'm trying to lean Japanese
OhTaKuSo Jan 26, 5:47 AM
Nope, I can only make out a few things
OhTaKuSo Jan 26, 5:45 AM
I'm not reading it translated, I actuality own the book.
Lux_Lucis Dec 13, 2017 7:43 AM
Yeah all of that is practically within our own grasp. Even though the scale is smaller, the means are imperfect and the hopes for a result are very ambitious, to say the least, we can already roughly trace the path to creating / becoming a quasi-god (or how you named it Proto-god).
Imo if there are more species who achieved that (and perhaps humans will join that list eventually) it should go like this:
Quasi-God => Demi-God => God => Prime God.
Quasi as in "resembling a god" = same concept but flawed, underpowered, severely limited etc'. Demi as in Partially God = A real god but still an immature one (has the full potential but did not consume enough info). God = obvious. Prime-God = Same as the former but the 1st to ascend (probably been a god for so long it simply retired LOL).

Anyway I'm glad that the concept of godhood, that I constructed for myself, entertained you for a couple of days :>

Lux_Lucis Dec 13, 2017 3:19 AM
What? No they are not "living organisms". They are a wandering consciousness with the collective computational power of an entire species (probably genetically, chemically and mechanically enhanced). The "physical body" of such a creature is probably a hyper-complex bio-computer, with micro-tech tissue and a zero-point thermonuclear (fission+fusion) power supply, hidden somewhere in a fortress planet.
As soon as you can analyze information so efficiently you only need to improve your ability to sense (i.e gather information in order to analyze it). That implies that it might also have some kind of drones that collect data. Even with the ability to truly understand the mechanics of reality (stuff like "Why is the mass of a quark is X and not Y" for example) a god is still limited by the constraints of this reality. Meaning that if the universe expands faster than light travels then as long as God remains stationed in a single spot, the amount of information he can devour is severely limited because some of it simply never reaches him... Gravitational waves, light particles, gamma radiation etc. These signals take time to travel trough the vast expanses of space.

So... God has no "living organism" of a body. At least IMO. It has a processor / storage unit, siting somewhere safe, and a bunch of sensors actively scanning the universe. There is no need to reproduce physically. Probably no way to actually do that without undergoing radical changes.
Plus going for a physical reproduction, in the case of a physical god, simple mitosis-like process (what cells do: simply slit) would be far more effective and efficient than courting, sex, pregnancy, birth, infancy, maturation...
Hell even if you do go for that primitive way of reproduction you can still do it like some plants and creatures do - knock yourself up.

As for being able to split your consciousness and by doing so - technically reproduce... I don't see a problem. Even I am capable of having a conversation with myself. Some people have split personality disorders.
As a god you should be perfectly capable of splitting your consciousness and conversing with yourself. And unlike humans, a god would retain perfect cognitive ability and full access to the entire storage, regardless of how many times he had split himself...
The best part is that two perfectly logical computers can not truly predict one another (specially when facing complex decisions). Meaning that splitting himself won't simply result in an echo / mirror personality but generate a new being.
OhTaKuSo Dec 9, 2017 4:21 PM
I recommend 2 anime series

Grisaia no Kajitsu & Taiho Shichau zo
Lux_Lucis Dec 8, 2017 5:28 PM
Thing about infinity is that it can be flawed but still be valid both in philosophy and reality. There's an "incomplete infinity".
You can stretch anything finite into something infinite. Like the concept of the ever-approaching second. Seconds still pass, clearly. But each second can be divided into two halves, right? And then the halves can be divided into quarters... If you keep dividing the second it is, de facto, infinite.
Same with infinite-infinity. It's still finite but not something we can comprehend. There's likely no real / true infinity. Something with truly no end or beginning.
Something like that would be conceptually flawed because it would also imply that it is not polarized. Something not polarized has no right to exist, by definition. Existence = polarization. The only unpolarized thing that was allowed in science, so far; was Aether and even that was scratched as soon as Special Relativity was perfected and reintroduced by Einstein.

Simple explanation for the layman would be: 1,2,3,4,5,6....Etc'.
You may keep counting "forever" but it is finite. How? Well there's the beginning, right here: 1.
"True infinity" has no beginning nor end... Yet by having a beginning you, by definition, have an end. having a beginning makes you polarized and only polarized things can be real.
Therefore using the word "Infinity" and assuming a no-beginning-nor-end mambo jambo is, what I'd call, preposterous.

When I said that a god would be infinite I meant that it is also a sort of imperfect infinity. That can be attained. Incomprehensibly hard. But still possible.
That means that it can also be calculated. And it is the largest possible order of magnitude since 2x infinity would still be infinity. Exactly the same rules as 0. You would not be able to divide by infinity and multiplying by it would always yield the same result.
You can calculate a Zero as the "no-value value". Infinity would be the "value-value", with a fixed size that encompasses everything except from nothing, That makes it finite because "nothing" is not a part of "everything" yet you can't have "more than everything" since "more" is a part of "everything".
Having "more than everything" is like having "less than nothing".
And no -1 is not less than nothing lol. A negative is still something.
That is how shit works =)
Lux_Lucis Dec 7, 2017 4:01 PM
Instincts are behavioral patterns that creatures are born with. Building a nest, avoiding dark places, fearing spiders etc' these are instincts. There can be a hunter in the dark bush, the spider can be venomous and a nest would be comfortable for the hatchlings.
Hunting is an instinct. Dogs chase after what runs away from them not because of hormones but because they react in this pattern to this specific trigger. This is why you throw something and they fetch it.
An instinct can be even more basic. A crab that latches on to something will not let go as long as you try and wrestle it out. Only when you give up it will leave it alone. A cat twisting in mid air in order to land on its feet. There's no thinking involved and no hormonal reactions. Hormones are too slow and thinking can cause a malfunction.
(Note: In some more complex "instincts" like fighting for territory / domination / females, hunting, nesting, migrating etc'; both hormones and thinking are involved but these are not PURE instincts but rather "instinct-driven" patterns).

You're confusing some stuff here and it's not helping.
Feeling hunger is not an instinct. You simply lack something and you consciously do what you have to, in order to fix it. Instincts are subconscious. Hungry babies sucking a nipple is an instinct though (they don't try to poop on it or listen to it yet they suck on it when they are hungry and do so without thinking). And yes we did lose so many of them. With the dulling of some senses, changes in physiology and lifestyle; we could not even retain some of them even if we tried to.
Hell you even lost the instinct to suck on a nipple for food...

Well you could assume that a god still thinks about sex and procreation... I'm not limiting you in your assumptions, ideas and hopes. Personally I am fairly certain that this would be the 1st thing it will forget. A god can technically be one or many and still retain full functionality and not change in its nature. Like a Qubit. If you are everything between 1 and 0, you can technically spread an infinite amount of infinite parts. For example between 1 and 0 you have 0.5. Well god is now TWO infinite individuals:
0 - 0.5 (an infinite amount of numbers and we'll call it God A)
0.5 - 1 (another infinite amount of numbers and we'll can it God B).
Now you have two infinite beings that stem from a single infinite being.
That basically means: Fuck procreation.