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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Sep 8, 11:26 PM
Watching 23/26 · Scored 9
Sep 8, 10:41 PM
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Sep 8, 3:34 AM
Completed 22/22 · Scored 9
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Aug 18, 4:10 AM
Reading 6/? · Scored 10
Aug 12, 8:32 PM
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GTO: Paradise Lost
GTO: Paradise Lost
Aug 12, 8:32 PM
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kuraharah Aug 23, 9:22 PM
Haha well I must admit I love the story A LOT, but dropped the game because of hellish controls and just watched a youtube walkthrough instead :D

What about sweets?

I was actually afraid he's gonna die there because additionally it was -20-something °C that day.

It's...not going... :D Well I took few freelance editing jobs meanwhile. But I kind of still slack off from serious job hunt. Probably will until all my savings are gone cause I have no power of will lol.
kuraharah Aug 22, 6:01 AM
We could've had a proper remake...... :'D Dammit konami
What do you think about MGS and MGS2?

I'm a fan of seafood and veggies, so japanese food is very attractive to me. I like chinese food also. I love fried and roasted potatoes. And Mcdonald's junkfood is yum too.
What do you like?

Haha idk, pray?
Well honestly I once found a man lying on the street so I called an ambulance and it took 47 minutes for it to arrive, although the station was like 2 blocks away.
kuraharah Aug 18, 7:54 AM
Yup it's totally great and the greatest thing about it is that it's limited by literally nothing else but player's creativity.
But the most stressful gameplay experience to me still was that chapter, you know, when you have to extract Huey and Sahelanthropus chases you, I could never play that chapter smoothly, but one time it kept searching right nearby a rock I hid under, then broke the rock leaving me just covered by grass and still didn't spot me, at that point I was already hysterical enough because I have this thing irl where I start panicking when someone walks behind me, especially on stairs, so I'm always also scared shitless when I'm chased by someone in games lol. So then it walked away and when I crawled between covers it turned my way and came back and I'm just lying there on the open like "o shit what do i do, do i run, do i wait" and it looks down to where i'm lying and stares right at me with that suspicious indicator, but instead just starts scanning the grass with that white field, you, know, and in literally like few centimeters from V's head i fukcing swear i stopped breathing and blinking lmao, and then it just walked away, i had to pause the game to just scream internally for like 5 minutes.
Although tbh I bought the game just because of creepy Sahelanthopus and its creepy noises in the first place. I actually was never into MGS before that.

I know c: Honestly I don't have any clear answer becasue I never thought closely about it, and the first (and pretty much the only) thing i ever consider when talking about visiting other countires is the food lol.

Same here, but paying crazy money absolutely doesn't guerantee you get any help. Clinics go as far as to diagnose you incorrectly to milk more money. And often they cross all the lines with it, like telling people they have few months to live left, pulling out ALL healthy teeth, etc.
kuraharah Aug 14, 9:28 PM
Lol well... I don't see how cartoons have anything to do with traditional art tbh.

Never seen it.

"Big boss can go to hell"(c) Lol. No seriously tho, Venom is bae, I like him much more :D Still wish konami weren't such dicks and let Kojima finish the game instead of wasting money on making pointless garbage like pachislot games and MGS Survive.

Maybe somewhere to Asia tbh. Though I think living anywhere has its downsides. But just Asian culture and mindset are much closer to me in every way than the West.

Ahh, there's more than one problem with getting it checked... Let's just say, our medicine sucks so bad not even once in my life going to doctors helped me.
kuraharah Aug 14, 12:15 PM
Why is it surprising?

Let's say, I don't dislike Cowboy Bebop. But it's far from favorite either. It's okay to watch once, I guess.

I injured my knee few years ago while running.

I would gladly read the 3rd book, but as I said, it's not translated.

How about MGS5?

I see. No I don't think I want to live in Japan. Or if I had to, regardless of my own will, I would at least pick some quiet town to live in, not Tokyo or any other huge city, that's for sure.
kuraharah Aug 13, 3:44 AM
No I don't enjoy arts.
I don't play instruments, but if I would to learn any, that would be drums.
I mostly just watch anime or read manga tbh. My interest for those was always huge but it skyrocketed since I got that reader's block, maybe because my passion for consuming stories didn't go anywhere but I can't force myself into liking any book anymore so it sort of combined lol. Ironically enough, I don't like live action movies at all.
I like watching hockey, sometimes rally too. I like shooting a rifle and I own one (not live ofc) but nowadays I don't have opportunity to visit shooting range often. I like jets. I like outer space and I like read and watch stuff about it but I suck at physics so I don't understand much. Those are all pretty half-assed interests tho, so I'm not exactly a geek at them, just enjoy watching/doing that stuff occasionally.
I also do enjoy running, but I don't run anymore since I killed my knee.

That book's called Sentou Yosei Yukikaze (it's japanese but it has nothing to do with weeb stuff). It's a military sci-fi trilogy, but I've only read 2 books since the 3rd book is not translated not to english nor to my language. I highly recommend it, by the way.
Speaking of Berserk, honestly I've always adored how Miura's writing style doesn't even feel like manga, it feels more like actual literature. What a piece of art, seriously. Lol to be honest, after reading Berserk I have difficulties reading dark fantasy books as well. I tried that famous Abercrombie's The First Law trilogy for a really long time, but it's just so weak in comparison.

Ninja Gaiden series, Metal Gear Rising, the rest of Metal Gear series, Zone of the Enders 2, Bionic Commando (2009) -- I'd say those are my favorites, but I'm prolly forgetting a few. It's not among my favorites, but I'm pretty soft for Onimusha series as well. Currently I'm playing Castlevania, Lost Planet and Ninety nine nights.

As of now, would you like to move to Japan or you're fine where you are?
kuraharah Aug 2, 8:23 AM
Ikr :D

Hmm, I used to draw. Well I actually studied art for nearly 17 years and was about to get a gedree in art & design, but quit the university, for reasons. Now drawing feels more like mental self-torture than fun. So I don't.
What else...sometimes I read books. I used to read a lot, but I've barely read anything in past few years because of this one book which was literally way TOO good. It gave me massive reader's block and since then I just can't consume literature because nothing is good enough anymore lol.
Sometimes I play video games. That's pretty much it.

Ah I heard about this. Why'd she moved from Japan?
kuraharah Jul 28, 12:03 AM
Ahh, not to sound too negative, I'm an indoor person, I don't care much about architecture and sightseeing, I can't stand living 12 hours without a shower, I can't sleep in unfamiliar places. On top of that I'm a car sick, have sun allergy and knee pain that's killing me if I walk for too long. That's plenty enough to make traveling anything but enjoyable for me :D
Who was Japanese in your family?
kuraharah Jul 27, 9:29 AM
Hmm nope. I hate traveling, and it's expensive anyways, can't afford such trips with regular office worker salary even if I wanted. Why? Thinking of going there?
kuraharah Jul 26, 2:34 AM
Busy time of the year or?
I'm job hunting atm. But kind of... very lazily. lol
kuraharah Jul 12, 5:14 AM
Same. I got so many recs pop up in my head now lol. Not gonna annoy you with them, but if you ever need them let me know.
Ah I see. Visuals got me real salty so I dropped it, sadly. Although it's still cool probably, but totally not the level I'd expected from ufotable after seeing UBW and Tales of Zestiria.

No vacation anytime soon/?
kuraharah Jul 11, 3:27 PM
God damn, Vinland Saga is beautiful. I've only seen 1 ep so far tho, but damn...
How's Kimetsu no yaiba for you?

Pretty ok, thanks for asking. Wbu?
kuraharah Jul 5, 8:41 PM
That depends on whether you enjoy battle royale as a thing or not. But general quality varies from show to show so there's no certain answer.
The order is actually much simplier than some fans make it seem.
・ Specials and spin-offs aside, there's the original timeline which basically consists of two main titles :
   ・ Fate/Zero (two seasons by ufotable)
   ・ and Fate/stay night.
The latter is separated into the three visual novel routes adaptations:
   ・ Fate/stay night (2006, by studio deen, don't recommend it tbh, and it's not even necessary to watch if you've seen the other ones),
   ・ Unlimited Blade Works (2014-2015, two seasons by ufotable. I personally recommend starting with this one.),
   ・ and Heaven's Feel movie trilogy by ufotable which is currently in release. (or you can start with this one. Fate/zero actually spoils some stuff from it so you probably better watch it too)
Those are the only ones (of main titles) directly connected by lore. If you ever plan to watch this timeline, any of the three F/SN routes must be watched before Fate/zero. Some people might say zero comes first because it's a prequel, but don't listen to them fools, it was never meant to be watched before F/SN, for multiple reasons.
Although if you will watch F/sn and dislike it, i still highly recommend giving Fate/zero a chance, since it's written by Urobuchi, unlike every other Fate, which brings it to completely different level.
・ Everything else you can watch however you want.

If anything, ufotable's shows can be watched at least for eyecandy if you're down for gorgeous visuals (and sound design)

kuraharah Jul 5, 7:06 PM
Ah, you were asking about that.. sorry i misunderstood :D That upcoming one is a spin-off about one of the characters from Fate/SN & Fate/zero. Never watched any Fate?
kuraharah Jul 2, 11:42 PM
Ofc you haven't seen them, they haven't started airing yet :D