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Nov 23, 2016
When we think of "One Piece", we immediately assume this premise "'The Crew is sailing somewhere, cross roads and trade blows with the antagonist in the middle of their nefarious plans, the Crew decides to derail said plans by fighting him and his henchman with Luffy punching out the final villain'.

Story: In contrast to other films before or since then, it is willing to deconstruct things like Nakama and show how it can be easily broken apart.

Art: The looks of the characters may look below for the series, but it proves to be necessary in evoking how there is a dark and ugly read more
Mar 11, 2013
I watched the entire film last night, and instead of jumping to write a review I thought through the pros and cons of the movie.
Cons First
For being based upon Hiro Mashima's work I was greatly disappointed how cliched the plot was as a whole. If you have some of Hiro Mashima's work you would know that he is a master at taking peoples expectations of events to come, and turn them on your head. This film wasn't stuffed with a thick/ complex plot like each story arc in the mainstream anime/ manga series.

The new character introduced didn't come to me as a fully read more
Dec 14, 2012
This entire series so far is in opinion... a haunting masterpiece. This series pushes all of the right emotional buttons, and in unexpected ways. The artwork is OUTSTANDING in every way, it takes lots of influence from Victorian era realist artwork. It also pays homage to Victorian Gothic literature, in it's story, tone and pacing.
The story is the highest point of this manhwa. The story starts of as a conventional fairy tale, but this is turned on it's head by having characters you ACTUALLY care about. The pacing and tone start out slow and light hear-ted, but it quickly picks up speed and read more
Nov 16, 2012
In my truly honest opinion, I have mixed feelings about this series for a number of reasons.
The pros are that it starts out with an interesting premise, characters, and this is backed by an impressive art style. The cons are that the story is to abrupt in it's transitions between a dramatic to comedic tone. The second is that the characters are TOO deeply flawed and they never try to overcome them. The third and final con is that the central theme of the story is that Possession is good, which in my opinion is a bad message.