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Aug 5, 2010
I hate when I see a story that has potential to be good or great and ends up being fair at best. The art and character design was well done and the sound fit very well. However, the story wasn't set-up well and the character interactions weren't as smooth as I would have liked. Whenever I finish an anime and think how good it should have been, I begin to wonder about the manga behind the anime. Either the manga itself is only decent or the creators of this anime dropped the ball. I would only suggest watching this if you read more
Aug 2, 2009
Saki (Anime) add (All reviews)
When I first seen this anime coming out I was very excited because it appeared to be much like Hikaru no Go which is one of my favorite anime. However, after watching several episodes I realized they are nothing alike. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they both revolve around games. The game in Saki is Mahjong. I've tried to play Mahjong in the past but could never completely understand it and hoped this anime could help. Unfortunately, it can't.

Unlike Hikaru no Go, Saki focuses more on the characters than the game itself. The episodes read more
May 28, 2009
I remember stumbling across Berserk and watching part of the first episode before deciding this wasn't for me. About a year later someone was telling me how good it was and I decided to try watching it again. I'm very glad I did; this anime has turned out to be one of my favorite violent anime. It is full of continuous action which is one reason I found myself watching countless episodes back to back.

As it turns out the first episode has relatively nothing to do with the story line. In fact, it must be so far into the future that read more
Jan 7, 2009
Zaion is a basically a story about a meteorite which landed on Earth containing an alien virus that has begun infecting humans. So basically this is very similar to the Resident Evil theme. The story must also take place in the future because they have warriors using nano-technology and mecha-type machines to fight against these mutated humans. They also decided to stick in a bit of romance which is basically a love at first site ordeal. Overall, the series is worth watching considering it's only 4 episodes and can be watched while read more
Sep 8, 2008
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
Gantz involves a very unique story line that no other anime can match. This anime is filled with blood,gore, and constant killings. Whats so interesting about this series is that anyone can die at anytime. I actually find this to be a downfall to Gantz. As soon as I find a character that I don't want to die, HE DIES!! I like to understand the characters and if they keep dying soon after their background information is given, that information becomes useless. However, because I don't want to ruin the plot I can't go into detail.

Besides read more