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Satsuriku no Tenshi
Satsuriku no Tenshi
Nov 2, 1:30 PM
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Dinoe Oct 26, 2:37 PM
That feature among others is for MAL supporters. So if you pay to support MAL, you can get that feature among others.
Viewed Oct 8, 3:26 PM
Ahh, yeah I remember just waking up at 7am in the morning to watch a brand new episode of Pokemon or Yugioh it was one of those things can't just forget.

Is there anything you are currently watching?
Viewed Oct 3, 12:00 PM
Oh, thank you! :3
I've been watching on and off for quite a long time since I started when I was a kid around 6 or 7 years old. XD
I think it's relatively easy to find good anime, just have to look at the right places.

How about you? When did you first start?
cucky Oct 3, 2:27 AM
goochy goochy goo! goochy goochy goo!

DepresedHermit Sep 30, 10:29 AM
Ok. I will watch those and get back to you. Thank you for your guidance.
DepresedHermit Sep 30, 7:33 AM
Thank you. If you have any other recommendations I would be happy to check them out.
TheMariqua Sep 29, 1:09 PM
Did you end up watching it?
Tatami galaxy and mind game aren't meaningfully connected to it. The movie itself is a book that the protagonist receives at some point in tatami galaxy... and there are some scenes from the night is short that appear as a cameo of mind game, but that's it.
HeruruMeruru Sep 29, 12:04 AM
For me the colors are the opposite, the colors in super recent made in the last few years anime are too dull, it's kind of like the "real is brown" thing that was common in video games a while ago.
HeruruMeruru Sep 28, 2:26 PM
It's purely an aesthetic thing for me, I like the grit of cels and I like the kinds of art styles used in older shows.
DepresedHermit Sep 27, 1:39 PM
Ah, thanks. I like anime a lot so I wanted my username to be truthful. Are you watching anything interesting?
TheMariqua Sep 27, 4:51 AM
I could tell you several, but to be honest, from my prospective there's not one reason why this movie should not be experienced. It has a really good and unique plot, and while it has thematic elements in common with other Yuasa anime (Mind Game & Tatami galaxy), the execution of these thematic points is by far better than the previous two. The characters, while not deep, they do fit perfectly into the anime and compliment very well the comedic side of the story. The animation is also amazing to say the least, especially if you don't go into the anime with the impression that thr art style is bad - it really isn't.
HeruruMeruru Sep 26, 2:36 PM
Woops, accidentally rejected it without reading the reason, I'll send one back.
Tangerine Sep 26, 7:43 AM
it's not necessarily a bad thing, it just means nothing has value to them and it's not a bad mindset to have
so keep it up and we might ascend into the true reality yes
Tangerine Sep 26, 7:27 AM
i do like the serenity that comes with it, even if it means being reclusive to society
but hey, i have the forums so who's to judge here?
people are a group animal after all, they need one another to survive because back in the ye olden days you die if you dont
now? with the internet you can probably be born and die with no records of you outside at all.

possibly, but there's a specific term i often use
something along the lines of positive moral nihilism
i sound so much like a goddamn hipster lol
Tangerine Sep 26, 7:07 AM
even though it doesnt feel right, accepting things as it is and moving on is what many people dont understand
they always have to fight for something or else the world that they perceive is going to just fall apart, and that cant happen to them no siree
but honestly, living life with solitude and some somberness entwined to it? feels pretty free to me