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Nov 10, 9:02 PM
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Bakuretsu Hunters
Bakuretsu Hunters
Nov 10, 4:28 PM
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Succubu-ist Story The Animation
Succubu-ist Story The Animation
Nov 8, 10:47 AM
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Gyo: Ugomeku Bukimi
Gyo: Ugomeku Bukimi
Jul 17, 9:47 AM
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Kiss x Sis
Kiss x Sis
Apr 18, 12:24 AM
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To LOVE-Ru Darkness
To LOVE-Ru Darkness
Feb 8, 8:45 AM
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Soge_king999 Nov 14, 2:33 PM
Reasonable. It is a low-budget mess.

What? Come on. You've technically known me for years.

This is a local theater that serves actual cooked food. So, washing dishes is actually a rather important job here. Plus, I also take food to customers, clean the theaters after screenings, and prepare certain food items (like hot dogs, nachos, french fries, and milkshakes) when necessary.
Soge_king999 Nov 14, 10:48 AM
It's just, like, not a film site.

I see. Makes sense. I generally don't do anything that requires thought when I'm tired myself. I was messing around, dude. You're so serious, dude.

Actually, no. We don't qualify for the big tax breaks. That's for super billionaires like the Trumps, Mnuchin, DeVos, the Mercers, the Koch Brothers, and pals. Plus, I myself am a lowly dishwasher working for minimum wage.
Soge_king999 Nov 14, 10:04 AM
Doesn't make sense to me to use a site called rateyourmusic.com to rate your films, but sure, okay. You still don't watch nearly enough films. Probably spend too much time watching goofy anime, eh? I've seen, like, 300 more films than you have.

Doesn't look like it'll change anytime soon, so you'd best get used to it, buddy. I've been on the streets protesting since day 1, as is my duty as an American.
Soge_king999 Nov 14, 9:34 AM
Ah. I myself now work a local movie theater.
My condolences in regards to your cat. Always hurts to lose a family pet.

Really? Because according to your letterboxd account, you haven't seen a film since June! Doesn't add up. And, well, anime is p bad, bro. Politics = far more entertaining.
Iconic Nov 9, 12:23 PM
You really should check out Blend S and Konohana Kitan, I think you'll really like those. :)

Veronin Nov 9, 5:39 AM
Are you a dead on MAL
Wilko-chan Nov 8, 8:03 AM
Ya :3
Kusagami142268 Nov 8, 2:50 AM
I second that ↓
Wehzy Nov 7, 2:22 PM
Your site and your profile picture is 10/10
Soge_king999 Nov 5, 8:41 PM
Gonzo~! That's pretty cute!

It's been a while since we had a chat. How have you been?
Master10K Nov 2, 12:52 PM
Wow! So far I've never attracted a full page review before, in my comment's section. :P
Iconic Nov 1, 5:05 AM
Iconic Nov 1, 4:39 AM
vctordumpling Oct 31, 11:05 PM
your 3/10 on aku no hana triggers me. Aight, im a big fan of the show, so I gotta defend my position. First, your intro mentions how the purpose of this show was to be different, yet u never expand on how it fell short of achieving this goal; this is especially jarring as it is the main point of your argument. As a matter of fact, you state that it was "the first anime show to do this style of animation", consequently you allude that the show deviates from the norm. It is vehemently apparent that this show is very idiosyncratic and is a novelty: it has no anime cliches and tropes and your Holden Caulfield comparison accentuates the show's departure from traditional anime archetypes. Also, Its plot points are seldomly used in anime. These include the moral decay of the protagonist, and the despondent and dreadful tone elicited by its deliberate slow pacing and chilling soundtrack. Sure there are a few aberrations that encompass these points, yet none are grounded in reality like this show and as different.

I agree with you on how the animation is subpar, yet you assert that it fails to display a substantial countenance for the character's emotion. But this is easily subverted by a quick google search. Even the facial expressions that are memey still convey the character's emotion e.g. bewilderment or excitement. Please provide a specific moment where the facial expression did not align with the character's sentiments.

Next you stress that the relationship between kasuga and nakamura is shallow and that there is no chemistry between them; however, I must emphasize that their relationship is not romantic, but one grounded in superfluous obsession. As a result, this "bond" that u refer to, which I assume is romantic, is unnecessary and never happened. An easy real life example to understand Nakamura would be Ricardo Lopez. His sexual frustration, isolation and emotional instability caused him to obsess over icelandic singer Bjork, despite them never meeting. Yet he projected his fantasies onto her and like they actually occurred, was frustrated when they were shattered-Bjork started dating-and committed suicide. Similarly, Nakamura projects her fantasies onto Kasuga and both base their obsession on superficial actions: Nakamura's believes Kasuga understands her, due to him stealing Saeki's clothes and Ricardo believed Bjork understood him due to her lyrics and music. In both cases each individual perfunctorily manipulates a specific action to justify their delusions all to alleviate their desolation and detachment from reality. As aforementioned, Nakamura is terrifyingly aloof, which is exemplified by her attitude towards the teacher in episode 1 and practically every unscrupulous word she articulates throughout the show, especially her dream of escaping through the mountain. It is not angst she displays, for she acts on her absurd statements, she is mentally disturbed, she is fucked up.

As for Kasuga, his obsession also comes from this sense of isolation and the emotional discrepancies caused by being a teen. Throughout the show he asserts his disdain with the world's lack of sympathy i.e. the cities inability to understand "flowers of evil" or, how I interpreted it, his emotions, and it's inhospitable condition-the cold and rusting metal. However, Nakamura comes into his life, someone who completely opens herself up to him, because she is insane. This unintentional vulnerability from Nakamura gives Kasuga a false sense of ease, for he feels like she is familiar and someone he can trust. This is exemplified by the scene where Kasuga is running throughout the bleak gray city, but, spontaneously, is enveloped by a bright yellow light and is then promptly greeted by Nakamura sitting on the river bank with its sparkling water painted by the sunset; a nice juxtaposition that accentuates the amenity Kasuga gets from Nakamura, due to the warm colors. On the other hand, his father repeatedly directs Kasuga’s issues to puberty. Thus, implying a distant parent to son relationship, whose ramifications include lack of reliance between each individual.

As for his haste decision to destroy the classroom, this was just due to the fact that he is a teen. They lack to ability to judge what is right, for they have yet to mature and they handle situations illogically at times and are heavily influenced by pressure.

This anime is a study of what it means to be a teen and it is all manifested by Kasuga. His sexual frustration with Saeki, his abhorrence for his home, they are all common characteristics of teens and are commonly illustrated by realistic media portraying teenage life, such as the prolific Catcher in the Rye. Also, I would like to emphasize that Kasuga’s despondency is not proof of bad writing for his character, for it is essential for the plot. The show’s plot revolves around the unstable nature of teenage emotions and without this there would be no basis for the tumultuous storm of emotion that devastates the characters. You also state that he is not “enticing” and so it is obvious the purpose of this show flew over your head. The show is not trying to give the viewer an enjoyable experience, it pummels them with an uncompromising view of a worst case scenario; where insanity is mixed with the chaotic nature of teenage emotion and it does so impeccably.

When it comes to discussing your issues with Seaki, I would like to emphasize how you missed the purpose of this show. It is not primarily a romance anime, consequently this aspect is not the focal point and thank god they did not focus on it; imagine the inappropriate tone shifts if the show meandered on pointless romantic banter and dates between the two. As for why Saeki decided to date Kasuga it was well explored. For one she was awed by his admiration for books and the kindness he demonstrated when he stood up for Nakamura. And once again I go back to them being teenagers. They will act instinctively. From my personal experience, back in middle school I dated a girl once she confessed to me without knowing her too well, which is very similar to Saeki and Kasuga. The ephemeral bliss I felt at the moment made me agree to it and eventually I grew attached. The same exact thing occurred to Saeki, she even teared up due to the happiness she felt from the confession. Also, you cannot assume every girl will be disgusted by what Kasuga did and that ostensibly Saeki would break up with him over the petty sexual act. She is discretely sexually interested in Kasuga, which is seen in later chapters of the manga. It’s like telling your gf you jerked off to her pics before u started dating, ofc she wouldn't care cause u guys r already boning or want to bone.

Phew i'm exhausted as for your last two points provide examples. Also, clarify how the heartbeat hindered the atmosphere. It was not fear that it was supposed to elicit, but just dread and despair and also tension from the emotional pressure pushed onto kasuga. The show didnt try to aim to be frightening. The show’s purpose flew over your head and u just imposed your own expectations onto it without considering the work’s direction. Overall, great show 9/10 one of the best of the decade.
Iconic Oct 31, 7:20 PM
Happy Halloween Gonzo-lewd