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Nov 23, 2016
A "Slice of Life" in Kure and Hiroshima in 1940s, Involving Love, Laughter, Fantasy, Hope, and Death.

The protagonist is a nonchalant (at least on the surface) and a bit dreamy ordinary girl who loves to draw and paint. She is raised in Hiroshima and marries into a family of a young man employed in the naval town of Kure,

The movies goes into great detail showing the life of an ordinary family of that time. It starts as a great slice of life, of her old-style marriage with a new husband, sharing life with in-laws and communicating with neighbors. There are happy, sweet, and tender ...
Sep 19, 2016
Note: I watched it at the Toho Cinema Complex in Ario Nishiarai (*I had thought I could have been the only person on this review list who had really watched it at a cinema in Japan after reading a particularly harsh review, but I was wrong).

A quick overview: Koe no Katachi is a very well done film, although not without shortcomings, and which has dealt with (a) complex issue(s), and which leaves the viewer with questions but no easy conclusions. It is a powerful enough film to remember and ponder over, and people may draw different lessons, or perhaps none.

Pros: The sound and vision (KnK ...
Dec 6, 2014
Tamako Market (Anime) add
Tamako Market broadcast in 2013 was a rather unfortunate TV series which had great potentials, initially greeted with high expectations, but didn't win hearts and minds of many people in the end. In fact, it was considered as the KyoAni's worst flop since Munto, and haters of KyoAni were very active in dissing the series, which was actually among the most popular ones in a generally poor season.

Unexpectedly, Director Yamada (K-On! series director) and her team made a truly successful comeback with Tamako Love Story movie in 2014, achieving satisfactory sales and receiving an art award. Seen from hindsight, as a combined franchise, Tamako ...
Apr 28, 2014
I saw it. It was a small, nice, pleasant, sweet, and touching film.

And it's Anko-chan Pero Pero throughout - cute girls doing cute things.
As anticipated, Kyoto Animation delivers when it comes to simple human drama of teens' friendship and maturing - and Director Naoko Yamada now successfully adds a guy (!), as well as families, and some good people in the neighborhood (although this mix probably didn't come out too well in the TV series). Yamada proves herself again as a director capable of delicate handling of emotions; by depicting a girl sitting alone in a classroom on a table in silence, the Director lets ...
Jul 26, 2013
Kaze Tachinu (Anime) add
Kaze Tachinu is a work of art intended for adult audiences. No, this is not a movie in praise of war or denial of people involved in war. If you want a clear-cut movie which is kind enough to tell you who's the good and the bad guys, then sit back and enjoy watching Pearl Harbor (2001) with a Coke and popcorn instead.

Although the message is quite straightforward, and easy to relate to for people living in uncertain times (including Japan still affected by the 3.11 Earthquake in Tohoku Region), it might not be for other people, especially for very young audiences.

The story, partly ...
Apr 6, 2013
I saw in a movie theater in Shinjuku (WALD9) just yesterday.
My expectation wasn't very high; I knew that the movie duration wasn't too long (66 min), and I knew that the story wasn't a simple continuation from the last episode of the TV series. I thought if it was mildly entertaining that would be enough.

I was wrong.

Animation art direction was P.A. Works at its best. It captures well the good scenes from Yunosagi (largely based on the real Yuwaku Onsen town).

The story was surprisingly good and actually quite emotionally moving; never thought it could be that good. Music was the familiar ...
Jan 1, 2012
K-On! Movie (Anime) add
I've seen it. Finally.

I got a postcard of Mio's lyric version of the good bye song, Tenshi ni Furetayo (We've Touched an Angel) at the entrance of the theatre. 3-time repeaters in Japan gets a random raw K-on film strip as a present, by the way.

K-on! the movie has become a phenomenal hit for an animated film here in Japan. In my honest opinion, it was not "fantastic" that went over my expectations but it was predictably "very good".
It was fairly entertaining and rewarding for K-on! fans. It should be enjoyable to first viewers of the series as well. K-on! is not meant ...

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