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Dec 7, 2019
This is a literal commentary of the first 9 episodes. It's also a recap, however, it is narrated by the main characters of this show, which makes it really entertaining. The overall recap of the previous events is done quite well and using the main characters as narrators clearly adds to the charisma and pleasant feel of this episode. In general, this is a great example of how a recap should be done.

This episode is the resemblance of a typical commentary episode you would find on any anime Blu-ray/DVD, and it does a good job of re-telling the overall story from the past few episodes.

However, read more
Nov 2, 2019
UPDATED on 28/12/2019 (12/12 episodes completed)

UPDATE (28/12/2019)

This show actually turned out to be a calming and enjoyable anime to watch. It seems as if the characters have actually developed some IQ, and Joro begins to become a less hated character as I continue to watch this show. Even though I hated the first arc, the progression of the actual plotline seemed quite nice, as we get introduced to some well-structured characters. I'd say the show still doesn't deserve to be rated 'Very Good', as the overall story still isn't as strongly structured and well-thought as other highly rated anime of this genre. Nevertheless, the characters read more
Oct 31, 2019
UPDATED on 28/12/2019 (12/12 episodes completed)

FINAL UPDATE (28/12/2019) (3/10)

This anime is a great example of a show that had a lot of potential, but couldn't fulfill its expectations in the end. The story-telling is atrocious. I'm not sure whether the adaptation was just poorly executed, or the source material is actually that bad. The music, however, was very good. This show deserves a 3/10 for its shambolic character development and train-wreck of a plot. AVOID THIS ANIME. However, I strangely would like a season 2...

UPDATE 2 (13/12/2019) (4/10)

The story is slowly progressing, but the main aim of this show from the start doesn't link with read more
Jul 30, 2019
I will make it clear. This anime SUCKS. It was probably expected, but nevertheless I never would have thought that it would be that bad. I will try to make this review short and sweet.

• Characters are somewhat cute
• OP is somewhat unique, and actually sort of fun. However it still is very below average.

• No significant story
• Characters are very fricking boring
• Each episode actually lasts for about less than 2 minutes, as OP and ED take up a third of each episode, so there is only like 2 minutes of story in each episode.
• ED sucks, probably more than the OP
• And, of coarse, the anime is too short. read more
Jul 28, 2019
This is my first MAL review. This review is WITHOUT SPOILERS, but to be honest, there isn't anything to spoil in the first place (I'll expand on that shortly). I will rate the Anime in 5 categories, and then I'll give an overall score.

Story = 7

As I said before, this anime is impossible to spoil in my opinion, as this is a typical slice of life anime without any plot. There is no significant story, however the anime does flow well and therefore does seem quite enjoyable. I feel like Danchigai is one of the better 3 minute animes out there. However, the story is read more