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Jul 1, 2016
Whether we enjoyed them or not, the years we spend in the classroom are some of the most influential times of our lives. This is where we mature, being taught both from the lessons of others as well as from the mistakes of our choices. Koro-sensei's assassination classroom is no different, but unlike the mundanity of the daily routine we call school, watching the students of Class 3-E grow up and tackle the extraordinary challenges that face them was an absolute joy.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu's second season continues the story of Class 3-E as they sharpen their skills in order to assassinate the yellow-tentacled teacher Koro-sensei. read more
Jun 30, 2015
This is it, their grand return. While the past number of shows they’ve animated may not have quite hit the mark in terms of greatness, KyoAni has captured the magic of what made me fall in love with the studio in the first place with their newest work, Sound! Euphonium. What many brushed off as just a K-On! 2.0, Sound! Euphonium is one of the best anime that I have seen in a long time.

Sound! Euphonium follows the Kitauji High School Concert Band, a group that sounds fairly mediocre, and follows their journey as they grow both as musicians and as people in their read more
Mar 19, 2015
They say that when you fall in love, your whole world changes. The grey becomes colored, the dull becomes vivid, and the little moments become unforgettable ones. While there may be other stories that are written better or other productions that are animated better, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) struck a chord with me that I hadn’t felt with a show in a long time. Even with its flaws, I loved every moment of this show, both as a musician and as an ordinary viewer.

Shigatsu focuses on the journey of Arima Kousei, who was a brilliant pianist as a child, read more
Jun 30, 2014
When Love Live! School Idol Project first aired in Japan, it became a hit sensation, captivating the hearts of many. The show was surprisingly good, with an enjoyable cast, entertaining songs, and a solid story. It was a massive success, and with its popularity came a second season. This might make some people feel anxious, thinking this to be a sell out for more money, but their worries can be put to ease; regardless of its intentions, I believe this second season to be even greater than the first time around.

Spoilers for the first season to follow.

Love Live! School Idol Project Second Season follows μ’s read more
Sep 23, 2013
The World God Only Knows is well known for its different take on the harem genre. The main character, Keima, is out to make girls fall in love with him at first to save his own head, but later for more important reasons. It contrasted greatly with the common stereotypical harem series that had an oblivious main character with girls that were head-over-heels in love with him. However, the Goddess Arc, for which this third season is based off of, is the story arc that propelled this series from something fresh and interesting to something that really became something special. While this anime adaptation has read more
Sep 20, 2013
Everyone views the world in a different colored light. Our shade is affected by our upbringing, our culture, our religion, our language, and a variety of other factors. However, when our color mixes in with another color, then the light in which we view the world in changes dramatically, as yellow mixing with blue makes green. It allows us to see things that we have missed before, and makes us question the things that we've always believed. Silver Spoon pushes Hachiken Yugo into a completely new world, and changes the hue of his view as well as ours in this story.

Written by Hiromu Arakawa of read more