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Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Jul 5, 2:30 PM
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Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Jul 5, 2:30 PM
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Chihayafuru 2
Chihayafuru 2
Jul 5, 2:29 PM
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Jun 26, 5:28 PM
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5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Jun 22, 4:05 PM
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Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts
Jun 3, 4:00 PM
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Diamant Jul 13, 10:44 PM
Nice, I have heard this season will be darker than the previous ones (I personally haven't read the manga) so I am interested to see that. Who are your top 3 favorite characters from BNHA?
Yukkicchi Jul 13, 1:00 PM
A Haikyuu fan that has the best guys as favorites! Talking about Oikawa and Kageyama of course <3 (Hinata is also amazing though xD)

Also I read your opinions in your list's tag section and I think you can express yourself very well imo! What really impressed me was your Haikyuu review, you just nailed all the important points that made me fall in love with this series (also it just made me want to watch the series all over again heheh). Haikyuu being an highly intriguing show that makes you get emotionally invested into it despite it's genre-bound restrictions - I felt like this was one of the most important things you tried to state & you put this pretty well.

I also love how you mentioned the interactions between the protagonist team AND the antagonists, because I feel like this is something other (sports) anime lack. They strongly antagonize the other teams/characters and don't show their dynamics properly, which is where Haikyuu excels at & why everyone and everything in Haikyuu feels alive! I always say that Haikyuu characters don't even feel like characters at this point, they feel like real humans to me. Anyways good job :) (and looking forward to S4, hopefully we'll get an airing date soon *fingers crossed*...).
ShiSuiTeleports Jul 5, 8:34 PM
You're probably the only one I know who's watching Kanata no Astra as well. I quite enjoy the first episodes has potential. The premise is refreshing from what I usually watch.
DespoinaDiak Jul 4, 4:26 AM
Hello! Sorry for the late reply!
You are very welcome!
I'm glad you enjoy Chihayafuru it is one of my favourite shows and Chihaya is my favourite anime character <3
efffume Jul 3, 4:31 AM
Yeah I love the manga these days but the anime massacres it by being extremely stiff all around (s3 anyway). It's like cardboard cutouts talking to each other, slowly to that.
ShiSuiTeleports Jul 2, 9:55 PM
Suprised you stomached through Shield Hero.
tane-kun Jul 1, 3:29 PM
Actually, it didn't bother me at all, but one of my friends said "Oh, look at that text, how can you possibly answer that?" :D She is also an Haikyuu-lover, so, she just happened to read it because of the gifs :D

Woah, that's so sad. And, how can somebody not like this song :D
I think society sees crying as a weakness. I mean, it is also a big problem for women. Not being receptive to other's (and your own) emotions isn't healthy. On the other hand, sometimes I think there's nothing wrong with hiding your sadness. When I'm upset I prefer to be alone or with people I trust, care about and can be vulnerable with. I guess everybody prefers that. Still, crying isn't a weakness in the first place. So, I think it's a sociological problem.
Yeah, I've read about that stuff, as well. Also, you know, there is a modern dogma of blue being for boys and pink for girls. I've found an interesting article about it. This

Yep! We're identical. :D We were always going to the same school. We are even attending the same faculty! We nearly got the same university entrance exam results :D
And, he has also a MAL account --> ta-da!

I see, I think the same way. But I think I did cry or at least get teary-eyed many times while reading manga/manhwa. For example, "I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year.", "Annarasumanara", "About Death", "Tokidoki" and "Our Happy Hours".


Koe no Katachi is always special for me. Because, ahem, in middle-school, I was being verbally and socially bullied. It is difficult to recognize bullying(especially verbal bullying) in real life, unlike movies. Also, bullies have generally a small group. Sometimes, they don't think they are bulling a person (when they are just a bunch of kids). If you talk to them, they probably say they only looking for ways to beat boredom. Yeah, just like Ishida did in Koe no Katachi. I don't have any single friend from my middle school years. I generally don't wanna talk about this, but I somehow feel really close to you and you're studying pedagogy, after all. I hope I'm not bothering you. :/

It was Clannad AS! ^^ Have you watched it?
Diamant Jun 30, 7:41 PM
Yeah it looks great, crazy that it is almost here again. Do you know if it will be a 1 or 2 cour season?
-Dokk- Jun 29, 8:08 AM
ah thx I would like to watch those but Ill do it another time (my brother is annoying me all day and Im binging some anime often when hes not there)

naruto has obvious flaws but I can ignore them p easily :D

yh thats very true w death note

think AoT is kinda like death note as in it will get people into anime / people who dont watch anime might know it anyway

oh so ur busy rn then?
hope u can finish it soon c:

Kexzek Jun 28, 8:06 PM
I consider Yotsuba to be my number 1 quint now too, but I wouldn't mind if Yots, Nino, or Miku become the bride as well.

And wow, that theory was more thought out and analyzed than all of the papers I've written LMAO.
Re_Salt Jun 28, 1:40 PM
Gaara vs Rock Lee was amazing!! Probably the best part of Naruto so far for me, but I definitely feel like it will get better. I was afraid of starting it (yes, AFRAID. I was scared of an anime, smh) because of its length and avoided it for who knows how many months, even when my friends were all hyped up over it. Bullying is really bad, especially for a SUPER sensitive and really shy child like me, who lost it at even the smallest insult and was an easy target. I mean, it kinda made me stronger in the end (i guess), because it helped me gain more confidence and make more friends. Now I just try to be nice to everyone I see. Hearing that you're trying you're best is really nice too. Keep it going!

Haikyuu is written like any other sports anime, but it has a certain quality to it that you just can't ignore. A quality that makes you feel like screaming and rooting for Karasuno at 3 AM in the morning. That quality, and the way Haikyuu uses it through the coach's speeches and developing the characters, is what really makes Haikyuu amazing, and sets it apart from other sports anime, in my opinion.

Lmao thanks, I'm known to have a unique way of saying things XD
Re_Salt Jun 27, 9:26 AM
I'm around episode 50-ish of the original Naruto. I didn't really grow up with Naruto to be honest. Pokemon was my LIFE and SOUL when I was little, though. Sorry to hear that you got bullied, I've gone through that too.

Haikyuu is a very inspiring anime. It makes me feel like joining my school's volleyball team, if you know what I mean. I love how the anime always gives such inspiring and motivational speeches that are somehow still relatable to people who don't play volleyball.

I don't mind watching anime series which have a lot of hate directed at them. I may like them, after all.
Re_Salt Jun 27, 2:11 AM
Thanks for sending the friend request.

Haikyuu is my favorite sports anime, I LOVE it! I'm currently watching Naruto, and I like it a lot. Nice to meet you, by the way.
Kexzek Jun 26, 7:05 PM
Yeah no problem! Nice to meet you! She was originally my number 1 from the anime, but after reading the manga, I'd consider her 2 or 3. What theory are you talking about?
tane-kun Jun 26, 3:07 PM
Woah, that's a pretty long text. :D I guess you really like writing. (Of course, otherwise, how could you write that review :D) Well, I like reading.^^ So, no problem! I'm actually really happy you wrote all that. I only hope it wasn't so tiring for you :D

Yeah, also, you know, I'm a young man. For some reason, some people think that men shouldn't cry. They think it's girlish or sth like that. It's so sad :/ You're not one of those people, right? Right? *nervous noises*

So, you've increased the power of the anime community. Yay! I'm the same as you. I turned my twin into an anime-lover. Yeah, my twin... We've pretty much loved nearly the same things, so it was easy haha. Even so, he is an anime-lover because of me! (congratulations)

you can animate literally everything (from comets to flying cats). That’s why comedy works a lot better in animation, because characters can literally do everything

I agree with you. Not only visual-wise. Also, anime often dare to tackle sensitive subjects. For example, if Made in Abyss was not an animation, how could they possibly show episode-10? Nobody would want to watch the kids' suffering.

I see, thanks for explaining^^

Yeah, Seiyuus are amazing. But in Manga, there is no sound. So, what do you think about it? They don't affect your feelings as much as anime do? Come to think of it, do you like listening to something while reading a book or manga?

Code Geass started well and ended really strong, but the entire middle section was just a trainwreck. Do you remember this episode:

I like Koe no Katachi's manga much more. Because in movie, as you said, the writing is kinda weird and they forgot some important details.
For example, Shouko's mother... In the anime version, she was worse compared to the manga version. And they forgot to explain "clearly" why she was overly-controlling! I can't forgive them for this huge mistake. They didn't even show the backstory! Just read chapter 32 again. Then, you'll understand what I mean.

Yeah, I think it's much better than 5cm per second. About 5 centimeters; the concept was nice but, there was no "real" conclusion. I was waiting for something to happen. :/ But I really like Makoto Shinkai's directings. Even though, none of his movies are my favourite ones.

Well, my anime taste has changed a lot. I didn't even like the drama genre before. Now, it's my favourite one :D