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Dec 19, 2020
Taisou Samurai has a very unrealistic start, but dont let that put you off. It never devolves into unrealistic gag antics, but ends up being a great show that never treats itself too seriously but still treats its characters with respect.

The Characters are probably the most important part of Taisou Samurai and the show very heavily centers on their struggles. Each character starts out very stereotypically but ends up growing into their own. My biggest concern was the overuse of certain characters due to trying to add extra useless gags or something, but this did not end up happening.

The Sound was good, every single read more
Dec 4, 2020
Worse overall quality and excitement, but setup for next season.

A few big complaints being

-First few episodes are super meh.

-Animation is a big drop from season 1

-Main cast other than Ye Qiu from season 1 could literally be replaced by any other character and it wouldnt change a thing.

*If you want to watch this, but dont feel the urge to watch it asap I would just wait till a month or so before season 3 and watch it then. That way the setup wouldnt feel as flat, and this season could just reignite any remaining excitement from season 1 and prep you for season 3 where read more
Aug 3, 2020
-No Spoilers-
Kuragehime is a really fun show with a mature handling of its immature characters. This shows cast was fun, vibrant, and relatable almost like march comes in like a lion with a romantic focus.

I feel like the biggest minuses to this show is the romance arc feels somewhat forced and that the show would really benefit from maybe a few more minutes for wrapping up a bit more.

Every single character feels well developed and relatable, every action and emotion they are feeling is pretty well setup.

Romance Arc (This usually breaks shows imo)
This show does indeed contain the midseason romance arc, and although it read more
Jul 25, 2020
*Warning* A lot of Yaoi Fanservice, basically every episode has some sort of fanservice few minutes where there arent any dicks or anything, but there is all but
*Warning Over*

This show was super fun, and even with the gratuitous amount of fanservice the show had a very wholesome and heartwarming romance that as long as you ignore the creepy stockholm syndrome vibes during the first few episodes can be super rewarding.

Cons- This show very obviously has a main character and a main romantic interest, and even though it didnt hurt my enjoyment of the show, the romantic interest can feel somewhat underdeveloped (Azumaya, Junta) read more
Jul 22, 2020
Overall, it was a super mediocre fantasy about a op witch (Doesnt really feel op, but now that I think about it I dont think anyone else can contend with her poower) with some companions that travel to find a book.

The Positives-

The main draw to me, is the setting. I really appreciated that they went with a more classical fantasy (and classical whitches) and even though it didnt feel particularly well done, or interesting it was a nice breeze of fresh air with all the by the numbers isekai and game-like settings.

Another big plus to me, was the super cute sequence at the very end read more
Jul 1, 2020
BNA (Anime) add (All reviews)
The story is fine, it does what it wants and is pretty enjoyable and doesnt feel jarring. The Sound, Art, and Character Design all help the story create a very fun and enjoyable setting for this show which makes the show a blast. So if your looking for something fun, entertaining, and easy to watch this would be a great choice.

The music and sound design does its job insanely well, helps its setting and never feels weird or out of place.

This show touches on some deep themes, and while being important and a big part of the story isnt the read more
Jun 16, 2020
-Overview Review for both Season 1 and 2-

This series was enjoyable, and even without the whole over the top anime romance it did a very good job of representing both of their relationships.

What this show did very good was humanization, tone, and characters. This show humanized and made the characters and their thought process insanely relateable (Atleast for me, of course) and even if you disagree with their decisions I felt that I would have atleast thought that strongly, if not done a similar thing. This was expecially well done, because it was never over the top where it felt relatable, but thats because the read more
Jun 14, 2020
-Written before the release of the OVA-

The ova is needed for the enjoyment as the show, as it stands the ending is unsavory and is somewhat upsetting, so I would recommend waiting for its release (which I have heard is around September).

In my opinion this shows strengths is its comedy, the story is pretty meh and the characters feel very lacking most of the time.

(The Main Character feels like a ripoff hachimon from Oregairu or Ayanokouji from Classroom of the Elite, but 10x more generic and shit).

The comedy works really well when it wants to, and the sound works really well in these jokes. Not read more
May 24, 2020
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
-No Spoiler Review-
Citrus is about two new step-siblings who slowly develop their relationship with each other, its got a lot of drama, and for me can be a bit much at times.

Negative- As said prior, I have a problem with a bit more rough romance-dramas and even though I never stopped watching I very seriously thought about it twice. For me, the show also never had one of those super nice romantic moments which is somewhat dissapointing although I can see why.

Super Positive- Doesnt have the whole stupid assumption-based 2+ episode drama plot that make you facepalm the whole time since all the drama and read more
Feb 20, 2019
This assumes review overall references the first season due to the contrast of these two being very vital to the scoring/reviewing*

The first season had no glaring flaws, some of the characters were ununique, and some things were questioned by the viewer, but the characters and plot were still fun and went smoothly. This was especially apparent with the primary trio of characters where Yuigahama was a very ordinary anime character being a bit dimwitted (atleast in comparrison to the other 2) but still got her shine and moments which made us the viewer like her.

*spoilers in the themes of the ending of s2*
The problem read more