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Feb 20, 2019
This assumes review overall references the first season due to the contrast of these two being very vital to the scoring/reviewing*

The first season had no glaring flaws, some of the characters were ununique, and some things were questioned by the viewer, but the characters and plot were still fun and went smoothly. This was especially apparent with the primary trio of characters where Yuigahama was a very ordinary anime character being a bit dimwitted (atleast in comparrison to the other 2) but still got her shine and moments which made us the viewer like her.

*spoilers in the themes of the ending of s2*
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Jan 23, 2019
Was a super fun episode focusing on the sister instead of the main character.

It is a ova so theres not much to it except fun!

Art seemed a little worse than the rest of the show but its a ova so its to be somewhat expected.
I would recommend this, and if you havent watched the main show its not much special but I would recommend it for a enjoyable anime.

Im mainly writing this because i usually check the reviews for OVAs before watching them so I dont get dissapointed and there were only three so yup.
and this part is to make the review long enough read more
Jan 23, 2019
My ratings are pretty high for what I am gonna say but whatever it isnt that bad.

First off I am gonna say this review is extremely biased since I have recently watched a similar anime, except it was way better in pretty much every way.
This superior anime was The Heroic Legend of Arslan. I kept watching this show and it just feels like a otome version of Arslan where theres just more guys being added to her party who are cool and strong and all fall in love with her.

Story- its really straightforward without much depth, there very possibly could be some read more
Jan 9, 2019
*I did not watch the prequel, only Terra Formars and Revenge* (TL;DR at bottom)

The art is a lot more generic than the first season, while the first season which not being super special was more than enough to looked good and cool.

The general concept is nothing unique, but it is enjoyable. This season tries to build stronger ties to earth but did not fully show the weight of most actions occurring.

My biggest Problem, but may be a big nit picky so its down here:

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Jan 7, 2019
Its a 11 minute ova, including OP and ED. Artwork and such is the same as the show which is good!

It just shows a fun little interaction between some characters taking place after the last episode. They made a small change for the OP that that was more than enough reason
for me to enjoy this ova, and the name was a fun little reference.

It is just a OVA with no significance to the characters or plot really just a good time.

I would recommend read more
Dec 17, 2018
This anime is based off of the tales franchise - tales of zestiria (and a tiny bit of tales of berseria somewhere in 1st/2nd season)

(Short Review- Was a fun, unoriginal concept but polished and very enjoyable.

The biggest problem was the episodes based on tales of berseria because it wasnt till I looked up the tales games that I realized that this wasnt a character related to this story at all even though she has a few episodes in the middle of season 1 or 2 dedicated to her/her world)

Story was pretty fun, nothing unique. I havent played any Tales games beforehand so read more