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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
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LikTinn 3 hours ago
I just like to friend request anyone. I don't have any special reason.
LikTinn Today, 5:04 AM
Do u want to be my best friend?
KaeUBW Yesterday, 9:15 AM
Oh yeah i noticed last time i replied to you that you had started Alicization and Houseki no Kuni (yes i'll keep calling by the japanese name no matter what), but i forgot to mention.

Houseki no Kuni story is very strange. A bunch gems that are alive and have no gender (i like to think them as female) fighting Budas from the moon? It's bizarre to say the least, but also very interesting. I'll give you a heads up and say that the story won't progress too much (although some secrets started to be touched upon) and the anime focus more on the characters, specially Phos the MC. She grows a lot. The manga is still ongoing so there was no way for the story to end. That doesn't bother me one bit, but i do want to see a second season really badly.

I thought about watching Yakusoku no Neverland, but i'm kinda disinterested now. The reason for it is that i actually have read the manga until chapter 87 of the 118 released so far and it seems that author already said the manga is going to end very soon so i'm just waiting for it to end then i can binge read the remaining chapters. The manga is very good.

What is your current opinion of Alicization? And also Reincarnated as a Slime? (i saw that you have watched everything in just a few days)

Also...SORRY for the long replies. I'm really REALLY trying to reduced them so they don't look like a novel chapter, but it doesn't seem to be working so far.

KaeUBW Yesterday, 9:04 AM
Your profile picture reminds me of Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo so i even though that it could be the same author/artist who made her, but i don't really think there is any connection.

I actually love anime with mechas (robots) and if you look at my list you see a bunch of them (a lot of them with 10). If you like intelligent, "know it all" characters like Sora from NGNL you may like Code Geass. I don't dislike the English dub per se...i have played many games that i loved the english dub, but those were all western games. I just can't like it when it's on "japanese material".
Voltron does seem interesting...i'm just a "little" worried cause i read that there is SJW in it.

Oh yeah you have yet to watch the NGNL movie. I thought it was really good and i'm sure you'll like it.

I already noticed that you tend to rate your series high. I have seen other people who are the opposite of you and they rate their series very very low (most are 5 and below) and those people tend to be quite smug thinking that they are some kind of "anime connoisseur" (if they see your list with those high scores they'll say you have poor tastes)...i think they are pathetic people though XD
I'd rather like more animes and rate them high. If i rate high something it means i had a great time with it which translates to me being happier, how could that not be a good thing? People like you who can like a lot of stuff are just luckier than those poor "anime connoisseur" bastards who seem to not like anything they watch.
I may give 8 to a bunch of animes, but 10 i only give to stuff that i TRULY consider a masterpiece. Anything in my list that has 10 is an anime that i can rewatch no problem and is also an anime that has impacted me somehow.

At least now with the wide spread internet no one have to rely on the TV to watch anime, which is a true blessing.

The movie can be great or terrible. It will depending on how much they will have cut out from the source material. I hope they can do a good job as it does seems that this arc is really good. I think this is the first British joke i learned XD I don't really don't know much about British people.

I'll check Doug & Kirill when i have time. Strange, i just saw that i didn't have Tiger & Bunny on my list. I don't know if i forgot to add or if MAL have deleted the entry (maybe during the MALpocalipse).

I imagine that what most people liked (me included) in the first episode of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari was the betrayal theme. Naofumi was summoned to that world and he was full of expectation, but all of sudden everything came crashing on him and he was shunned of by everyone and put and in a very bad situation. Because of all that, Naofumi changes a lot and stops trusting people altogether. The episode 1 eneded when he went to buy Raphtalia the slave. I was really curious how things were going to develop from that point. This is very different than the other Isekais animes we see. In most Isekais the MC is OP right from the beginning, but Naofumi can't even fight weakest monsters on his own (it takes minutes for him to kill the trash balloon monsters which gives him only 1 EXP. TYhe other heroes can kill a bunch monsters with a single attack) so he has to rise (as the title implies) with his own efforts.

I'm right now at the volume 10 of Tate no Yuusha (there is 13 translated and 20 released on JP) and i'm truly enjoying. As you may see on the episode 2 of the anime (if you decide watch it) he has to work quite hard, but the novel explains it much further (as you can guess). The other dumb. Naofumi had to buy an slave to be able to level up (which ended up being the girl's salvation), he had to learn how to make medices so they could use and sell to make money. The novel explains in great detail how trouble he had to go to get him and Raphtalia (the salve) in a more stable condition.
There is the web novel and the Light Novel. The web novel was the original one, but i read that the light novel add some things and then went on different path from volume 6 onward. I read that some people complain that the novel quality drops. I did dislike the volume 9 because the main antagonist was kind dumb, the last fight dragged too much and there was things that i really dislike when a character does...i'm ok with when a MC decides to save his enemy because he thinks his enemy is not a bad person or the enemy may be able to help him, but i hate when the MC goes out of his way to risk his life to save some scumbags that were trying to kill him 2 minutes ago.

In the volume 9 Tate no Yuusha, Naofumi did that...he saved a girl that was trying to kill him, but fine she was clearly a dumb righteous girl being deceived, but then he does the same again against people who although were also being deceived, were just trying to kill him out of revenge (and they had no reason to take revenge). He almost died trying to save them....I HATE THIS KIND OF STUFF A have no idea how much i hate when a character does that. I'm liking volume 10 though.

For some reason i didn't get much interested in Reincarnated as a Slime. I read a few things about it that ended up making me not trying it. But the truth is, i think i would like it. If i decide to download and watch it i'll probably enjoy. I just don't have enough time right now and i'm too focused on reading the Tate no Yuusha LN.
All the Isekais i watched i liked...SAO, Re:zero, Kono Suba, Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu (which i even downloaded the novel, but didn't read yet). I either know how to choose or i really like Isekais...i don't know which one is true XD

WaterLord Yesterday, 3:47 AM
Ahh i see you loved it, that's great to hear! Because i always hear people complaining about the filler arcs of Bleach that don't have any substance at all but i guess that's just them.. Naruto had a huge amount of fillers but even i, who usually dislikes fillers, enjoyed some of them. But for Bleach i'm really not letting myself be influenced by the negative opinions. What i've heard so good about the show were its characters like you said and that, for me, is a huge plus because the characters definitely make the show more interesting overall.
WaterLord Jan 18, 6:08 PM
You bet.. It's just a huge pain in the ass... But there's nothing thay can be done about that unfortunately :/ i just have to study and do my best and then it will be over in a blink. And then after these exams i'm gonna watch some of the big anime. Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Bleach and Gintama are on the list!
WaterLord Jan 18, 3:43 PM
I know haha, we all have dirty minds so it's okay xD

While you're nice and cosy i am in hell lol. I have 2 exams next week and one is on Monday and the other on Tuesday -.- I'm tired of studying i just want this crap to be over with asap xD

Yeah im gonna watch that OVA right now to finish the series! I think it's a small arc from the manga that wasn't animated and got an adaptation, i want a season 2 so bad :(( Omg Gakuto is such a MVP, my favorite part of the show has got to be his fart xDDDD i literally pissed myself laughing while watching that hahaha. Ahhh what a great medicine this was to ease all of my worries from the exams lol.
WaterLord Jan 18, 3:13 PM
LMAO xDDD hahahahaha that one made me laugh! Don't judge me :(, you scored it the same as me you know, naughty girl :) Jk x) This type of comedy is just right up my alley tbh, i'm even going to move on to the manga in the near future. It was a super hilarious show, but not only the comedy was gold, the strategic thinking between the student council and the dudes were spot on. And that ending was just the cherry on top, Karma at its finest! It's hard to find unique shows like this one that take peeping on girls... to another level of brutality lol.

On the other hand, it's been a while! How have you been? :)
shirayuzu Jan 15, 5:45 PM
Thanks. I appreciate your kind thought :)
Elfezen Jan 15, 5:58 AM
Yes Gowther has basically the concept of trap or crossdressing (it will be shown more later), i am glad that someone like this is the Sin of Lust here because he is really lovely and kind of attracts both genders with this theme. Also considering that Nanatsu no Taizai has become the primary series that represents the seven deadly sins and the sin of lust is a trap it makes his theme even better.
Elfezen Jan 14, 6:52 AM
Hey Geshtinanna-san, just wanted to say that Nanatsu no Taizai is extremely good especially when they obtain Gowther, after you finish this season you should watch the following one as well.
KaeUBW Jan 13, 2:45 PM
I guess i agree with your opinion on Zombieland Saga. It's just the type of anime that the characters do whatever during the episodes. I can like this kind of anime too...i like moe anime with cute girls doing cute things (i gave 9 to Urara Meirochou and i would love to watch another season), but Zombieland Saga was more a parody and this kind of thing tends to lose my interest fast (like Mahou Shoujo Ore).

I didn't think it was bad (didn't even rate it), but didn't really had interest in watching more episodes so i just dropped it. Truth to be told i did download the episode 4 and for something like 4 weeks i let it here without watching until i finally decided to skip through the episode and see what it was about. I didn't download the episode 5.
KaeUBW Jan 13, 2:34 PM
Hi Geshtinanna. Sorry for the long wait, my router broke and i was left without internet for a week basically (i don't have an internet plan for my cel either). It was torture, i need internet to survive x_x

I think i do have the talent to be a great artist...i just never discovered my talent XD

Yes i agree with you about NGNL. I really think the novel must be much better then the anime as the anime has to cut a lot of details out. Unfortunately i need an impulse to start to read something and nowadays this is specially true for ongoing mangas/novels (i talk more about it below). I do find strange that i don't gave NGNL an 8, but i always score the anime based on what i think it for some reason 7 was the number i thought it was fair, but i do like the anime a lot and i even gave 8 to the movie.

Really you have never watched anime on TV? Anime here was quite popular here and there (Saint Seiya for example was HUGE boon here when it was exhibited in 1994), the problem is that there was always gaps where no anime was exhibited for a while (and i'm talking in years) which was terrible. Seems like anime is kind popular in the US nowadays, but i'm not sure how it was before.

I have seen other people who doesn't score their animes at all. It's not that common, but i have a few already. I just saw what you did with your list lol seems like you put some work there, but i actually liked the result. It would be good if MAL had some more options to customize the profile.

Did you saw the news that Made in Abyss sequel will be movie not a new season? I'm not sure if i like this "change", but i hope it's good. At least movies have usually better animation quality (as long is not TOEI stuff) so there is that to look forward.

Ok ok my bad...i didn't noticed that you were watching this many ongoing animes. I did saw Golden Kamuy, but it was just 1 anime so that's why i said that. Doug and Kirill went completely under my radar since i didn't noticed that it has ties with Tiger & Bunny (which i liked). I may take a look at it later.

Ahh i understand. There were times where i watched maybe an advanced episode of an anime (on youtube or something like that) and liked it then i went to download the whole thing. I don't remember which one i did that, but i DO remember doing that.

I don't remember having done anything crazy like you asked (i just don't remember anything specific, doesn't mean i never did), but as for being spontaneous...i told above about how i need an impulse to start reading something. Last week (well actually it was January 5) i watched the first episode of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari and really liked the first episode and decided to see how far the source material (light novel) was. I found the LN to download and i really had an urg to read it...i wanted to know how things were going to progress and didn't want to wait an entire week for it so i downloaded the LN. I read 6 volumes already past week...i was SO LUCK that i decided to download everything that day cause in the next day my router broke.

I have other novels (like Mahouka for example)and mangas (like Houseki no Kuni) that i really want to read and i'm taking my time to start, but
i just needed an impulse to got and start Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari. I'm really glad i did cause i'm enjoying it a lot. The only sad part is that the novel is still ongoing and i know it will probably end in 2050 or something like that. This is one thing i like about chinese novels better...the chinese authors tend to release multiple chapters per week (sometimes per day) which lets a novel with 1500+ chapters be finished in two or three years. Japanese novels takes ages to end.
SakuraPetals_ Jan 12, 2:08 PM
I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there. :3 Thank you!
Aha, I'm sure he would. ^^

Awe, that is really beautiful. Thank you for that! :3
SakuraPetals_ Jan 12, 11:34 AM
Sorry for the late reply. I've been a bit poorly, in hospital. Great start to my new year. xD

I love some of soundtrack music in Naruto, so I'm looking forward to Shippuden now too! ^^ I'm also looking forward to the new characters that come into Shippuden too.