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Jun 25, 2015
First off I would like to say don't even consider this OVA a "sequel" it has almost zero relevance to the original parent story consider it more of a side story. This practically a whole episode of pure extreme fanservice and nothing more. If that what you're looking for, then enjoy because its uncensored. For me its by far the closets thing to hentai in an OVA.

Well like I stated before, zero relevant story line within this OVA. It literally stars off with Maria cooking 3 panties inside of a soup. This OVA is mostly just Basara and the 4 main girls roaming around in ...
Jun 23, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Ane Log: Moyako Nee-san no Tomaranai Monologue is one of those shows that you just randomly pick up from off a random anime generator most anime sites usually have. By no means is this a spectacular anime that everyone should watch its quite bland, but it has its moments.

The story begins with the 2 main characters being introduced, one is the elder sister who is a 2nd year in high school while the young brother is a 1st year. They live under the same roof without supervision of their parents. The elder sister has had a huge misconception of her young brother ever since he ...
Jun 3, 2015
The entire Haiyore! Nyaruko-san series is amazing, its saddening to consider Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F a sequel considered it was just 1 OVA many hoped it would a full 12 episodes. None the less this one episode fulfilled many of my expectations.

Expecting you've watched the other season (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and W) you can expect the same hilarious parodies and the wacky awkward situations Mahiro is put through by the alien Trio + Mom and Shantak-kun.

In this episode Mahiro and his household are offered tickets by Tamao and Yoichi to tag along to a popular amusement park that just recently opened. The theme is ...
Apr 12, 2015
Grisaia no Meikyuu is a complicated arc from the main story of the Visual novel/anime (Grisaia no Kajitsu) the story is told by the main protagonist himself Kazami, Yuuji. Wanting to pursue a promotion within the CIRS company Yuuji must submit documents as part of the promotion process explaining his own past.

The story telling of his childhood was so enticing, listening to him tell his story while watching the flashbacks and memories was perfect. Yuuji goes in depth on how difficult and traumatic his childhood was like. He explains his childhood thoroughly from an early elementary student to a young teen boy.

A main protagonist with ...
Mar 25, 2015
Mixed Feelings
This anime is pretty cliche, as a Harem/Romance/Action/Supernatural anime this is very typical its really lacks pop and most scenes are pretty predictable that you'll know what will happen next. So dont go expecting a whole lot out of it mostly a standard Harem/Romance its similar to Infinite Stratos if you have seen that before, but less ecchi.

Plot: 6/10
A fair plot, similar to Infinite Stratos, but Magic > Mecha. You have supernatural abilities only commonly available to girls. In Juuou Mujin no Fafnir the ability is known as Dragons "D" who attend a school far off on a distant island, but with our male protagonist ...
Mar 9, 2015
Preliminary (2/6 eps)
If you haven't watched the actually anime *Sabagebu!* I highly recommend you watch that first these specials are just a small continuation of the actually comedy.

This special is a continuation of the anime Sabagebu! an action/comedy/military anime about five unique girls who are all a part of the Survival Game Club which deals with air-soft guns.

These specials are equivalent to the anime just cut in half running about ten minutes per episode. Each episode is consisted of usually 1 comedy skit. These episodes are as funny as the anime just shorter and more random. If you're looking for fan service you will be rather disappointed, ...
Feb 6, 2015
Well, Koufuku Graffiti is one of those anime with Cute girls doing cute things under the "moe" genre, one of those refreshing anime where you can sit back relax and enjoy. Koufuku Graffiti is your Slice of Life Anime about food, nothing too out of the ordinary, but you will either really enjoy it or think watching it will be a chore. Just watch the first episode whatever you experienced that how it will be throughout the rest of the anime. The quality of the backgrounds and food are gorgeous and the way the trio bound is very heartwarming its what really brings the anime ...

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